School Lunch [NOT 14/3/23]

Hi, friends!

Our topic tonight is about school lunches. Did you bring one? Get one there? Do you recall liking it?

My catholic gradeschool had parents and priests volunteer to do most of the food prep, which kept it cheap for us. I remember it was $1.25 for the meal, but the meals were actually food like baked pasta with meat sauce and then a cooked veggies and a canned or frozen fruit side. I recall pretty often hitting up the loose change jar in the kitchen to grab quarters for lunch. Until 8th grade, when the kitchen manager left to work at a golf club and they brought in some service where it was premade frozen burritos and cheeseburgers. It was both expensive and untasteful, so I brought my lunch that year.

High school lunch was simply too expensive for me, since it was between $4 and $6 a day for lunch depending on what you picked out. So I brought lunch pretty much all 4 years.

Today I read that Lunchables now are marketing 2 tray options to schools, saying they contain the 2 ounce meat/meat alternative requirement and the 1 ounce equivalent for grains (the turkey and cheddar crackers one). Mixed thoughts on that one. Immediate response is that’s horrible and not anywhere close to good nutrition, where are the veggies etc. Later thoughts were along the lines of well kids like lunchables and there’s probably less food waste compared to other options.



  1. I mostly brought lunch, especially after half the school would end up sick after techni-color hot dog day.  My daughters would not eat school lunches & I made them lunches every day.  My wife would write happy notes on their napkins every day.

  2. it was always bring your own where i lived

    that means sammiches btw…coz bring something like this

    and the stares would put you off eating it


    bumpkin land is fun like that

  3. I brought my lunch in the early Elementary school years, started buying in 4th or 5th grade. By the time I was in Middle School I had a full blown eating disorder and just pocketed my lunch money for the rest of my school years.

    • 😢 I’m sorry YoungHannibal had an eating disorder and that seemingly no one noticed. I had a friend nearly die of heart failure in highschool because of bulimia. I didn’t know the signs at the time (I know the burden shouldn’t be on us kids but our parents were not reliable help for anything mental health related. It was normal to sweep everything under the rug or shame us for our weaknesses. Asian mom culture. Also we were shamed by our Asian family for being big boned because we were half Asian and took after our lager fathers.)

      • Thanks, I’m sorry your friend went through that. I think in some ways bulimia is worse than anorexia, more shame involved and an added layer of hiding behaviors.

        People noticed, a teacher tried talking to me about it once but he was sort of creepy and the last person I wanted to discuss my body with, lol. My friends mostly just congratulated me on how I looked. And most of my aunts too. They all had EDs and even taught me about things like water loading before meals to avoid eating. My entire family has very unhealthy relationships with food including my one sister who probably lives on less than 1000 calories a day and most of them from wine. I love her but being with her can be so triggering.
        Anyway, I mostly have it under control these days. But just like being an alcoholic it’s day to day.

        • It’s so hard when it’s normalized by family. My sister is also anorexic (undiagnosed). She’s been praised by our family for being so slim all her life. I can see how it affects her kid too. She doesn’t plan ahead to have food in the house and barely ever cooks for him. Her ED prevents her from recognizing her kid’s hunger and nutritional needs. He’s learned to eat like a bird.

          • That has to be difficult for you to see. It’s so complicated and it’s not easy to tell someone you think they aren’t caring for their child properly You might find some resources on the National Eating Disorder Association site and f you think you can ever gently intervene. Of if she is ever ready to seek help for herself.


  4. I had school lunches growing up and one of the main things I remember is every Friday was fish sticks, which was a bit odd in retrospect because I don’t remember any serious Catholics.

    My kids always brought lunches until my older one hit maybe 4th grade and some law or regulation changed and the school system was allowed to offer free lunches to every kid.

    Before that kids from low income familes had to use a card and everyone else had to pay, but the math worked out that that since so many kids were in the low income bracket, it made more sense not to hire cashiers and do all of the record keeping, and just let everyone eat the lunch.

    Which meant that some six year old wasn’t going hungry if they lost their card, or their parents were too disorganized to fill out the right paperwork. There was no holdup for going through the cashier, and there was no stigma for using the card. Crazy, I know.

    • That sounds amazing!  Even in super liberal WA we had lots of stories where kids couldn’t pay for lunch or had a balance so were given nothing or some nasty peanut butter sandwich which all the kids new what that meant.  It seems like school districts can make own rules.  The good ones even kept free lunches going during the pandemic closure & I used to see kids walking to closed school just to get lunch.  A bunch of commie liberal shit right there!!!

      • I just love the attitude of so many places — hey kid, you’re six, you’re old enough to start feeling the brunt of a bitter 70 year old’s anger at the government.

      • My parents’ district switched to letting all kids get free lunches and the argument they used to get republican people to support it ended up being “well the county wastes tons of money, might as well let all the kids eat” which worked out surprisingly well for crotchety old boomers.

    • Yeah my catholic schools had vegetarian or fish lunches all year on Fridays, just in case Lent sprung up on them. My state college always had vegetarian or fish on Fridays too, probably so they wouldn’t have to change the schedule up at any point for Lent. They also had super delicious (obviously I’m lying) options made with leftovers on Saturday like fish pizza.

  5. Be thankful you’re not a NYC public school student:

    There’s a whole Instagram account devoted to how horrible the school lunches are. I can’t find it, so maybe the Department of Education had it censored requested that it be flagged as “disinformation.” Actual real-time photos and all.

    While Mayor Eric Adams is not quite as inept as Mayor de Blasio was (Warren Wilhelm, his real name, really went the extra mile) the blatant cronyism under Adams is jaw-dropping, and he makes no apologies for it. One small example is his Schools Chancellor, David Banks. Mayor Adams’s girlfriend was given a senior position under Banks. In return Banks’s wife was made a Deputy Mayor under Adams. But rest assured, both positions, which didn’t used to exist, were filled after an exhaustive search to identify the best and most qualified candidate. The City is grateful to both women for their selfless public-service sacrifice.

  6. Brown bagged it except during special days like “hot dog” day or “pizza day” which was basically fund raisers for the Grade 8 class to go to Ottawa. That changed when some idiot proposed they go to Toronto (for the shopping instead of the historical stuff) instead.

    High school was mostly brown bagged as well.

    Ate a lot of processed meat/nitrates during that time…

    As a kid, I would have been ashamed eating a Bento Box for lunch (wanted to be like all the white people I was going to school with, not the Asian weirdo kid eating the strange Asian food no white bread person ever heard of.) Now as an adult, I hear some kids bring those from home (the ones that have an Asian mom, or enjoys Asian food or very very rich) I would prefer to have eaten something like that instead of a ham sandwich. Times have changed.

  7. Brought my lunch to school K-8.  In high school, after about halfway through freshman year I started smoking my lunch behind the stadium.  It was the only way I made it through HS.

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