…remember when? [DOT 10/5/20]

there was a time...

…so, it might be hard to tell at the moment but it’s sunday…which for some of us is something we like to think of as a day of rest…but for others is a serious affair that involves a lot of paying attention to various frameworks of wisdom & principle handed down from generation to generation in the fond hope that by doing so we might bestow upon the earth a better crop of humanity with each iteration

…being as I’m kind of an agnostic by inclination…& I originally hail from a different small corner of the globe than most of you so might be distracted by one particular aspect of an upcoming anniversary that isn’t necessarily of interest to everybody (or I guess possibly anybody) I’ve wound up kind of thinking maybe it might be nice to offer some options of a sort at this point

…so…you could go with option #1 – it’s sunday…you’re feeling pretty good all things considered…give yourself a break…here’s a little shy of a dozen things the NYT recommends as suitable weekend reading

Joanna Gaines on empire building. A look at the future of travel. Walks that help us cope. Val Kilmer. And more.

…if you like you can bail on the next bit & just scroll until you hit the cartoons which should tell you the comments are about to hove into view…nobody will blame you…least of all me

…why, yes…since you ask…it is in fact possible to cram yet more unsuspecting trios of periods into a single page of improperly punctuated text & pictures…so…at least there’s pictures?

or there will be…go on…there’s cartoons later…I promise…

…full disclosure, though…might be some scrolling involved…maybe we should see if myopicprophet can arrange a “skip-to-the-bottom” button for those who find the little digit showing the comment total too small to click on as a way of jumping straight to the good bit at the bottom of all the doom & gloom & endless links…but while you’re on your way past & before I get to the profusion-of-links-it’s-probably-best-not-to-get-me-started-on thing…if you’ve nothing better to do I’d like to bend your ear about a couple of things I’ve been thinking about lately

…you may have noticed in the last few days that we’ve been marking 75 years since victory was declared in the European theatre (that’s how they spell that in Europe…when in Rome, you know?) at the end of WWII…which has got some people nostalgic…& inclined to draw parallels…particularly when they hope to get a little of that goodwill to rub off in a wartime-president sort of a way

…but there’s another anniversary coming up of a slightly older vintage…namely 200 years since the days of the lady of the lamp

nurses know shit, people…

…but if I’m honest what’s catching me a little harder than I expected is this…if we want to compare the onslaught of this pandemic upon an unsuspecting & largely innocent global population…the Crimean War is a much better model than (with all due respect) the horrific butcher’s bill we all get to blame on a bunch of officially historically-verified for-real Nazi bastards…& that was Nightingale’s war…& what’s fucking killing me (in that hopefully-not-literal way so much seems to be hitting so many of us lately) is that most of the lives she saved in a conflict so memorably profligate in terms of mortality that it’s best remembered for a knowingly doomed rush headlong into the uncertain embrace of a rather more certain death

oh, the wild charge they made…all the world wondered…

…were saved because she managed to force the people in charge to face the reality of the unnecessary loss of life they were causing principally by having their heads entirely up their ass about the necessity of callously writing off the lives of those under their charge…or leading it, as the case may be…while they sat there directing things from the famous rear echelons…& the kicker is…she did that shit with a presentation & a bunch of statistics


…it’s honestly a fascinating story in a lot of ways but I confess…when I look at the approach being taken to some of our current circumstances some 200 years later I’m finding it a little hard to see the part where we show signs of remembering that sometimes what saves the most lives is listening to the people who are at the sharp end of trying to save those lives rather than the passing whims of the opinionated assholes busy driving them to their graves unnecessarily in pursuit of some supposedly more valuable prize…& this is a rather better place to read about it than this post, to be honest?


…what is it they say…those who fail to learn from history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them?

…which…unhappily…brings me to those links


Fight Over Virus’s Death Toll Opens Grim New Front in Election Battle





The world’s greatest con artist has finally come up against a foe he can’t fool.


…so for the record it isn’t (just) my pasting of links that’s predictably out of control









…because of course they fucking are



…& of course he fucking is












Eager to Corral the Coronavirus, U.K. Tests a Disputed Tracing App





U.S. Jobs Report Shows Clearest Data Yet on Economic Toll: Live Updates






The attorney general is turning the Justice Department into a political weapon for the president.





…remember when a polar vortex sounded scary enough to lead the news cycle?







…& in all that apparently this is supposed to count as good news…which is some thin fucking gruel & no mistake

New Yorkers who have fled the city are donating their empty homes to front-line workers and others in need.





Obama Warns That Dropped Charges Against Flynn Put ‘Rule of Law’ at Risk



…see…told you they’d show up eventually…anniversaries & weekends are like that too, sometimes



  1. listening to experts?? how very quaint
    we dont have to do that anymore… reality and facts are whatever we say they are nowadays….its very convenient

  2. Although it is only some small solace – I’m finding it Hi-larious that the steaming pile of maggoty turds in the white house are all getting infected with C19 now – after opening the country and putting everyone else’s lives at risk. It is the ultimate tragicomedy of errors.

    I’ll take German words that start with an S for $500, Alex.

    And, yes, I feel bad that it’s infected the secret service, but only the truly nonrepubs in the ranks. And, the WH service staff – again – only nonrepubs. I don’t care if it makes me look like a bad person. I will own that.

      • You may get your wish, but in a bad way. Both Fauci (we all know who he is) and Robert Redfield, the head of the CDC, have gone into quarantine after “limited exposure” to the virus. No one’s giving much more detail, but a member of the COVID-19 Task Force is, for reasons unknown, America’s sweetheart, Katie Miller, who has it. Her husband Stephen is a metaphorical disease vector but she is the real thing.

        Meanwhile Mel, who’s nobody’s fool, is more-than-rumored to have fled the White House weeks, if not months, ago, and she took Barron with her. Happy Mother’s Day Mel. The birth of Barron might have been part of a pre-nup but you seem like a caring and attentive mother. Be Best!

        • Melania is a contract worker, and COVID-19 is not covered by the terms of her contract. She has no obligation to hang around Old Yeller and be exposed to disease — I’m assuming (though it’s a very sound assumption) she has no physical contact with him and hasn’t been exposed to his venereal diseases. I’m further assuming that Barron was conceived through artificial methods since Mel clearly cannot stand the sight or touch of Old Yeller. Once she’s fulfilled the terms of her contract, she’s out of there. I further assume the terms include Barron and a specific term of service, not to exceed her physical attractiveness, and a standard Trump nondisclosure agreement. Her terms included American citizenship for her and her immediate relatives, plus a certain lifestyle.

          Being First Lady exceeds the initial terms of her contract, so I would imagine she’s executed a rider to the terms of service.

          I do not, not for ONE SECOND, believe that this relationship is anything more than a business arrangement.

      • They should have expected it. The West Wing is not like it was on the show — it’s a cramped space where everyone is jammed in with each other. You can bet they’re not wearing masks. If you look at the layout, they don’t even have a lot of restrooms for washing hands. Add to that the paranoia about releasing news about infection and people will be showing up for work while they’re sick.


  3. Regarding Nightingale, one of the sad parallels to today is that the French had a much more effective medical system in place while the British were bumbling around. The French triage system was operating back then and they had an organized ambulance corps. The British ignored the evidence that was right alongside them and it took a huge effort by Nightingale to get the British leadership to pay attention.

    The US Civil War happened not long after, and despite advice from the French and British, Americans had horrible medical systems and far more people died from infections than directly from bullets. Inertia and arrogance are still running things in the US. The GOP and Fox won’t accept that Germany and South Korea are models for doing things much better.

  4. just finished rip’s ‘ve anniversary’ friday dot: ‘…we’ll meet again [DOT 8/5/20]’

    this seems appropriate!

    the 1st comment cracked me up!

    RAF women’s uniforms in front of a Lancaster…
    So British my computer was colonized.

    and the mother’s day edition:

    which reminds me, happy mother’s day!

  5. The best and worst of humanity is spotlighted during a crisis. I see the vitriol of the anti-quarintine folks played out nationally and locally (Next Door community app is full of trolls). Yet I understand the need to support your family. My adult son was over today, socially distanced, to wish me happy. He goes back to work tomorrow wearing gloves and a mask, and is worried for his partner and her child. We all need a hug. Highlight of the day? The car rave shown here!

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