Recommendations Post [NOT 7/7/21]

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Hi, friends!

Sorry this is late, I got distracted by falling asleep. I feel pretty craptastic today and took a sick day. I was very productive on my sick day and did a lot of that meandering cleaning when it’s like oh I’ll clean this and then ohh an episode of “When Sharks Attack” is on TV and then oh hey I’ll dust that. My house was pretty damn messy, so now it’s much better. Not super clean, but clean enough that I’m not stressed when I look over and see a pile of clutter, etc.

Enjoying anything lately you want to recommend to the group?

I bought a tube of that Lume deodorant I kept seeing advertised on facebook after a friend recommended it. It’s interesting. It’s supposed to last for 72 hours. I haven’t tried it for that long, mainly I’ve been using it for days I don’t plan to leave the house and then using my normal antiperspirant other days. I got the unscented, which really was a mistake. The stuff smells very funky at first until it dries. So for a little bit I’m like ucjckckckghgh when I first apply it. I definitely recommend, just not the unscented variety.



  1. Can I just say that the trajectory of Lume YouTube adverts irritates the shit out of me? (As in: do not recommend.) 
    They started out with this absurdist musical ditty that was campy in the same way the Poo-Pourri ads were. Then they went with annoying under the guise of being feminist (and, oh, did we mention it works on your bits, too?). And now we have to listen to the founder fluff up her feathers and praise herself and her product as being revolutionary. … It’s natural deodorant, it’s not curing world hunger and poverty, lady. (And if you’d like to see it used in the global south, then donate it.)

    • Yeah the commercials are annoying.

      But my usual product was Dove which pretends to be all YAY WOMEN ARE ALL AWESOME while being made by Unilever which also makes Ax products where YAY WOMEN ONLY EXIST FOR MALE SEXUAL GRATIFICATION so I don’t really have any high ground to stand on here either way. 

  2. I recommend donating to the former guy’s grift lawsuit against big tech. Not because I’m dumb enough to believe that fb and twitter aren’t the ones who *checks notes* are protected by the first amendment from the bogus lawsuit but for selfish reasons…

    …if Four Seasons Landscaping & Law, esq. pull this off somehow I am going to sue every platform from which I have been banned since the beginning of the internet. For a nickel each. Then I am going to buy Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter with the money.

    • I saw a tweet that the terms of service for both Facebook and Twitter specify that any legal action must be brought in California (one of them was specific to the county even) or federal level. Cheeto Mussolini’s lawsuits were filed in Florida. 

      So like would a judge even consider the lawsuits when it’s not meeting the terms of service which the user agrees to?

      • Without trying to pretend to know what I am talking about in regards to US law, I did look into that today as the Tweet to which you’re referring was published on several news sites and the main points were that it is merely a grift (they’re already trying to raise money for the lawsuit…including the RNC), it’s just for show – as every Trump lawsuit in history has been – for the mouth-breathing sycophants to lap up as “he’s fighting for us” and “see, they are against me (Trump)!” when the case gets dismissed.

        One reputable ex-federal prosecutor mentioned that the case could be transferred from FL to CA but offered no explanation as to how but it’d all be far above my head even with an explanation although I doubt one is necessary. 

        If everything that is going on isn’t obvious to the layman…well…



        • FL judges have a funny way of deciding what is, and is not, under their purview. 

          • Can we PLEEEEEASE just have some deposition?!?!!

    • What are you doing with the Deadsplinter billions of $$$?
      Wait, am I the first one to break the news?

      • Investments. Testing In Production infrastructure doesn’t pay for itself!

  3. Not recommended: going back to the office voluntarily during “phase one” reopening. This week everyone but me seems to have agreed they don’t need to wear their masks anymore. Which is contrary to the return to work specifications (need one when you are up from your desk), and not what I agreed to. I told my boss I wasn’t going to narc on anyone but if the rules didn’t change, I’m going back to WFH. The whole variant strain thing is freaking me out a little, and he agreed.

  4. Recommend: Baked Cheetos. They are almost as good as the real ones and they don’t make my stomach hurt.
    Recommend: Four Lost Cities by AnnaLee Newitz. She goes in depth about 4 ancient cities ( Çatalhöyük, Pompeii, Angkor, and Cahokia) and there’s some really interesting info. I read a lot of history and archeological works and I’m learning a lot, especially about Angkor.
    Do not recommend: spending 5 hours sitting in the car while running errands. Ow. 

    • I love Cahokia! It’s less than an hour from my house so I’ve been there often. 

    • thanks!  Just threw it on my request list at the local library.
      I really like her fiction stuff, and recommend it.

  5. I think next month we’re expected to be back 100% office capacity and ahhhh people are starting to put in their 2 weeks notice.

    It’s not that people are worried about covid, it’s that other companies in our industry aren’t being dickbags about requiring full time in the office so especially for our contractors, there’s no fucking reason to stay.

      • Yeah this was totally voluntary, at least. One of our offices went totally remote but that was well timed with their lease being up. I don’t think there’s going to be a lot of butts required in seats.

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