Return of Monday [DOT 10/1/21]

Welcome back to the work week. Hope you all had a great weekend.

If you weren’t avoiding the outside like me, maybe you missed this, or this, or this.

Let’s see what else is going on, shall we?

Holy shit this is so sad.

New York fire that killed 19 likely began with space heater, fire chief says

They should’ve run like that little penguin.

At least 34 people rescued after they became stranded on a floating chunk of ice in Green Bay


Putin dreams of a Russian ‘sphere of influence.’ Kazakhstan’s protesters are the latest to push back.


Stock futures fall after S&P 500 posts 4-day losing streak


Djokovic’s Australian visa hearing is underway

#RIP [h/t to Loveshaq]

You can be anything!

Have a great day!



  1. The Djokovic visa kerfluffle is a hot mess, and can he/can’t he play seems to change more than once daily. I never realized that he was so full of woo regarding “alternative medicine” and has been for a decade at least.

    I also just realized that there is a movement afoot in Britain to try, once again, to undo Brexit, via something called The European Movement. It is a small group of Labourites that hopes to build enough pressure to get some rethinking and rewriting done. It has 1,600 signatories to a petition so far. It is chaired by “Lord Adonis.” I thought this was some snarky “Private Eye”-like nickname but no, Baron Adonis is a real person.,_Baron_Adonis

    That photo. An aptonym is when your name actually describes you somehow. Like if your name is Ed Baker and you are, in fact, a baker. Baron Adonis does not have an aptonym.

    Also on board is former Labour MEP (Member of the European Parliament, from when Britain was part of the EU) Mary Honeyball.

    • And now Djokovic seems to be released into Australia, prompting a celebratory street brawl (?) by his supporters.

    • Honeyballer?

      So… Candy maker? Some kind of Victorian escort?

    • Baron Adonis is my BDSM name.

      • Not if I claim it for my WWE ring name first.

    • Baron Adonis does not have an aptonym.

      Aw, but you should have seen him when he was younger and less bald.

      Ah, well, nevermind.

      Anyhoo, he’s long been a thorn in the side of state education for pushing a middle-class (read: upper-middle-class, privileged) agenda and casting aside any concern for under-resourced pupils and schools.

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