Sat! [DOT 17/10/20]

It’s the weekend, finally! I hope you have plans to relax.

If you need to catch up on some tunes, last night’s DUAN was super fun. Also, Clever Name graced us with this yesterday. Great stuff, as usual.
Lastly, RIP’s been knocking it out of the park with his DOTs lately. (He blushes when you compliment him, so keep it to a minimum.)

He doesn’t phone it in at midnight like your pal Meg. Speaking of phoning it in…

Trump administration rejects, then approves, emergency aid for California fires, including biggest blaze in state history

I bet that really gets his goat!

Biden’s ABC town hall ratings beat Trump’s three-network NBC event

WHO are all these women who willingly sleep with Boris Johnson?

Jennifer Arcuri ‘admits to Boris Johnson affair’

I’m not saying guillotine, but I’m also not not saying it.

A Texas billionaire evaded $2 billion in taxes, feds say. Now he’s charged in the ‘largest-ever’ tax fraud case.|

On the lighter side, I don’t make the rules I just follow them.

Enjoy your cartoons and cereal.



  1. on the note of bojo…seems no 10 has decided brexit trade talks are over
    seems ole blightly still thinks europe needs the uk as much as vice versa
    oh this is going to suck…
    seems like we are trying to pile as many things that will cause a recession into one year… trumpytradewarcession brexitbojocession ronacession…. might as well add globalthermonuclearwarrecession and go for bingo

    • When people use money as an organizing principle for everything, Brexit should be a prime example of how that falls apart. I know a subset of the moneyed class is cashing in, but the bigger world of corporate interests is getting its hand slammed in a car door by this.
      Brexit really doesn’t make sense without a major dose of ideology thrown in, with a healthy piece of it being upper class solidarity. They’d rather lick Boris Johnson’s feet than admit they’d be better off with Gordon Brown.

      • …I think Gordon’s happy to have departed before the whole thing really got carried away…& of late the guy who replaced Corbyn has been making Boris look very much like the pointless yammering bag of hot air anyone familiat with his career as a journalist knew him to be

        …he’s called Keir Starmer & he used to be a pretty serious & capable lawyer so Prime Minister’s Questions has become something Boris really hasn’t been enjoying at all for some time…he can’t land any of the jibes he relied on to a kid answering Corbyn’s questions & has basically gone from just showing his arse to getting regular spankings?

        …not that it isn’t too late to recover from the self-inflicted wound that is brexit…because be it no-deal or some-kimda-deal the only sure thing about it is that it’ll be a worse deal than EU membership

        …the bitch of it is they’ll blame as much as possible on the pandemic & unforseen circumstances when not only was all of this foreseen pretty clearly by damn near half the country (who wanted to remain) the half-ish that have been so desperate to leave agree on basically nothing besides it being nicer to live in a fantasy land they think they can will into existence where the UK has the weight of Empire to throw around

        …it’s too tragic to be farce & too farcical to be tragedy

  2. I have a question for the more politically savvy. I keep reading that trump is going to get trounced in this election. And while I’m still not sure I believe it I’m curious as to why he didn’t wait to nominate a new Justice. Couldn’t he have held it over the heads of the 1 issue voter? The ones who claim to be appalled by trump but are Pro Life. They can now vote for Biden and still have the SCOTUS they wanted. And he could have guaranteed that none of the GOP went rogue. 

    • …I’m pretty much just guessing but from his point of view getting her on that bench is the only way he thinks he can get the court to give him a do-over when the vote doesn’t go his way so he needs her there ASAP…leaving her confirmation process any later & the vote would (hopefully) have pitched him out in his ass before she could help him out

      …he either had to get her on board to get the down-ticket types who need to be able to point to roe vs wade getting overturned as a reason not to ditch them…which might let Mitch keep his death grip on the Senate…or more likely only had his own interests in mind & therefore wouldn’t have listened to anyone try to pitch him on the strategy you’re thinking of?

      • I think they may have also been worried GOP Senators were going to scatter and they’d have a hard time rounding them up for a vote, and they wanted to get it done. They may also have feared something might come up that forced a second nomination after she dropped out so they needed a buffer of time.  They may also expect the kooks on the court are going to make it a slam dunk for the Democrats to expand the court, so they wanted to maximize the time they had with their majority before the Democrats had the power.

  3. Help! We’re being invaded!
    Well okay probably not but there’s a whole lot of choppers flying about here
    Go away copters I’m trying to read here
    I mean I could close the window but I’ve finally got the room cold enough for the heavy blanket
    So nice
    So yeah go invade somewhere else

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