Saturday Morning Brain Drain [23/5/20]

Long Weekend in the USA: Wishing you relaxation and peace.

What I watched: Keitel and I have been watching The PBS NewsHour, hosted by Judy Woodruff. It is impartial, sometimes you can see the pets of the various broadcasters sleeping or playing in the background, and often brings us to tears as they focus on the individuals who comprise the incomprehensible statistics of corona virus illnesses and deaths. I think their slogan should be: The PBS NewsHour, no shrill agenda-driven jerks allowed.

What I read: The Last Oracle series, books 1-6. This may verge to young adult, in the way of older Harry Potter (lots of 20-somethings), but it features a magical augury producing bookstore, a war against invaders from other dimensions, and faction infighting. Melissa McShane sucked me right in, and there will be nine books in total with book 7  coming in early June. A fluffy escapist series that gets better with each book.

What I listened to: I’ve been listening to solo stuff from folks from famous bands.

Earth by EOB, Ed O’Brien from Radiohead.  Cloak of the Night with Laura Marling is transcendentally beautiful.

World’s Strongest Man, by Gaz Coombes, front man for Supergrass.  Walk the Walk is a controlled rocker.

Night Swim, Open Season, by Josef Salvat, mostly solo, but also plays with Gryffin and Tourist. Another good hook of a chorus.

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  1. I’m listening to The Plot Thickens podcast from Turner Movie Classics. Season 1 – Peter Bogdanovich. Other than that I’ve been cleaning house.

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