Scrambling [NOT 19/02/21]

Good evening. I’m filling in last minute because I don’t see a NOT pending.

If you won a Billion $$$ what wild thing would you do after all the boring responsible stuff like paying off loans and putting kids through college?

I’m feeling whimsical and would take all you DS personalities on a tour of Italy with a film crew and call it “In Search of Tucci”.

…yes that was partially an excuse to post our main man as the header image.




  1. If I won a billion dollars…

    I would buy a seat on… Nope not virgin, too dangerous… Pass on Bezos Dick Rocket. Again dangerous and I have enough aethetic sense and taste to avoid riding on the tip of a dick rocket.

    Probably a Soyuz.

    Or buy my own Mig.

    I would donate some of it (100 Mill) to some good investigative journos to get the stories the MSM refuses to cover like the Panama papers.

    Be the billionaire boogeyman Soros is alleged to be.

    Donate part of my interest based income to Planned Parenthood, various scholarships and legal aid funds as well.

    Boring. Whimsy is not me. 

    • I would start my own battery recycling for ev batteries company as well as a ev shop to turn worn out Teslas and other Evs into cars again. Never like the idea of SaaS or banning right to repair aka renting something you own. We would tear apart Evs, replace the Sw and batteries with our own. Not sure how profitable it would be.

  2. I’m less than wild (sigh, I would like to be wild). Four things:

    1. I would endow all the charities I wish I could support.

    2. I would have an animal rescue of my own.

    3. I would have a chauffeur and a pied-a-terre in Philly and in NYC so I could go to all the good live music events.

    4. I would stop working for a living.

  3. New Tucci is coming to CNN March 13.

    Although I have to say that I have a special fondness for Conan O’Brien’s series on visiting Italy with his incredibly pretentious assistant producer Jordan Schlansky (I think it’s also on HBO Max if that link doesn’t work)





  4. I would start a massive charity to just help everyone that needed it based on my parameters.

    I would start a totally progressive news channel to combat faux news.

    And start a huge progressive troll farm so we could start taking control of messaging.

    I would make a couple of movies of some of my favorite books like my namesake – The Lymond Chronicles and the Thursday Next books. I would get to make all creative decisions.

    Like Elliecoo – I would rescue animals and live on a fantastic farm with a huge amount of acreage – where all my friends could come live in a retirement commune. You would all be welcome.

    I might need a little more than a billion dollars.

    Thank you – fantasy therapy is good for the soul.

  5. I’m here for the Deadsplinter Italy trip!

    I would start a foundation to assist people with keeping elderly relatives at home with them. Including additions to their home where allowed to offer some semblance of independence, companions and visiting nurses if necessary.
    I also have some vague idea about low cost college housing where foster dogs would live. The students would have to be interviewed and meet some specific criteria of course. There would be on site trainers, a veterinarian, a dog park. It would be good for the students who miss their family pets, and would prevent them from adopting dogs they can’t take back home with them. And the dogs would get lots of love and care.
    I would adopt Blacksmith amounts of dogs myself!

  6. hmm…well…if im not going to do the boring stuff like buying a small house,keep my job and never worry about money again (that sounds sooo good)

    then…i guess i’d buy back the family castle and grounds and go live there….you’re all welcome to come with….tucci can come sure the funds would be there to make it worth his while moving to inverness

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