Sandwiches [NOT 23/7/21]

@MatthewCrawley has recently dropped some sandwich fyce posts. Here and here. I do love a good pastrami but my hands down favorite is a Cuban.

As a quick aside, I have come up with a new sandwich. I call it The Butcher™.

Take a loaf of Cranberry bread and slice two pieces to desired thickness.

Spread a generous portion of Avocado/Cilantro hummus from Whole Foods on both pieces of bread.

Apply a layer of Greek yogurt on top of the hummus.

Cover the yogurt with swiss chard to give it crunch.

Put the pieces together and cut in half.

Serve with a side of grapes.

All trolling of @butcherbakertoiletrymaker aside, what is your favorite sandwich?



  1. That sandwich should be called The Butcher, because it will fucking kill anyone who eats it.

    Publix makes excellent Cuban sandwiches.  When I would make occasional forays back into the South I’d always make a point of getting one.

    But, I’d have to say that my favorite sandwich is called an Italian Sandwich, made by a small chain called Amato’s.  Ham, cheese, bell peppers, onions, sour pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.  It sounds simple and not very Italian, but I’m telling you it is out of this world.  Unfortunately, you can’t just make them yourself because the sour pickles are what really pulls everything together, and you can only get them from Amato’s.

      • Publix has the best deli department. When we had our place in South Beach I used to go up to the one…I forget where it was, over by Alton Rd., and clean them out. “Mattie. We’re only going to be here for a week and we’ll be eating most of our meals out.” “That’s why I bought this Kooler Pak! And I’ll make sandwiches for the flight.” “Which lasts three hours.” “Exactly. So I’ll just bring everything back with us.” Now that I think about it I guess this was before 9/11. Time flies.

    • hasnt killed me yet 🙂
      it delish
      alternatively tho….ill take a proper mediterean style baguette of heres all the shit we have a slice of ham and an egg we found
      coz those are fucking awesome

  2. I think you forgot the eggplant.

    I love sandwiches. My favorite fork and knife sandwich is the Hot Brown.

    I like @Elliecoo‘s mushroom Philly sandwich a lot. 

    Cold, you can’t beat a good tomato sandwich. I had when for lunch with a tomato from the garden, a little bit of tahini, on ciabatta. 

  3. I mean, nothing beats a good grilled cheese and tomato soup. (I love Trader Joe’s creamy tomato soup for this.) Though I do also love a simple veggie sub, if we’re counting subs. Provelone (toasted along with the sub roll), hots, tomatoes, pickles, onions (preferably grilled), mayo. Lettuce optional – it adds a nice crunch, but if I’m making it at home I never bother keeping lettuce around because I swear it always rots within a day.

  4. 4 x 4 Grilled Cheese with pulled chicken and Alabama White sauce from Town Square Social in downtown Lebanon, TN. Four different cheeses melt in your mouth followed by a spicy kick in the teeth from the sauce. MMMMMMMM. Chef’s kiss.

  5. Post thanksgiving turkey with cranberries and gravy and stuffing and fried turkey skin and whatever else sandwiches are great, partly because they’re a once a year thing.

  6. Reubens, with thousand island, on Dark Pumpernickel are the BEST sandwich.
    Second place is deli turkey, on sourdough with a little mayo, a good spicy brown mustard, sliced tomato, perhaps a little avocado (sliced *or* mashed!), and some sharp white cheddar. Assemble the sandwich, then grill it in a panini press, snd it’s *perfection*😍😍😍

  7. I’m still going with the Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich.  Hands down my fave.
    2nd place is a Corned Beef on Rye
    3rd place is a homemade breakfast sandwich with a fried egg, bacon or sausage stuffed into a fresh croissant.  I know BK and Tim Hortons makes one, but the homemade one doesn’t make me sick (the eggs and cheese they use are garbage) and is less greasy.

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