Secret Secret I’ve Got A Secret [NOT 18/11/23]

Simple NOT. Any secrets? Or secret talent you want to share? Names can be changed to protect the innocent or guilty.

Or anything else that strikes your fancy?

My one great secret talent is that I can drink beer fast in drinking competitions. Funnels do not bother me, but it wasn’t helpful/healthy that I did. Projectile vomited beer and purple jezus (grape drink mix mixed with cheap vodka) all over my 2nd year Frosh/Freshman leader’s work boots at one bad Frosh week event



  1. I was able to shotgun a beer in college without spilling.

    I can whistle with my fingers, which is basically a secret because I can’t think of the last time I’ve needed to do that.

  2. My sisters called today to tell me a secret she just heard. One of my nephews has been battling cancer. Without telling any of us. He said he didn’t want to worry us. On the plus side it has a high survival rate and they say they got it all. He has one more round of chemotherapy left. He only admitted it because his oncologist advised against him going to the family Thanksgiving because his immune system is devastated from the chemo. I’m so relieved that it looks like he’s going to be okay. But I’m struggling to understand why he wouldn’t tell us. My sister lives 10 minutes away and could have helped take him to and from treatment, done their grocery shopping, and just help support them. His partner works and I’m sure she could have used the help.

    • It depends on the people involved. When I had my major operation (cancer scare) in 2010, I told my sister but not my parents because well… I knew on some level that they wouldn’t take it well and I wanted to be prepared emotionally to deal with the fallout. I didn’t tell anyone except my friend (same one who later died of cancer.) Didn’t even tell the (not yet former) housemate until one week before the surgery.

      Or sometimes they let their pride get in the way especially in times of trouble.

      Hard to say.

    • I love how everything that’s being said is just as vague as what’s being said about Sam Altman’s firing.

      “Let us be perfectly clear. There’s stuff and things which are definitely an issue which we take as seriously as these types of things should be taken. And our taking of these things and stuff will in all seriousness be.”

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