Sauvé par la Belle…[NOT 8/1/20]

A “Saved by the Bell” sequel might not be what we need right now:

…but this is! Josie Totah, who will be credited as a producer on the new “Saved by the Bell” sequel, will star as Lexi alongside original stars Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley.

Totah will star as Lexi, a beautiful, sharp-tongued cheerleader and the most popular girl at Bayside High who is both admired and feared by her fellow students.

The role brings Totah back into the NBCUniversal fold after she starred in NBC and Universal TV’s short-lived Mindy Kaling-produced comedy Champions. Totah, who came out as transgender in a moving Time essay in August 2018, is fresh off a recurring role on Netflix’s No Good Nick. Her credits includeSpider-Man: Homecoming and Amazon’s Lee Daniels-produced pilot Good People. She is repped by WME and Rise Management.

Speaking of bombshells:

More than 800 papers have been retracted after a “bombshell” investigation in Russia “by a commission appointed by the Russian Academy of Sciences.”

Russia’s roughly 6000 academic journals, the vast majority published in Russian, are popular among the country’s academics. A 2019 study found that Russian authors publish far more in domestic journals than, for instance, their counterparts in Poland, Germany, or Indonesia. But standards are often low. In March 2018, for instance, Dissernet, a network aimed at cleaning up the Russian literature, identified more than 4000 cases of plagiarism and questionable authorship among 150,000 papers in about 1500 journals.

And Russian authors frequently republish their own work, says Yury Chekhovich, CEO of Antiplagiat, a plagiarism detection company. In September 2019, after sifting through 4.3 million Russian-language studies, Antiplagiat found that more than 70,000 were published at least twice; a few were published as many as 17 times. Chekhovich believes most instances are due to self-plagiarism. Meanwhile, the website 123mi.u claims to have brokered authorships for more than 10,000 researchers by selling slots on manuscripts written by others that were already accepted by journals.

Ursula and Boris discuss Brexit:

Alternate headline: European commission president tries to get an empty puppet to say something clever without sticking her hand up its ass:

“Without the freedom of movement of people, you cannot have the free movement of capital, goods and services. Without a level playing field on environment, labour, taxation and state aid, you cannot have highest-quality access to the world’s largest single market.”

Speaking of dummies:

A baby dummy was used in attempt to smuggle skin lightening cosmetics into Uganda.

The cosmetics rarely come in bulk deliveries. Carriers, who earn about $1 (£0.80) per trip, bring them across the border box-by-box or sack-by-sack, reports the BBC’s Uganda reporter Patience Atuhaire.

Good news about Aussie fires:

No…for real!

More Aussie fire news; climate change isn’t real:

The fires were all set ablaze by crisis actors patsies arsonists. So far more than 180 people have been arrested. Certainly it has nothing to do with the respectful clapback from the ignorant Pommy weather girl to Craig Kelly, the “liberal” MP who denies climate change.

Child abduction in Virginia:

Welp! If anyone will ever remember myopicprophet from Kinja, it will most likely be from The Root, where I haven’t exactly hid my appreciation for Maiysha Kai and her personality/work ethic. Though, it is difficult to take away anything positive from this.

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    • As I understand it, there is piles of pitched new and unimagined ideas/scripts for shows just laying around in rooms and desk drawers of the powers that be in Hollywood and with all of that available to them, they decide to do a reboot of “Saved by the Bell”?

  1. I can not believe that there’s gonna be a new Saved By the Bell series. I can believe that Lopez and Berkeley will be in it though…and damn do I feel old, that Josie girl was born in 2001.

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