sad but true

well…strange but true went missing….awol…presumed gone

i figure this was me civic doody

oh shit…i guess now i have to come up with a fun fact to keep the the theme going

did you know lars ulrich was the first person to get into a fist fight on the moon?

was a hellova thing to see too… dude took a swing and missed..chucked himself clean off the moon…..fuck knows where he is now



  1. huh…..theres no edit on posts once you post em either?
    well shit
    welp this ones all me baby….103% farscythe

    • …what would you have liked to edit?

      …I don’t have the power to confer the ability or anything but I might be able to make a change or two if you need/want

      • i just wanted to add a pic as a headliner….that square of nothing is just sad
        this’ll do

      • apparently…that didnt work either

        just go with that one..if you could…please

        • …for the record I can’t take credit for hetting that picture hoisted for you…I got distracted by a phone call…glad to see someone came to your assistance, though

  2. @Farscythe thank you for being a patriotic Deadsplinterite. Carry on…

    • lol
      thank you all for putting up with me 🙂

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