Saturday Morning Brain Drain [19/11/22]

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What I Watched: Troppo with Thomas Jane. I’ve not completed the series, but like it – others in the family don’t care for it. However, The Guardian liked it:

There’s not much originality in the writing, but the dynamic between the two bothered characters works for the aforementioned reasons and the pace has a decent ebb and flow. The tropical Queensland location allows for some fun settings and scenarios – from wildlife interactions to a man (played by Simon Lyndon, aka Jimmy Loughnan in Chopper) whose version “of an apple a day” is injecting himself with snake venom. You don’t get that in the CBD; at least not at your local chemist. Nor do you tend to see, on the ABC, outside of nature documentaries, shows with beastly predators and grisly deaths.

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It is one of those shows where the antihero reigns and everyone is morally ambiguous…and in need of a shower. So, Thomas Jane – he played Joe Miller in DeadSplinter fan-favorite show The Expanse. But of greater interest to some of us (looking at you @matthewcrawley), he was married to Patricia Arquette from 2006-2011, and one may remember him as her hot husband.

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What I Read: More series continuations and spin-offs, including, Best Foot Forward: a 1930s historical fantasy romance (Land Mysteries Book 1) by Celia Lake, again featuring Lord Geoffrey Carillon. A librarian by day (librarians are awesome), her writing is elegant, her vocabulary wide-ranging, and her insinuation of magics into real-world history subtle and engaging.

Also, within her various books Ms. Lake continues to nonchalantly and respectfully include romances which run the gamut of LGBTQIA partnerships, fluid sexuality, multi-partner permanent relationships, and a range of adult ages from 20’s to 70’s, etc. Her simple recognition as normal, and acceptance of, a variety of “ways to be” will surely be considered subversive by the fascist right here in the US; let us hope that her books continue to fly under the radar.

Best Foot Forward has interplay between two gentlemen, and respectful discussion of the lingering consequences of WWI on the human mind and heart. You may benefit from reading her prior series, especially The Mysterious Charm books featuring the characters from this novel. Set in the 1920s and centered on the friends and associates of Lord Geoffrey Carillon, Ancient Trust (maybe only available by newsletter) focuses on Lord Carillon’s title inheritance; Goblin Fruit is based on his courtship of his wife; On the Bias features his steward; and Eclipse includes his particular friend Alexander. Give this set of series and books a try, but do not start with The Land Mysteries.

I also read (nay, scanned after a while) the Blackmoore Sisters Cozy Mysteries Box-Set Books 1-5 by Leighann Dobbs, on sale for 99 cents. “These four magical sisters and their eerily intelligent cat are about to discover a secret that will change their lives forever. As the Blackmoore sisters discover their paranormal powers, they find themselves solving one twisty mystery after another while they battle a crooked Sheriff, planted evidence, and a long list of suspects that all had a reason to kill.” Shockingly, they were too “cozy” and predictable, even for me. However, at $99 for five books, you could do worse if looking for filler reading.

What I Listened To: Give it Back · Cass McCombs (rockin’, @Hannibal ); Stranger by The Haunted Youth; Koin by Parra for Cuva , Aukai, Nicolas Demuth, Markus Sieber, and Survive by Lane 8, Grafix Remix.

Thank you for playing Brain Drain! How are you, darling DeadSplinterites? What’s new in your world, dearest ones?

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  1. Psst @Elliecoo are we doing an Xmas roundup again? I’ve already started on my homework with the new Lindsey Lohan Xmas movie. Can’t promise to deliver the same volume as last year because baby#3 and more honestly Pokémon 😉 …so if someone would like to add to the movie portion of the round up, we can divide and conquer.


    It took a turn in a way I wasn’t expecting. The serial killer plot was a red herring to the overarching AIDS epidemic. There are many bad reviews out there. I actually thought the season was well done. This review sums up how I feel about it.

    • Ryan Murphy is a gay man about my age (he’s 57) who graduated college and then became a reporter, working out of (among other places) New York, DC, Miami, and LA. This would have been the 80s. I don’t know if he covered health or social trends per se (I know he worked on the “Style” section of the Washington Post as an intern, which must have been very gay) but I suspect he could have done a lot of AHS:NYC from notes and from memory.

  2. I caught up on the last Tucci episodes. It’s astounding how CNN decided to bury then kill the show.

    Meanwhile they’re paying these dummies $10 million per year when they can’t even do basic arithmetic.

    The cancellation undercuts right wing stock baron John Malone’s claim he wants CNN to be less driven by ideology, and is as dumb as Musk deciding to turn Twitter profitable by slashing employment.

    Anyway, three of the last four focused on less familiar regions, and all four were delightful, especially one with Tucci making a visit with his father and mother to the town his grandfather left as a child. Half the residents were named Tucci!

  3. @Elliecoo You killed it with your music selections this morning!

    I’m on the wait list for several books at the library and I didn’t want to start something and have one or more of them come in. So I reread my copy of Around the World in 80 Days With Michael Palin. He’s such an intelligent, curious, insightful, and obviously funny man. The book is as enjoyable as the series was.

    Finished watching The Great British Baking Show. Worst season so far, I was very disappointed.

    • @Hannibal (pauses to blush), thank you! I,too, was underwhelmed in regard the The Great British Baking Show. I “liked” the three finalist perhaps more than others, but the entire final episode – well – those bakes were less than impressive. (So says your humble home baker, who often merits “it looks a mess but the flavors are good.)

  4. …did I already mention that the version of the peripheral with chloe grace moretz is actually pretty good?

    …I think I did…but it is…so it bears repeating

    …not sure what else I’ve been staring at lately…there was a kind of stop-motion-looking animated kids thing that key & peele did that was ok…but I feel like I watched something worth mentioning that currently eludes me

    …& I saw the black panther movie…which wasn’t bad…but was perhaps not all it might have been & a little disjointed

    …not sure how I feel about trying to make namor over as being of mayan heritage…but…he’s not really a character it’s easy to be fond of so…eh…whatever?

      • …mostly made me think I ought to go back without the smaller people…they have buckets of enthusiasm & are much better at mornings than me…but my father might have been on to something with the lacking stamina theory…I would have stayed longer?

    • Admittedly there were a lot of obnoxious kids at the showing of Wakanda Forever that I saw last Saturday (me trying to get into a serious scene, then kid 3 seats over is loud).

      But I felt like the plot they chose would have been better suited to a series than a single movie. Like it felt disjointed in places cutting between subplots.

      I loved Namor being Yucatec Maya. The attention to detail and effort that went into the costuming and set pieces were so well done. I have a background in ye olde days in Maya archaeology and I would suspect graduate theses will be written about the portrayal.

      • …I think the mayan version of namor is very probably an improvement over the OG version…but…mostly his defining characteristic was being an arrogant prick…& there isn’t really a way of making he-can-fly-because-winged-ankles not sort of ridiculous to the point of being hard to take seriously

        …so…swings & roundabouts…but on balance the water-bomb-things were maybe more ridiculous…so…it just felt like it could have been a more cohesive thing overall than it wound up being…but I’d be getting into actual-spoilers if AI tried to say more about it, I think?

        • Rip, we used to watch Wolverine back in the day when he wore yellow spandex, annnnnnd EVERY kid I knew thought he was a badass!🥳

          Namor flying because he has wings on his ankles will be fine, my friend!😉😆🤣💖

          It isn’t like this is DC, with Danny the Street😉

          (Full disclosure–I only know of Danny, because my roommate has been into comics since *before* the Renaissance that happened when we were adults–he’s taught me a LOT of cool stuff about tons of great characters!😉😁💖)

          • …danny the street is…frankly…awesome

            …which reminds me…they might yet come up with another season of doom patrol

            …& it’s not like I can’t suspend my disbelief…but the ankle wings are too small…& they’d have as much work to do keeping the dude from bobbing about upside down as they would with the actual flying

            …the wings on asterix’s helmet might be bigger

            …muttermuttergrumblemutter…sorry…I’ll get over it…at some point…presumably?

  5. i’ll just plug my little local band

    who are now apparently world famous…which explains why they no longer play in my drinking holes

    F1 is having its last race for the season tomorow….so there should be an uptick in my what i reads and watched from here on


  6. We watched this episode of “The Snoop Sisters.” Anyone remember that summer replacement series from the 1970s?

    A perfectly charming murder mystery series about two older sisters (Helen Hayes is a mystery writer, a proto-Jessica Fletcher) who solve crimes and get in the way of their nephew, police detective Bert Convy. In this episode, an actor who seemed to love to make fun of himself, Vincent Price, plays a faded horror movie icon who lets it also be known that he is a gourmet chef/hobbyist. Art imitating life. Since it is a 1970s murder mystery, it also co-stars Roddy McDowell.

    It is perfect in every way.

      • Not yet, but I should really do her, if she has any recipes to her name. James MacArthur’s father Charles would be a good one too—he was a member of the Algonquin Round Table and was the playwright behind The Front Page, among other things. James MacArthur’s first wife was the elusive daffy blonde Joyce Bulifant, who kept showing up on Match Game (lower row, left, where the quasi-regulars appeared) and you never knew why.

  7. Watched Netflix’ Blockbuster about the last Blockbuster. It’s not a bad sitcom, not a great one either. Randall Park plays the straight guy everyone bounces off of which works.

    It’s an okay watch if you want a working place comedy where no one is an asshole and the boss isn’t a total fucking idiot.

  8. I’m in chill mode listening to Tropic Vibration

    Not reading or watching much, just catching up on my DVR late night shows.  Need to get outside and enjoy the last 2 days of our record sunshine before we go to “atmospheric river” and then permadrizzle.


  9. If you have HBOMAX, definitely check out The Big Brunch. It’s a cooking competition show hosted by Dan Levy and 2 other people who I don’t know and it’s been really enjoyable. The energy in the show is just a nice refreshing change and being on HBOMAX, they can get away with things like eating something delicious and saying “this is fucking good.” 6 episodes are out, there’s 2 left. Also I want to go to brunch with Dan Levy.

    Also on there is this 90 min documentary called Santa Camp about this summer camp basically in New England for training and help for people being Santas and Mrs. Clauses. It’s interesting in how so many of the old white dudes were very aware that they needed more diversity in Santas, but still didn’t know how to really do that. Folks included a transman and their doctor wife, a young nonverbal man with spina bifida (there with his mom) who has a life goal to be a parade Santa, and a black man from Arkansas who received some racist pushback for being a black Santa. It was interesting, although the Trans Santa definitely had the shittiest time from society after the camp. Which not really surprising but also still frustrating.

  10. Saw 1/2 of  HBO’s Winning Time S1 about the Showtime Lakers on the plane… I picked that instead of Top Gun 2.0,The Mavericking.  I liked the additional splashes of comedy asides and snide comments about how America’s racism nearly doomed the NBA.

    I’m guessing Kareem Abdul Jabar isn’t enjoying his portrayal as a distant aloof and enigmatic asshole.  The Airplane! Cameo was hilarious, but scene afterwards was actually funnier (think the opposite of the Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial which was on TV screens about the same time.)  ETA: even if the reality he did not.

    John C Reilly really owned playing the very intelligent/very greasy Jerry Buss.

    Adrian Brody as Pat O’Reilly was… uh… interesting?

    • I love that show so much, can’t wait for next season.  I think the Kareem thing is pretty accurate & Jerry West is pissed at his portrayal.  As a lifelong Laker fan I can tell you most of it is more true than the players want to admit.

        • I’ve never had that loving feeling.

          Oh! In high school, a friend of mine had a date with a boy and he decided having 3 friends show up so they could serenade her with that song was a good idea of a grand! romantic! gesture.

          As you can surmise given that the lyrics of that song aren’t exactly second or third date material, it did not go over well and he was shocked to not get any future dates.


          • That was a high school song here, too–except it was the one my male classmates sang, and ended up breaking our poor substitute!😖😱😂🤣

            The movie was a few years old, bu the time we were juniors, but a few of the guys in our class wanted to be career Army, so it was still pretty popular in 92-93…

            And one day, when we had a substitute in math class, and were supposed to be doing our homework, the guys from choir in the class decided it was a great idea to serenade our poor, sweet, overwhelmed, sub…

            They all got up, formed a half-circle in front of the teacher’s desk, got down on one knee, and started to sing the whole song…

            The poor (young!) woman started to cry, and never came back to sub for the high school part of our district again😖🥴

            • Ngl, as much as I feel for that poor, outnumbered sub?

              The harmonies were REALLY tight, and the guys in our class DID totally nail the song!

              The absurdity of the whole thing still makes me giggle, 30-ish years later! (I would’ve BUSTED up laughing, if a class that I was subbing for pulled it!😉)


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