Saturday Morning Brain Drain [28/3/20]


I just watched: Season 23 of the British tv show Silent Witness. Or as we call it in our house “The coroner show”. The current lead on the show is Emilia Fox who plays Dr. Nikki Alexander. One of the games we like to play is fashion police. We don’t know if there is a wardrobe dept. or if she gets to pick her own clothes. The clothes never seem to match and the colors are not flattering. Now this is coming from a guy whose style is considered normcore.

I just read: I’m not the bookworm Ellie is but I do like reading The New York Times. You can’t be hoity toity by just reading the local paper’s headline coverage of local sports and garage sales. We really enjoy what we call “real estate porn”. In the Sunday Business section on the second to last page they list three houses with the same selling price. They usually low- ball at about $500,000 and top off at $10 million. We always seem to like the houses that have horrible locations (to us at least) and the ones we consider meh are always near bigger cities. Of course we check property taxes followed by “Are you serious?”. The ones that are really low are in states that we have no desire to live in.

I just listened to: Cass McCombs



  1. I’m not really into watching tv, but I promised someone I’d give Riverdale a watch from the beginning. I have no clue what Riverdale is or what I have gotten myself into, but at least my expectations are low.

    • We were in Vancouver BC a few years ago near where they film that show & my daughters just had to go see the place. Turns out they were filming so they wanted to stand around hoping to see one of the characters but it was about 30 degrees out. My wife & I snuck in a wine bar around the corner & left them standing there for about an hour until they got too cold and called us. They never saw anybody. They said it is based on the Archies but much darker. WTF?

  2. I just watched all of Sanditon – Masterpiece Theater. It’s definitely a lesser Jane Austen. I don’t think she finished the story before she died and it shows.

  3. I’m still watching The Durrells in Corfu. I don’t watch a lot of tv so it takes time to get through a show. And I’m still reading Anna Karenina, Tolstoy was one wordy dude. I swear he could have chopped a 1/4 of the book out by just using 1 name per person instead of 4 or 5 names each.

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