Right? [DOT 17/11/20]

It’s all starting to run together again. The days are short, it gets dark at [checks notes] 3:45PM, and Covid numbers are rising all over the country.

I told Rip I could do a DOT, but then I got sucked into The Crown season 4.

In case you missed this from last night, #RIP Kinja. If you’re new around here, welcome!

Let’s have a little looksee at what is going on out there today.

Gee I wonder why?

Hate-crime killings set a record in 2019, FBI data reveals


Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine found to be nearly 95 percent effective in a preliminary analysis

Biden warns ‘more people may die’ unless Trump starts cooperating


LeBron James, Randy Moss, sports world marvel at impossible catch by Cardinals’ DeAndre Hopkins


Stock futures decline after Monday’s record-setting session

I just adore Connie Schultz’s husband.

I know some people around here have strong opinions re: the royal family, but I think we can all agree on Emma Corrin.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. …I can’t help but feel like I’ve been slacking lately so mostly I just want to thank meg for picking up said slack with every appearance of effortless grace

    …& say a proper hello to anyone newly arrived that I haven’t managed to say hi to yet

    …but I’m also a sucker for a link…so…at the risk of inviting all kinds of ire


    …I went with NBC but it’s been all over the BBC which I listen to more than read these days…& I have a fair bit of family who were resident in the UK throughout the time much of the show has covered so I’d admit I haven’t actually watched it but I’d caution against taking it to offer “the whole story”?

    …to take a small & largely unimportant example, I’m generally a fan of a lot of gillian anderson’s work & I’ve heard it said that she gives an excellent portrayal of thatcher…but I grew up in thatcher’s britain & it would be fair to say that it took a while for her to settle into the thatcher that I gather anderson plays her as from the off

    …it’s hard to put a finger on quite when she developed the mannerisms & speech patterns that would go on to be mainstays of stuff like spitting image (which they’ve lately tried to resurrect) but it seems like the show is, if not outright revisionist, at least composed of a dramatised shorthand that is perhaps a less accurate portrayal of events than it appears…& although many in the UK have enjoyed watching it (including a bunch of my family) it’s also copped a fair bit of flack

    …people in the UK are flat-out weird when it comes to the royal family…particularly the ones we used to refer to as “daily mail readers”

    …I remember there being a day when the main headlines of the bulk of the papers dealt with an aircrash that killed a lot of people…while the daily mail went with princess di having broken the heel on one of her shoes while out to dinner the previous evening for more or less its whole front page…& had maybe a column inch or two about the crash somewhere around page 5?

    • There’s a lot of stuff in “The Crown” that can’t possibly be known. Lots of the action takes place when the PM meets the Queen for a private audience. The Queen would never discuss anything (well, maybe with Philip, and “The Crown” shows that) but the Queen and Philip wouldn’t say anything and I can’t believe any PM ever wrote a political memoir that details what, exactly, he or she might have said to the Queen, and how she might have responded. In Season/Series 4 there’s a lot of private interactions with the kids. The Queen has lunch with Edward (“the forgotten one”) and what they said must be entirely conjectured. Princess Margaret’s, um, event-filled life was somewhat of an open book, fair or not, and God knows Chuck and Di were chatty enough.
      Did you ever see Meryl Streep’s portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady”? It was absolutely mesmerizing and polarizing: Thatcher has Alzheimer’s so most of the movie is memories and flashbacks. Problem was Thatcher was still alive and to many it seemed unnecessarily cruel.
      Still, I’m obsessed with “The Crown” and got up at 4 AM on Sunday and binged the whole thing in one go. 10/10, would binge again, and probably will this weekend. 

      • …I wouldn’t want to deny anyone any enjoyment they get from the show or anything but I figured it was worth mentioning for kinda-sorta contextual purposes?

        …& I’d agree streep was pretty great in that movie…although there was a play a while ago in the UK called handbagged which some say might have given her a run for her money on that score

        …but if you had the chance to see helen mirren play the queen in the audience (which dealt with one of my favourite aspects of the relationship between the head of government & the power of the monarch) I think she might have have been the best of those who have given that role a shot?

        …& of course she also played the role of liz in the movie the queen…which got a pretty good press, as I recall

      • I wanted to add that Season/Series 4 also has a fantastic soundtrack. It reminded me of Keitel’s wildly popular 80s Pop DUAN. This is for two reasons. Young Diana was a pop music fan so the show uses what she might have listened to (she famously had a Walkman) and there is incidental music from the period for when the action moves out of Buckingham Palace and Balmoral and 10 Downing Street to evoke London life in the first half of the 80s. It has a song that I loved at the time but haven’t heard for probably 35 years.

    • …it’s hard to say for sure…but I tend to think they’d like to?

      …the way the jezebel front page looked last time I checked it seemed not to even acknowledge that the posts had comments…& there don’t seem nearly as many of those as there used to be if you click through

      …but the root is something else…checking the homepage a little while ago not one post had comments listed in the triple digits & a lot were in single figure territory

      …that place had an immensely loyal & engaged audience that were even prepared to deal with a set of grays teeming with bigoted ignorance…I don’t know whether to wish they’d double down & make it some kind of example of something it would be a crime to destroy…or if I hope that someone who actually valued it could buy it off the current crop of assholes who own it & restore it to its former glory

      …arguably I’d say the same about jezebel but I feel like there are other places that do something not dissimilar…whereas I just can’t think of anywhere that is/was quite like the root when I first encountered it?

    • And to think that over 70 million people voted for that mean incompetent MF.
      We need multiple brainwashing experts to become Biden’s communications department and if Bloomberg and Steyer really wanted to help the American people they could buy Fox News and Facebook. 

    • I’m sure Trump finds a way to be impressed with himself for those infection and death numbers going up, up, up. I don’t know how he twists it into a point of pride, but I’m sure his brain finds a way. 

  2. For a little while yesterday I thought it was Tuesday and happened to be on a Zoom call with my boss when I realized it was only Monday, and then had to explain myself when I audibly whispered “oh no.”
    As for people dying unless Trump start cooperating, I can only think of the GOT quote: “He would see this country burn if he could be king of the ashes.” 

  3. Cosmo has still not adjusted to the time change and continues to wake me up at 4:30am to go pee. It is now 5:30am and I have given up on trying to go back to sleep. 

    Also, people here in SoCal continue to be dumb when it comes to Covid so all of SoCal is back in the purple tier, which is the most restrictive tier we have. I will not be surprised if we get a stay at home order soon.

  4. It’s my birthday! I’m 38!
    I am birthday buddies with Danny DeVito, Rupaul, Martin Scorsese, and Covid-19 (the first documented case was today, last year). Very Scorpio. Iirc, Pluto was in retrograde the which is even more appropriate.

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