Sea Cruise! [NOT 16/9/22]

Oo-ee oo-ee baby! Oo-ee oo-ee baby!

Sailors and Passengers
Sailors and Passengers, 1898 / Source:

So it seems one of us has recently taken to the high seas and returned safely, so this would be a good time to talk about our cruises, long or short, at sea, on rivers, or on lakes.

A few years back my family did a short cruise with quick stops in Key West and Mexico. It wasn’t bad. The kids were old enough to run around unsupervised. The food wasn’t exciting but it was decent enough. One night we sailed through a thunderstorm and it was pretty cool to go up high and stand under shelter and watch the lightning. During the day it was nice to sit in the shade with a cup of coffee and a book and occasionally look out for flying fish and dolphins.

More recently my wife and I and some friends took a two hour river cruise on a small craft. We had a cooler of beer and some snacks and it was pleasant listening to the chug of the engine, feeling the wind, and seeing the occasional gull or hawk float by.

Talk About Your Water Rides

So tell us all about your trips on water. Ever gone on a cruise? Taken the Staten Island Ferry? Mississippi paddle wheeler? Sailed on a tall ship around a harbor? Gotten shipwrecked on a three hour tour after the weather started getting rough and the tiny ship was tossed?

How was the food? The weather? Did you get seasick like poor Emily here?

Passengers on ship
“What’s the matter, Emily, mal-de-mer? I suppose so: these awful French goats!” 1923 by John Conacher / Source:

I’ve never gotten seasick, but I’ve also never been on a ship that was in really bad seas for a long time. Like all nausea, it’s supposed to be absolutely miserable.

Anyway, to put you in the mood for commenting, here’s Sea Cruise by Huey “Piano” Smith (how about that mustache!)



  1. Never been on a cruise (other than a booze cruise) but have been on a ton of boats.  You have to ride a ferry to travel around WA & I live less than a mile from one.  The Victoria clipper is a really fun ferry but the best ferry I have been on was the Aremiti in Papeete.  20 ft swells at 30knots was a little crazy!  I’ve been on a small fishing boat in 30+ foot seas and that was the only time I think I have been seasick, you could not see anything but peaks in front of you and then dip into scary troughs.  My wife’s brother has always had boats too & hazed me by making me captain it during a lightening storm when we first met.  I think I passed but questioned his sanity.

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