Reindeer Droppings: Visit Santa’s Helpers!

I have been to Alaska many times and each trip involves a new discovery. My last trip my Alaska family took us to a Reindeer farm. They are beautiful and very docile creatures and seeing them in the beauty of Alaska just makes it that much better. Many people don’t know that reindeer and caribou are the exact same animal, the only difference is reindeer are domesticated and caribou are wild. Both sexes have antlers but the male’s grow significantly larger (up to 51 inches long). They fall off and regrow each year, starting to grow around February and dropping them around November. Sometime a male can break off an antler in a fight which can cause them to bleed to death. I know you didn’t come here for random reindeer facts though so here are some images from the farm.

The best part and most intimidating part is standing in a pen while they release reindeer who know you are most likely holding treats for them. They have no fear and will approach you expecting to be fed!

Teaching the baby how to beg for treats

If you ever make it to Palmer Alaska (maybe to visit Sarah in next door Wasilla) be sure to check this place out. Right next to the farm is also one of the most beautiful short hikes in the area though straight up!

Hope you enjoyed the quick tour, get to Alaska and do the real thing! Though I wouldn’t recommend going right now, June is nice!



  1. The first and last shots are gorgeous.

    • Thank you.

  2. My coworkers in the Fairbanks area reported today that after  few weeks of -32 as the high, it warmed up to 25 over the weekend, resulting in 9 inches of snow. Which they are enjoying in their 6 hours of daylight. Also, lovely, lovely images.

    • Yeah, I avoid this time of year to visit.  I have been on Halloween and rode snowmobiles through the town to the local bar which seemed so crazy to me at the time.  I love going in March when you can still enjoy the snow but at least have a chance of some good weather and sunlight.


  3. I want to feed the reindeer! The babies are too cute. Nice shots.

  4. that last pic is a stunner

    cant grow mountains over here….so sad…

  5. Super interesting! I would love more facts about caribou.

    • Me too!  I haven’t  been in several years.  People don’t understand how different it is than anywhere else in this country.  The residents are like a time capsule from 100 years ago but with modern toys.

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