…& rest [DOT 5/1/20]

…that’s what Sundays are for, right?

…resting…unless your day of rest is the other Sabbath, I guess

…but, you know – maybe don’t rest up too much

…there’s kinda a whole bunch of shit going down that might be worth a few more of us paying a bit more attention to?

[thank you emmerdoesNOTrepresentme for drawing that to our attention…& that’s our because if you’re reading this & didn’t write it or answer to that name they drew it to your attention too…not because I started referring to myself in the third person…]



  1. I need a rest after yesterday.

    Cambridge Analytica was funded by Rebekah Mercer. She’s now providing financial backing for Emerdata. New name, same manipulation.

    • …& CA makes a pretty neat nexus of the likes of Farage, the tories in the UK & the GOP/Trump cabal bullshit & hangs somewhere in the balance of payments between Aaron Banks & some shady russian types

      …so yeah – that shit is exhausting on a number of levels up to & including “of my patience”.

    • I just read that someone in Iran put a $80M bounty on Trump, I wonder how many Americans are thinking about collecting that money? Heck, how many people in his administration are weighing that possibility?

  2. Nothing to see here, nothing at all.

  3. Here’s Mike Pompeo referring to the death of Americans as “a little noise”. Fuck these people.

    • In addition, Iraq’s PM says that Trump called him and asked him to mediate with Iran. Solemani was there to broker peace, and Trump assassinated him. Straight-up using an ally as a pawn. President 2-bit Goodfellas is doing a bang-up job.

      • …I’d say you couldn’t make it up but when they’re so clearly making it up as they go along what would be the fucking point?

        …if it didn’t happen in a goddamned movie then these assholes never thought of it…unfortunately idiocracy is a movie…although the dotard could conceivably mistake it for a documentary I suppose?

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