R&R [DOT 19/11/22]

Looking forward to the weekend and some R&R. This week was hell, trying to work from home with a nasty cold. Tonight I’m watching the new Elvis movie, which is a disjointed mess. Tomorrow I’m going to sleep in and laze around. How about you?

Get ’em.

US attorney general names special counsel to weigh charges against Trump


Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for fraud

What a train wreck (and I can’t stop watching)

Elon Musk summons Twitter engineers to headquarters amid mass resignations

That’s too much snow.

More than 5 feet has fallen in New York snowstorm and 2 people have died while clearing paths in Erie County


Fans paid to attend World Cup by Qatar have daily allowance cancelled


Carvana lays off 1,500 employees following stock free fall

Today in Cute!

Emotional moment chimpanzee mother reunited with her baby – video

Have an awesome weekend!



  1. …it’s rare I have anything to add about sports…but in an at least sports-adjacent sort of a way…I’m aware of a fairly extensive list of things that might get qatar labelled as unsuitable for many things (&/or people) let alone a football tournament that had to be played at a different time of year than usual so only the mistreated workers building the stadiums risked dying from heatstroke…so it might not be a thing to be facetious about

    …but if you wanted to swiftly alienate pretty much all british (& at least some other) football fans & leave a bunch of money on the table…it’d be tough to top banning booze at the games about 2days out from things kicking off?


    • Apparently you can still drink in the “fan parks,” which I think are the substandard, hastily erected internment camps where foreign fans will be staying. Apparently they make the lodgings at Sochi look like grand suites at the Crillon in Paris.

      In related news, FIFA chief Gianni Infantino has lashed out at critics who question the choice of the World Cup being held in Qatar:

      Infantino added: ‘Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arabic. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel (like) a migrant worker.

      ‘Of course I am not Qatari, I am not an Arab, I am not African, I am not gay, I am not disabled. But I feel like it, because I know what it means to be discriminated, to be bullied, as a foreigner in a foreign country. As a child I was bullied – because I had red hair and freckles, plus I was Italian so imagine.’

      Infantino was born and grew up in Switzerland, the child of Italian immigrants.

    • yeah….cant have football without beer

      i will probably only watch the netherlands first match and then boycot the whole thing

      i dont think qatar has any business hosting a world cup…..hell…their team is probably migrant workers as i am not aware of them having one before….

      they are the first match for the netherlands…..and i want to see that shit show

      going by the last minute alcohol ban i suspect any lgbtq folk may also want to watch their step over there despite being assured they wont be prosecuted…atmo

  2. Here’s a nice little factoid about new Special Counsel Jack Smith:

    Since 2018, he has been a special prosecutor to The Hague investigating war crimes in Kosovo […]

    I, for one, will be calling this new investigation of Trump “Judgment at Mar-a-Lago.”

    • I’m pretty sure if any of us built a fraudent company valued in the billions with Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch and Larry Ellison as top backers, we’d get some easy terms too.

    • Actually, any of us would end up getting credited for time served, because we would never have been allowed to leave custody in the first place. We’d have an unreachable bail amount, or we’d be declared risks, or we’d face any number of other reasons to make it impossible for us to get out while waiting for trial. And THEN we’d get twice the sentence that she did.

      The rich are different from you and me.

  3. I also cannot look away from Elmo’s Twitter trainwreck. There’s an interesting take on his incompetence in The Atlantic:

    Why Elon Musk Is Blowing Up Twitter’s Business

    The new owner says he hates advertising. That’s a problem because it provides 90 percent of his social-media platform’s revenue.


    Musk knows, obviously, that all this turmoil is bad for business. Advertising accounted for about 90 percent of Twitter’s revenue before he took it over, and although his plan is to eventually replace a lot of that with subscription revenue, in the short run he needs the ad dollars. So why has he behaved in such a seemingly reckless manner?

    The answer, I think, is simple: Musk doesn’t understand advertising, or advertisers’ concerns, and so doesn’t take them seriously.

    Beyond not understanding advertising, Musk actively disdains it—particularly the kind of brand advertising that corporations do on Twitter. Tesla, after all, spends no money on advertising. (In its annual reports, the company describes its marketing and advertising costs as “immaterial.”) Initially, that may have been because Tesla didn’t need to run ads: It had a long waiting list for its cars, so spurring demand made little sense. But even as competition in the electric-vehicle market has increased, Musk has remained adamantly opposed to spending on ads. In 2020, a large Tesla shareholder got a proposal for the company to begin advertising onto the proxy ballot but, taking their cue from Musk, a majority of shareholders easily voted the proposal down.


    I think this is largely correct, though I also think it’s understating how incredibly stupid the “subscription model” is for Twitter. I find it completely plausible that the purported ‘super-genius’ has little to no grasp of marketing, advertising, or, frankly, the Internet.

  4. That Carvana article is a nice example of how badly business reporters write about failing companies.

    Although CNBC notes some missteps by Carvana, they keep citing credulously the CEO’s claims that “economic headwinds” are at fault. The reporters themselves blame inflation, joining the drumbeat of handwringing, without stating the obvious that very low unemployment makes buyers far more likely to be customers. Currently, used car supply in the US is healthy, unlike during the worst of 2021, and the issue with prices is primarily — you guessed it — dealer profit taking and customers turned off by borrowing costs designed to limit the inflation CNBC types wring their hands about.

    Only in the last paragraph do they finally note the company’s debt as a driving factor.

    The facts — which the article doesn’t mention — are that Carvana borrowed enormously to expand like crazy and then kept losing their licenses in multiple states for failing to deliver cars and transfer titles. Their vending machine idea — shown in the article’s header photo — is a huge culprit, since they were expensive and ineffective.

    They’re horribly run and expanded with no business plan or management expertise. They were designed to cash in on an IPO, and now it’s all collapsing. But CNBC decides to give far too much ink to an incompetent CEO’s blame shifting.

  5. This theory seems too good to be true but I like where he is going with this!


    Anyone remember when Republicans were human?

    Finally, some good voting news in Georgia.  Let’s see if they don’t find another way to cheat…


    • …I’m under the impression that marcy wheeler (AKA emptywheel) would be her rather than him…but more often than not the reasoning in those posts is well worth mulling over

        • …no biggie…to begin with I thought maybe it was a post on there by someone else…pretty sure rayne would likewise be a her but there’s an ed walker who writes some of the posts that go up there, too

          …figured I’d mention it rather than meaning anything by it, as it were

    • …marv, you say…shouldn’t be a problem…unless you take a shine to my coat

      …in which case I’d rather it wasn’t my coat than any…ahem…disagreeable-ness ensue?

        • …at least one of them might qualify

          …somewhere I’ve got a canvas greatcoat that was for wearing on top of your overcoat on some navy detail my grandfather was on…I figure that might stand up to marv-like treatment…& it has clever studs/poppers that let you sort of dovetail the back into a sort of ersatz mudguard that won’t get tangled in your bicycle chain?

          • lol no worries mate…not like i currently have a working bike :p

            but tbh…as i am walking nowadays….i think its time to dig up my trenchcoat again

            ole man metal has risen again….now sporting a beard and a bad temper

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