Saturday Morning Brain Drain [31/8/21]

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What I watched:  The Olympics.  I haven’t been paying super close attention, because I’m watching them while I’m sorting my daily blueberry harvest, so it’s actually the perfect thing to “watch” while not actually needing to focus on it.

What I read:  The Hammer of God by Arthur C. Clarke.  One of his later works and really very well done.  Basic story is that an Earth-killing asteroid has been discovered, and all of the chaos which goes with it.  More than that, and I’ll probably give the story away.

What I listened to:  That McCartney 3,2,1 docuseries I watched last week got me into listening to some of Paul’s early solo work.  Some of it is better than others.

How’d your week go?  Mine sucked and that’s all that needs to be said.  So, regale us instead with what you’re doing to fill that terminally empty culture hole in your lives.

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  1. My week was fairly meh, which is better than terrible. I can’t say what I’ve watched, read, or listened to, because I need the content for the next three Brain Drains. Now I am off to cook ahead, and I hope to get three FYCE posts out of the effort. Happy weekend, everyone!

    • I’m spending today making blueberry preserves, a couple of FYCE recipes, working in the garden, mowing the lawn, reading my latest book, harvesting more blueberries off the island, and violating the laws of the physical universe so I can fit all this shit into two days.

  2. I am Better Half-free so I’ve been reading a lot, without the distraction of global Zoom and googlemeets calls. I’ve been making my way through Lawrence’s Women In Love and Woolf’s To The Lighthouse, and decided to reread Austen’s Emma. I probably have a slightly British accent and am using somewhat archaic Britishisms at this point.

        • Oh I love Thomas Hardy. Try getting through “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” without at least once throwing the book across the room or screaming with laughter/disbelief. A rare gift for an author, to provoke both responses from his readership, but his contemporaries probably did neither.

  3. I read The Big Sleep which is tremendous, and really funny and sleazy. It’s also impossible not to hear Humphrey Bogart in my head as I read it, since it’s all narrated by Philip Marlowe.
    I’ve got to watch the movie now, since my memory of it is all a blur.

    • …unlike most movies I always found I was impressed that chandler actually could surprise you at the end…even when you knew there’d be the explanation marlowe gives & then the bit after where you find out what actually went down…that last bit still managed to be a surprise

      …which might sound like damning-with-faint-praise but is intended as a sincere compliment

      • Somewhere in the slag heap that is my 1,000-volume library I have a Chandler collection. All contained in one book, and what’s odd about it is that it’s quite tasteful looking, a somber dark red binding with impressed lettering. I leave it out sometimes when I have company over and someone will pick it up, imagining that they’re looking at a family Bible or something, and before they know it they’ll become engrossed in “Farewell My Lovely.”

  4. other than the football yesterday which i watched at work…eventually my teamlead spotted the screen then…he watched it too… lol ive not been watching the limpics
    japan is in an unfortunate timezone for me
    anyways..what i watched : record of ragnarok

    it was okay…actually got better as it went (and the opening theme really works for me) paper thin plot to justify some celebrity deathmatch style fights between gods and mythical humans (admittedly i only knew 2 of the humans..i assume the other 2 are mythical in asia)
    but hey…zeus vs adam of eve anyone? the cliffhanger at the end suggested hercules vs jack the ripper….sounds fun to me…god knows when season 2 arrives tho
    what im about to watch : rurouni kenshin : the beginning

    and : the last mercenary

    im still not reading…and will skip what i listened too…as ive been spamming the place enough

    • …the last mercenary was fairly entertaining…although if you can find a film called “JCVD” I think it was funnier?

      …also…how many rurouni kenshin live action films did you say you found on netflix?

      …I feel like it was one more than I thought I’d managed to watch…speaking of which I don’t know as I’ll manage to watch the ragnarok manga thing but I looked it up & I can tell you lu bu was a big deal around about the period the two red cliff films are set (can’t remember what the term is for it…might be the three kingdoms?)

      …& lastly…a kate beckinsale film on amazon prime called jolt was recommended last week…& I would concur with that being pretty entertaining

  5. Watched: baseball – the trade deadline was maybe good for NYY? Remains to be seen, faith in Cashman [haha appropriate] is at an all-time low.
    Listened: A Tribe Called Quest, @SplinterRIP, sent me down that rabbit hole.
    Read: The Double, a short novel by Dostoevesky, published in 1846, about identity theft. Yes, friends, there is nothing new under the sun.
    I had a good week but I just spent 3 hours in the garden in which a topic of conversation suggested itself.
    What plant do you wish you had never planted?
    Mine is Morning Glory, fuck morning glory. Woodchucks love it, so they mow it down every time it puts out a couple of leaves. When it does manage to flower it self-seeds itself all over the place and now, ten years on, hours are spent trying to unwind it and root it out. The self seeded variety is ugly and not even the woodchucks will eat it. arrrgh.

    • …see, now I want to make a joke about the morning glory issue & “can I kick it?”…but I’m afraid myo will suddenly appear & tell me I’ve volunteered to write posts about gardening regrets on the regular?

  6. Watched the new Space Jam. What a waste of time. I kept hoping it would get better but it was just a hot mess the whole way through. At one point they played an original SJ tune and teased a Michael Jordan cameo… I naively hoped he would turn the whole movie around… then in walks Michael B. Jordan. That joke, like all the others, fell flat but also stung a bit. Don’t watch this movie.
    I also watched S1 of Never Have I Ever. It’s Mindy Kaling’s brainchild and I love it. Watch it if you like American high school coming of age comedies and Mindy Kaling’s style of humor. I hear her “voice” in all the lines which makes for a bizarre but hilarious watch.
    My week has been shittier than usual. It started with a non Covid cold in my youngest, followed by her scratching her cornea (Dr says it’s nothing serious), and culminated in my eldest throwing up on every piece of furniture in the house. No one has slept for larger than 3hrs chunks all week.

  7. I’ve had a very busy week so I’m still reading  Transcendent Kingdom. I can’t get interested in the Olympics this year so instead, I caught up with this season of Making It.

  8. not a whole lot for me this week.
    still slowly working through Broken Homes by Ben Aaronovitch, might finish it this weekend.
    also still slowly working through Orphan Black, I’m about halfway through the third season.  I’ll probably cancel my Amazon Prime account after this and switch to either Disney+ or Netflix next.  I want to watch the Marvel stuff, and it’s also been about two years or so since I’ve used Netflix, so there is a bunch of stuff on there I want to see.
    nothing interesting regarding music over here, but venues are opening back up and selling tickets, so maybe I can get to start seeing artists I like again in a couple months…

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