Say This, Not That – Indigenous Peoples’ Day Division: Rule of Law, Not “Law & Order”

Posted on Deadsplinter 7/11/20

Image: What Kind of Judge Sits for Nomination While An Election Is Going On

“Rule of Law” is what sham GOP Senators are stepping merrily ‘round right now to shove a SCOTUS nomination through WHILE AN ELECTION IS GOING ON.

Rule of Law, NOT “Law & Order”

“Law and Order”, by contrast, is a bullhorn call & response – we’re way past dogwhistles – that every Confederate and neo-fascist knows, but many passive “good” white folks who thought voter suppression would never have anything to do with them do not:

it’s an explicit call for state-sanctioned violence against already marginalized people who are trying to exercise their rights (or just trying to live), where, also, the corrupt “officials” in the position to enforce the Rule of Law (remember that, or forgotten already?) willfully look the other way.

And why you’re going to see a lot of all-caps yelling about “LAW AND ORDER11!!1” from the Orange Menace not just in these few weeks left before the election, but also between November 3 and when the Secret Service whom he’s tried his best to fleece drags him out of the White House in January 2021.

We all need to remember when we hear it what that phrase really means … and its VICTIMS. If the racists know what it means, and the people who are targeted know what it means, which part of the voting public does not have a solid grip on its connotations?

That same 30% I’m on about all the time (and am far from the only person talking about that silent acquiescence to brutality).

Everyone who reads here knows by now how this part goes.

It’s a Propaganda War, Not A Policy War (Especially When One “Side” Gives Less Than Zero Indications It Doesn’t Want to Actually Govern or Do Anything Other Than Oppress and Steal)

It’s one of the reasons some of us talk so much about how words matter and elections matter and reading all the way down your ballot (and in this election, voting BLUE all the way down the ballot) matters.

But it is especially the reason why words matter in a time when the “party” spouting nothing but lies and propaganda who literally cares nothing about anything related to governing and only about staying in power, wages an active Propaganda War having already neutered all the presumably neutral enforcement arms against people who care about policy and facts, but who ineptly (and repeatedly) try to use facts to influence peoples’ emotions, which … doesn’t really work (and also refuse to listen to people who know how to influence peoples’ emotions while utilizing facts … just because that latter group usually ends up being Black or other BIPOC … or even non-BIPOC female).

Speaking of words mattering —

The Word / Phrase for Felony Perpetrators Marching Around StateHouses With Guns To Threaten Public Officials and Intimidate Voters is NOT “Militia”

(Jemele was the first I saw calling this out in the national press but the anchors and legacy national correspondents didn’t stop doing it till several former FBI agents & national security specialists and a couple of white dude professors whose names I’ve forgotten said to stop. Speed matters IF you’re looking to actually stop violence.)





Everybody got it?

Good. Moving on. Lots to cover today.

Say “Court Balancing” or “Court Rebalancing” or “Justice”. Do NOT Parrot Republican Talking Points Just Because They’re Bullying You To Try To Make You Do It. Looking at YOU, Mainstream Media

Didn’t we go through a whole mea culpa where the media practically swore not to repeat the monstrous errors of 2016 that gave us this literal crapshow in the first place??

Court-Packing is what McTreason & the Orange Menace have been doing at the district court and appellate levels since 2016. It is also what McConnell has been doing since 2006.

A special episode of “court-packing” was what was pulled on Judge Merrick Garland.

[This was originally posted on The Salad Bowl 12/10/20]


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  1. “Your job is not both sides. It’s the truth.”
    That, right there, is the problem with the media. Presenting lies as equivalent to facts isn’t being balanced. 

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