Seasonality [NOT 11/6/24]

"Ah, there they are. So what are you ordering for yourself?" By the way, these are hurricane glasses. I think it is illegal to put anything other than tropical drinks and loose change (not at the same time) in a hurricane glass.

Hi, friends!

I hope your week is going well. I’m enjoying some cherries from the Pacific Northwest and based on the big grocery store price drop for cherries in the last few weeks, I’m guessing they’re having a good crop this year.

Which got me thinking, what seasonal trends do you notice? Which ones matter to you?

With fruit and veg being shipped from all over the world, a lot of the regional and seasonal timelines don’t really matter. It’s not like my parents’ stories of growing up where you’d have a month of strawberries and then it was done for the year.

If I were buying local spinach, I’ve got about 8 weeks in late spring and 8 weeks in the fall where I could get it, but the grocery store has it year round from California. I get bell peppers year round – for about 4 months of the year I could buy local ones (or grow my own, although I have better success with different sweet pepper varieties). Pretty sure the ones from Costco all year round are coming from the greenhouses I saw in Ontario last summer.

So, do you have any seasonal things you still pay attention to? I love late winter when the Florida citrus starts coming in. I also love June and July when then Pacific Northwest’s cherries are in season.



  1. Ontario Strawberries (late June to mid July)

    Asparagus (late May to Mid July)

    Fiddleheads (early May to end of June)

    Sumo Mandarins (early Feb to end of March)

    I already missed Fiddleheads (a type of fern edible in its pre sprouting phase but can be poisonous full grown.) Usually a maritimer thing but it is similar to a fern that grows in Korea so mom and dad used to pick and eat them. I prefer them Maritimer style, lightly boiled with salt, pepper, a squirt of lemon and a dab of butter.

  2. We’re starting to get fireflies now, which are definitely a marker of this time of year.

    I’m also sitting on my porch and watching a bat fly around across the street, so I assume it’s after some high flying summer insects.

  3. Our libraries will likely continue to be shutdown digitally for weeks. The FBI are involved. We’re asked not to return physical books because the librarians can’t use the computer system to put them back in inventory. Returned books just end up stockpiled in a warehouse 📚 😢

  4. Morels – late spring (we’re hopefully looking for those this weekend – might be a little late)

    Asparagus – late spring through early summer

    Sweet corn – mid-summer

    I drink cold brew coffee year-round, but the intake really increases when its hot, and I throw in iced coffee as well.

  5. I miss when pumpkin USED TO BE a seasonal thing, Considering I’ve already seen a Halloween AND a Christmas ad online, I can only assume that PSLs will come out at Starbucks the day after the 4th of July this year and go thru next Valentine’s day.

  6. oh…i pay attention to all the seasonal things

    not coz they arent available year round….but as i daily shop fresh stuff for dinner….in season ingredients are so much cheaper than off season stuff


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