Saturday Night’s Good For Laughing [NOT 19/3/22]

Do I Amuse You? Probably not, but I’m gonna try

What tickles your funny bone?

I can list what makes me laugh:

  1. Pre 2000 Simpsons Episodes
  2. Droll British Humor (My parents don’t get it either.)
  3. Monty Python’s Holy Grail
  4. Irony
  5. Dark humor
  6. Dogs doing goofy things (but they don’t seem to like being the butt of the joke)
  7. Cats doing goofy things (they’re more vengeful than dogs.)
  8. Animals doing goofy things
  9. Married With Children
  10. Well executed fart jokes
  11. Not so well executed fart jokes
  12. Karma tinged with Schadenfreude
  13. The Three Stooges
  14. The stupid stuff I’ve Done
  15. A Fish Called Wanda
  16. Weird French Comedies Whose Titles I Can’t Remember
  17. Friends busting each other’s chops/goofing on each other.
  18. Phil Hartman
  19. Kids In The Hall
  20. Archer


  1. Kids In the Hall, Letterkenny, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and Trailer Park Boys. I have a small group of local friends that make me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Most of my family is very funny too but their humor is a little more caustic than my friends.

  2. Just coincidentally, I’m on a Steven Wright kick right now on YouTube. Here’s my favorite joke of his (paraphrased): “I remember this one time I was . . . no, wait a minute. Never mind. That was somebody else.”

  3. A couple of months ago when I was very idle I kept reading about all these British comedies from the 60s and 70s, so I binged as many as I could find. Loads of them are on YouTube, sometimes just Christmas specials or movie tie-ins, sometimes entire series. These include the legendary “Morecambe and Wise”, “Man About the House” (which was transported almost unchanged to America and called “Three’s Company”), “On the Buses,” “The Good Life,” “Open All Hours,” several “Carry On [fill in a word]” movies, and others I’m forgetting. I liked them all but there’s a reason we’ve all heard of “Monty Python” and maybe not all of these.

    Speaking of British comedies, my on-screen father-in-law, Hugh Bonneville, Lord Grantham, made two hilarious “Office”-style (the British “Office” was also transported to the US and the British one is better) comedy series called “Twenty Twelve” and “W1A.” THOSE deserve to be far better known. As does “The Catherine Tate Show.”

    • Have you seen “Are You Being Served?” That one’s probably my all time favourite British TV show. There’s follow-up show called “Grace and Favour” (I think… it’s been awhile) and at least one movie. Other-Husband likes “Keeping Up Appearances” and “Black Books” (I think that one’s late 90’sish, though).

      • Oh yes, all of those. God bless PBS for rebroadcasting them for us. Or maybe they didn’t rebroadcast Black Books, but I’ve seen that one too. Another good Black is Blackadder, which is a cult favorite and lines from the series show up on message boards everywhere.

  4. Pretty much every single line of dialog from The Thick Of It and What We Do In The Shadows – both the tv show and movie but the movie more. Raising Arizona and a lot of the Coen Bros stuff. Books wise – Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. People mis-hearing things and although I know it’s wrong – people falling down. I fall down a lot so I feel like if I can laugh at myself – I can laugh at others.

  5. Morons moroning.


    I’m watching Bad Vegan on Netflix and similar to the Tinder Swindler, I genuinely don’t understand how these women are so fucking stupid as to fall for the bullshit from those men. Like unless it’s some amazing sugardicking and they don’t want to admit to it, I am just flabberghasted how they fall for it.

    Like one of my friends tells me she’s dating someone who worked for the CIA and therefore can’t tell her anything about his job? Date someone else. Either he’s full of shit or someone’s gonna off him.

    This motherfucker on Bad Vegan had women convinced he was being haunted by demons and supernatural forces.

    • [places hand over microphone]

      For what it’s worth, I myself went through a similar though thankfully much less disastrous incident on GT back in the day, but that particular tea’ll only ever be spilled in person.

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