…& rest [DOT 5/1/20]

…that’s what Sundays are for, right?

…resting…unless your day of rest is the other Sabbath, I guess

…but, you know – maybe don’t rest up too much

…there’s kinda a whole bunch of shit going down that might be worth a few more of us paying a bit more attention to?

[thank you emmerdoesNOTrepresentme for drawing that to our attention…& that’s our because if you’re reading this & didn’t write it or answer to that name they drew it to your attention too…not because I started referring to myself in the third person…]



  1. I need a rest after yesterday.

    Cambridge Analytica was funded by Rebekah Mercer. She’s now providing financial backing for Emerdata. New name, same manipulation.

    • …& CA makes a pretty neat nexus of the likes of Farage, the tories in the UK & the GOP/Trump cabal bullshit & hangs somewhere in the balance of payments between Aaron Banks & some shady russian types

      …so yeah – that shit is exhausting on a number of levels up to & including “of my patience”.

    • I just read that someone in Iran put a $80M bounty on Trump, I wonder how many Americans are thinking about collecting that money? Heck, how many people in his administration are weighing that possibility?

  2. Nothing to see here, nothing at all.

    • These people are incomprehensible to me.

      • Me, too.

  3. Here’s Mike Pompeo referring to the death of Americans as “a little noise”. Fuck these people.

    • In addition, Iraq’s PM says that Trump called him and asked him to mediate with Iran. Solemani was there to broker peace, and Trump assassinated him. Straight-up using an ally as a pawn. President 2-bit Goodfellas is doing a bang-up job.

      • …I’d say you couldn’t make it up but when they’re so clearly making it up as they go along what would be the fucking point?

        …if it didn’t happen in a goddamned movie then these assholes never thought of it…unfortunately idiocracy is a movie…although the dotard could conceivably mistake it for a documentary I suppose?

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