Saturday Morning Brain Drain [26/9/20]

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What I watched: The Great British Bake Off, season 11, episode 1, offered in the US on Netflix. I love, love, love this show. It is more than a cooking contest; it has humor, drama, and back-stories. The contestants always fit a type, from the young one to the old one to the kooky one, etc., so it isn’t much of a stretch to understand their unstated role within the show’s dynamics. There are contestants to root for and contestants to jeer at. Plus, I get to hear the marvelous British pronunciations of words like basil and oregano.

Should you watch it? Yes, yes you should! Enjoy it with a nice cup of tea while munching on scones with clotted cream and jam.

What I read: I’ve been binge reading the latest installments from authors whose last names start with Aaron.

First, there is Tales from the Folly: A Rivers of London Short Story Collection, by Ben Aaronovitch. The Rivers of London is one of my favorite series – the author is sharp, witty, acerbic, and tells one heck of a good tale. I may occasionally make Keitel listen as read especially funny passages aloud to him (props to Mr. Blacksmith for humoring me). The books involve the metropolitan police, wizards, fae, and the magical human embodiment of each of the rivers of London. Seriously – read these books – they are a delight. The short stories might give you a gentle introduction to see if you like them.

Next, I read Smoke and Mirrors, book 31 of Alexie Aaron’s Haunted series. I doubt that you will want to start with this most recent book, but if you want to start at the beginning, I think that you will enjoy seeing her progression as author. Initially, she had a quirky, staccato writing style; it is still there, but has matured and become smoother to read. The books are based on Mia, a demon, birdman, angel, super-human hybrid, her cohorts in PEEPs (Paranormal Entity Exposure Partners), and various ghosts, demons, angels, birdmen, upper and lower kingdom dwellers, and more.

Should you read either of these series/books? Yes! Especially the Rivers of London short stories…trust me on this.

What I listened to this week: Call Me (Freestyle), by Blood Orange and Park Hye Jin, :

And Caravan Palace, Moonshine (Bakermat Extended Remix). Bakermat is my guilty pleasure, I dance (badly) to his music while cooking our meals ahead for the week.

So, adored DeadSplintertarians, what’s going on? Everyone recovered from this week’s madness? Did you have time to watch, read, or listen to anything good? Please share your stuff with us!

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  1. im still not reading or watching….eye is still fucked
    i had vision for a few days so i figured fuck it i dont need to put nasty assed salve in my eye no more..
    it took all of like a fucking day to prove me wrong
    when are we getting cybernetics?…coz im all for cybering me eyes…and spine…and brain
    really just fucking borg me..i think id like it

    i think ive posted that one before….but i miss him so im going tru his discography
    dude left a lot behind…..its going to take years just to get tru his sheetmusic

    • Farscythe, I am so sorry about your continued eye issues. (Puts on Mom hat, bats Farscythe upside the head, use the medicine as directed!) The Robert Veen is very good, is this the gentleman to whom you are related?

  2. Good morning, I’m so excited for a new season of British Bake Off, we’re starting it tonight.

    Watched Netflix’s American BBQ Showdown. It was okay, no British Bake Off, but mildly entertaining. For carnivores only, lots of dead animals.

    The Rivers of London series sounds like something I’d like. I’ll look for it as soon as I finish The Vanishing Half, which I just borrowed but haven’t started yet. I’ll talk about it next week.

    It’s funny that you posted Blood Orange for one of your listens. I was just listening to the Blood Orange remix of Tame Impala’s Borderline while eating breakfast this morning. Great minds and all that.



    • Hi Hannibal! (Great British Bake Off spoiler alert.) I about died when the lady knocked the poor fellow’s pineapple upside down cakes on the floor! And the showstopper – that was incredibly difficult, yes? Also, I was surprised at which contestant got the boot – I for sure thought it was going to be one of two others.

      Blood Orange for the win, my friend!

    Watching:  I’ve avoided watching Downton Abbey because I’ve never been a fan of this kind of classist normalizing, but my oldest stepdaughter gave it high marks so I broke down and we started watching it this week.  So far, I haven’t seen anything in the first season that disabuses me of my pre-existing notions of what the show was like.  The show should really be called Asshole Abbey, because it’s almost completely populated with asshole characters.  There’s the Old Asshole, the Asshole Butler, the Asshole Oldest and Asshole Middle Daughters, the Gay Asshole, the Asshole in the Black Dress, and the Blind Asshole, just for starters.  I’m basically hate watching it at this point.
    Reading:  Nothing of consequence.
    Listening:  Eric Reed’s Pure Imagination.  This was an album he did years ago as a tribute to musicals–which I generally don’t like, but this guy could play pretty much anything and make it sound good.  Quite possibly the most underrated talent in Jazz.


    • I can’t comment on Downtown Abbey, but hate watching is definitely something I have done. Even worse, I may have been know to make disparaging comments aloud while others are watching on purpose.

      I will give Eric Reed a listen on your recommendation, thank you!


    • You’re a better progressive than me. I agree about the classism and abundance of assholes, but I still loved it! I don’t know how far along you are but they do address the changing times – the decline of the great houses, feminism, war, racism. I’m not trying to change your mind, more like justifying my viewing choices, lol. 

  4. I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs, my Lakers are a game away from finals if all goes well!!!  When not watching that I’m doing late night shows and Vice News.  Going thru my musical library for things I haven’t listened to in awhile and Sergent Garcia is making me happy today (which is not easy right now)…


    Not reading much but will have lots of time for that now that I am stuck in the house for the week. 

      • That gets longer by the second!  It includes but is not limited to:  making a 2 ft wall for her greenhouse base, running electricity and water under a walkway 20ft from the house, fixing grout in the bathroom and lots, lots more!  Those things alone could keep me busy for the next few weeks.

  5. …completely slipped my mind earlier but I did watch a couple of movies this week that were better than I expected

    …Find Me Guilty with (of all people) Vin Diesel a out a mobster acting as his own attorney in a massive RICO trial

    …The Baker with Damian Lewis (the bake off stuff reminded me) as a hitman masquerading as the new baker in a small Welsh village…has some flaws but overall more charming than not, I thought

    …& The Company You Keep with an unbelievable cast about how a past in “the movement” could catch up with people who were involved with the Weather Underground

    …I know that’s three & not a couple but given the cast I kind of expected the last one to not suck

  6. I finally watched the 5th season of Luther. I had watched seasons 1-4 but due to the non-regular schedule of the show I wasn’t aware there was a 5th season out. a smbd post alerted me to that and I watched it. S5 was so good. and now there must be a S6 after that ending…

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