Saturday Night Plans [NOT 13/2/21]

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I love you all. Except that one of you. You know who you are.

What’s the plan tonight, friends?

I cleaned the bathroom earlier and then ate a giant dinner. I’ll probably work out in a few minutes after the food finishes settling.

I think tonight I’m breaking into season 2 of Star Trek Discovery. I’m excited!

Unrelated, I won $25 on a lottery scratcher today so I’m feeling goddamned fancy.



  1. Mrs. Oppo is at her parents for a virtual yarn/knitting conference ( I just nod and agree) so I’m home alone for the weekend. 
    Made dinner with some frozen leftovers she’d made before she went.
    I usually spend my Saturday evening gaming, but for some reason I’m exhausted this evening and am just vegetating on the basement futon. I’m watching the ScarJo remake of Ghost in the Shell. All the criticism is correct. I still enjoy the movie and feel that they did a rather faithful remake of the anime movie. Which is also brilliant.

    • They did  a pretty good frame-for-frame remake of some of the iconic action sequences, which was cool… but their whole attempt to address having a white actress playing a very Japanese character was pretty screwy, and didn’t hold up to scrutiny in my opnion…
      It probably would have been a bit of a cop-out, but I think it would have made more sense to just for whatever reason, state that Kusanagi’s brain was stuffed in a caucasion model cyborg…
      Out of curiosity, have you happened to watch Alita: Battle Angel?

  2. I’m sick of my own cooking as I’ve basically been very good on my week off which wasn’t really the plan.
    Went out and got a big ass burrito.  Now just working on my writing before I pass out.
    This week has gone so well that I’ve already warned a coworker that I’m probably going to be a foul mood for two weeks (which is when my next paycheck happens.)

    • Burritos are my go-to. There is a place near 27 & 7 that I can call and say, “it’s the ‘hot guy'” and they know exactly the burrito to make. As much as I’d like to think me being the “hot guy” had something to do with my appearance it’s really because they remember me as the one who requires an exorbitant amount of their hottest sauce available.

      There is also a place at Weston & 7 that I can call and say, “it’s the six line guy” and they know exactly the burrito to make. No one wants to be known as “the six line guy” for obvious reasons but it’s because they have a one line rule for their hottest sauce because people waltz over from the pub next to it all drunk and cocky which has led to some very bad results for them.  

      If you ever find yourself “north of 7” let me know and I’ll direct you to some very kick ass burrito spots.

  3. “What’s the plan tonight?” 

    I don’t think I understand the question.

    If hockey & beer is considered a plan, I understand the question…it’s Saturday.

    People plan other things for Saturdays? Americans are so weird. 

  4. I just caught up on all the Star Trek Discovery last week. Did you notice a change in Michael’s character? Apparently they decided to go a different direction with her mid season 1 because fan feedback didn’t like her Vulcan attitude… cue the waterworks!

    Now I’m watching all The Good Fight as a palate cleanser before I dive into Picard and possibly the animated Star Trek series.
    Drinking fancy wine and chowing down on chocolate covered pretzels like they are chips.

  5. congrats on the win!
    anyhoo…as im awake now…..and the world outside is made of ice
    my plan is to push the neighbours car around the corner and see what happens

  6. jeezus, my day was an exercise in frustration for an introvert…
    Got my bike accessories exchanged/returned, so that’s one accomplishment.  Also attempted to make a couple grocery/supply stops while I was out of the apartment, and pretty much the only things I actually wanted were out of stock…  So I just had to make extra bus stops/trips, deal with more crowding/people, all for nothing…
    So, I’m most likely staying in tomorrow.
    fuckin people, man…

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