Science has no explanation for this [NOT 13/3/23]

Hi, friends!

Is there a food or drink that defies the laws of physics for you? Or if not food or drink, something else you are typically involved in?

I don’t know what parallel universe these Thin Mint cookies went to. I know I seemingly blinked and the box was gone. 🙂



  1. A local bakery makes brownie cookies. One cookie a day is more than enough to cause a choco-sugar overdose. They sell them in packages of six. So… like… a two day supply. Cookie-maths is its own science language.

    • See, I told you I could time travel!  Thanks for letting me know though, I’m only 1 drink into happy hour so I don’t need to be questioning my sobriety this early.

  2. Theme adjacent, a friend’s middle school daughter came in second in the regional science fair with boba tea. Actually she made boba lemonade. She had to measure/test/decide on the best formula to make the spheres work.

    Also, re cookie (or dessert) math, if they are good for you they never get eaten. (Looking at you flourless molasses banana cookies taking up space in my refrigerator with your weird  textured selves.)

    • Watch out or your fridge is going to be like a ravine in the woods with old tires in it. If word gets around to the neighbors, soon they’ll all be dumping their healthy cookies there.

  3. Toom garlic dip is one–it’s the American branded/trademarked version of Toum,  and it is the savory/garlicky parallel to the physics-defying characteristics of Girl Scout Cookies😉


    Sooooooo good, basically Garlic-Flavored Crack…

    You can eat it with bread, cheese, pita, Naan, potato chips, celery…. ANYTHING mild, and it tastes amazing!

    Other physics defyers….

    Potato chips (plain)–i don’t know how the bag sometimes dissappear in a day and a half (or less!), and lately, this recipe for Pastina from Buzzfeed;



    That Pastina recipe is *perfect!*

    Salty, savory, filling, yet light, and the balance of it, texture & flavor-wise is amaaaaazing!

    I grew up in Scandihoovia, so Italian food (*authentic* Italian) wasn’t really a thing….

    Chef Boyardee, Spaghetti O’s, Lasagna with cottage cheese instead of ricotta, “Italian Dunkers” (hot dog buns baked “open,” with a slice of mozzarella, that you dipped into spaghetti sauce) and Ragu or Hunts spaghetti sauce over Creamette spaghetti noodles was as “Italian” as it got, where I grew up😖😱🥴

    There are soooooooo many amazing Italian foods–including Pastina, that we just never had access to, growing up out there… and I’ve been making up for lost time, after I discovered that Buzzfeed article on the Ronzoni Stars/Stellina being discontinued….

    Luckily, La Moderna still does carry Stellina–just called something a bit different (but *also* incredibly inexpensively!!!!😁😁😁), they also make letters, squares, and many *other* tiny pasta shapes (you can get them at Mercados, Wal Mart, and some grocery-store chains😉)



  4. Wow, I just had an owl going after something in my yard, probably a rabbit.  Don’t think he got it but you don’t see something that big fly past the window as it is getting dark very often even here.

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