Recommendations Post [NOT 26/5/21]

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Hi, friends!

I got distracted with a new Netflix series, and then I was like OMG I have to tell everyone about this… I should do a Recommendations Post!

So, in the comments drop a recommendation for something you’re enjoying lately. Alternatively, if something is a holy-shit-no-do-not-recommend, let us know that, too.

Topics include but not limited to –

  • food
  • tv
  • clothing
  • drinks
  • music
  • podcasts
  • memes
  • twitter feeds
  • pets
  • anything!!!

So, with no further adieu, wow I am totally enjoying the new Netflix series “High on the Hog.” It’s about the history of African American food and how much American food is indebted to these culinary traditions. I’m finishing episode 1 and probably gonna binge several more tonight.

Related to food, I got garlic scapes at the market today!!!! Garlic scapes are the garlic version of green onions, but the texture is more like woody raw asparagus. So you need to cook it. I’m super excited about the stir fry I’m making Friday with it.



  1. I forgot that I said I’d do tomorrow’s NOT so if no one else volunteers…well…I may rant?

    • or more accurately, may I rant?

      • I see one scheduled for tomorrow already.

        You are always welcome to rant here, or you can have Friday night if something is burning in your mind!

        • I see @memeweaver did one i was unaware of…i’ll spare y’all of my rant until friday (after the leader of the “hell no, you can’t post that, myo!” community edits it for me).

          • The more the merrier!

  2. Chances are you’ve seen their song “Racist, Sexist Boy” go viral, but it’s well worth your time to watch the full set riot grrl punk band The Linda Lindas performed at the LA Public Library for AAPI/APA Heritage Month. 

    Damn, these ladies rock. Check out their Bandcamp:
    And of course Epitaph signed them lightning quick. 

  3. Microchips in CoVID vaccines.
    Total complete bullshit conspiracy made by idiots who never understood how radio/microwaves work.
    Sure you can make a small microwave transmitter that can penetrate into the human body but what’s the point of these chips if you can’t receive information back (like the alleged locating info.)
    Every material has causes microwaves to attenuate (or diminish) but non moreso than water vapor.  Considering that the human body is roughly 80% water, this means that by the time this “alleged” microwave signal reaches outside of the body, it is took weak to be picked up by any receiver.  Also you need a power source to transmit.  No one is making you swallow lithium ion batteries.
    Besides, we don’t need to inject microchips into our bodies to keep track of us or alter our minds when smartphones can do that for us.*
    *info courtesy of one miserable tough semester taking microwave propagation the hardest damn course I ever took in elec eng.

    • So what I’m hearing is that you think covid microchips are totally a great idea and you recommend the idea?

      • If I were Bond Supervillain.  Yes.

      • If we could actually do it, maybe?
        It would kinda make identity theft a non-issue, wouldn’t it? 
        Then again, that’s not really a problem that plagues rich people, plus they get to make money off of all the assorted clean-up and such, so…

    • I can’t remember who, now, but someone recently came at me with that “there’s a chip in the vaccine!!” panicky nonsense and I pointed out that all anyone had to do to track her was to look at her Facebook because she posts about every 2 hours, all day long. She looked sort of stunned for a minute and then changed the subject. 

    • no BIG GOVERNMENT you cant track me i live off the grid and wont get your chip vaccine.

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  4. Especially for @elliecoo but also for anyone else who likes ridiculous, sexy, romantic books, I recommend the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon. It’s on Kindle Unlimited, if you have that, but I think the first book is free either way. I’ve read 4 of them in the past week. Also, Erica Ridley’s new Regency romance series, The Wild Wynchesters, is pretty good. Rumor has it that the next book is going to be a F/F romance, and I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve seen a “mainstream” historical romance author write an LGBT+ character. Again, the first book is free on Kindle.  
    I swear, I do read other stuff, I’m just on a brain candy kick lately!

    • @HoneySmacks thank you for the literature bonbons. I am up to date on the Wynchesters, but Ice Planet Barbarians is new to me. (Scurries off to download.)

  5. i recommend sleep
    sleep is good..its what i spent most of my not at work hours doing yesterday…only getting up to make me some dinner around 9pm…which is too late for dinner..really..but i figure id be paying for it today if i skipped it again
    anyways feeling much better…little bruised and battered..but pretty sure im not at deaths door anymore…so yay for sleep
    sides from that i dont have much to recommend….fell into an odd patern of watching junk ive already seent on netflix instead of trying new stuff
    i dunno…guess ive been craving the familiarity

  6. I’ve been enjoying this season of Grey’s Anatomy. I believe it is the final one. It’s doing a great job of depicting 2020 from the pandemic to BLM and racial inequalities. I’m a fan of the show and have watched it from the beginning (twice). It feels like they were like “Fuck it! We have a huge platform, let’s finally use it to fight the good fight. Maybe we will change some conservative viewers’ minds on a topic or two. At the very least let’s capture this moment in history from a mostly BIPOC pov.”

  7. I recommend keeping one’s mouth shut. Yesterday in a convo my boss said to me, ‘I appreciate your brutal honesty’. Fuck. FUCK. A bridge too far. retreat. retreat!

  8. The general rule of thumb is to harvest garlic/onions, when the greens have started to get dry and no new growth is taking their place.  This is typically in July, but can vary depending on your location.  When harvesting the garlic/onions, it’s important to leave them outside for a week or two in an area that is sheltered from the weather, but still offers excellent air flow, so that the garlic/onions can cure properly.  Then, it’s just a matter of making braids with the dried greens and hanging them in the basement for storage.  There will be a detailed post about this in a couple of months, but those are the quick outlines.

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