Rest, Says Who? [DOT 3/5/20]

Rip predicted I would take the keys away from him again yesterday, so here we are. I’ll allow him his ‘day of rest’. It’s not like he can go anywhere or do anything but there’s still a lot going on. Shall we begin?

I feel like it’s been longer than 34 days…

34 days of pandemic: Inside Trump’s desperate attempts to reopen America

White House blocks Fauci testimony as Trump welcomes Senate’s return

As if there wasn’t enough to worry about, now there are giant murderous hornets:

Asian giant hornet, which became more active in the state in April, is the world’s largest and can kill humans with multiple stings

Is it so hard to do this?

After employees receive threats, one city is forced to nix rule requiring face masks in businesses

So that this doesn’t happen…

The 5-month-old daughter of a New York firefighter dies from coronavirus

I mean…gestures wildly:

On the bright side, this is lovely:

Less artsy, but still good.

Happy Sunday!



  1. apparently the norks are shooting at the sorks again….they’re staying well on their side of the border tho… so at least they aint spreading the rona they dont have over there
    in other news the sun accidentally turned up so local councils have pre emptively closed some parks and beaches coz we the people be fucking stupid over here
    worst of all…i had to leave a whole apple pie discounted to $2 in the store today…coz my ass is growing at an incredible rate courtesy of my newfound rona diet

    • also..just read the bit about stillwater…thats fucked up… apparently threatening violence gets you what you want over there….over here it just gets you arrested
      i seem to remember thats what used to happen over there too…maybe i dreamt that

  2. Dear Miz Manners:
    I had a friend announce he opened his cottage during the middle of this fucking Pandemic after weeks of cottage country folks telling city idiots to stay away because they don’t have the facilities or supply chain.

    What should I do?

    Tell him he’s a near complete fucking moron? Or just passive aggressively give him side eye via the internet? Or shake my head and ignore?

    • I couldn’t tell from the article if it was an organized resistance, like the imbeciles who swarmed state capitols (absolutely a violent takeover and if I was governor of any of those states, the National Guard would be called out and the weekend warriors would get to see what real military look like), or a surge of isolated incidents. It seemed like it was idiots acting idiotically independently.

      To be perfectly fair, I can understand objecting to a mandate that has no logistical support. That’s Trumpian bullshit, “decreeing” something without acknowledging reality. They’re talking about this here in Florida, mandating masks and hand sanitizer and other things for reopened businesses, and the businesses say, quite rightly, where do we obtain these materials? Can we require customers to provide their own? What happens if the customer just can’t, through shortages or other reasons that aren’t the customer’s fault, like infirmity or lack of transportation? But it’s being DISCUSSED, like civilized human beings. There’s no excuse for threatening individual employees who are doing what they’re told.

      • Yeah I understand people who are frustrated because they don’t understand why some businesses and not others, or like, for me, I think it’s time we start mandating some guidelines. Let certain lower risk ones open with very clear and mandatory guidelines.

        The reason I say violent takeover is that even if it’s disorganized, it’s people changing their behavior on this matter due to threat of violence. That town’s government basically got held up at gunpoint.

  3. Thanks Meg, now I have to worry about fucking killer hornets too? We have been struggling to keep bees alive around here without that. We sure have enough pollen though, it is coating all our cars and decks and it looks like yellow snow when the wind blows. That article was lame on identifying them, this one is much better. I’m going to go hunting in the hood as we have tons of different wasps & hornets this time of year and my neighbor keeps bees. If this is my last post, I definitely found them!

  4. “What the actual fuck” is a thing I say to myself many many times a day.

    • …it’s hard enough to believe that there’s a mind that produced that tweet…how in the fuck are there 125k accounts on twitter hitting the like button for it?

      …he’s meant to be fucking president not pitching a TV show set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia in which humanity never recovers

      …yes, shit is plenty fucked up right now…but I fail to see why this particular illness, terrifying as it is, bars us from returning to life as we knew it over the longer term?

      …the fuck does he even think he’s saying there, really?

    • …….. oh man… like some trolls on the interwebs that fucker just brings out the worst of my anti american sentiments
      id just like to point out that even before the plague america wasnt all that great….thats just something you tell yourselves….. but you have a really big stick so the rest of us dont mention that where you can hear us

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