Secret Vice? [NOT 3/9/21]

What calls your name?

Do you have a secret vice? A thing that you just can’t resist?  

Other persons in this household (ahem) have a sad plants on sale problem. They have been haunting garden stores for the past three weeks looking for end-of-season perennials. I may have an issue disengaging from work; even on days off I still am required to check certain points (banking, whatever), but then find that an extra hour has slipped away… email triage is real.

What can you just not resist? Do tell, DeadSplinterites! (We will not share it outside of the group, promise.)

Happy Weekend!

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  1. A really good chili dog. That means the 1/4 pound Angus dogs from Usingers, chili WITHOUT beans, and either good cheddar cheese or, if we really want to go over the edge, cheese sauce, and I will eat until I pass out. 

  2. a proper pub curry…or really…well…any curry
    a kebab at the end of a night out
    and heated sahara nuts at the bar
    huh…i think theres a pattern there
    anyhoo…have i ever told yous about the patron that came in for a meal and drinks made damn sure everyone knew about his nut allergy before ordering anything…..and then ate the freebie nuts at the bar…..that was a fun night
    also pretty much where i lost faith in humanity
    (also that was pretty much the whole story….dude came in…made a big fuss…and then derped the fuck out and needed an ambulance…no idea if he survived…was an impressive display of stupid)

    • oh also…in unrelated news… my missing oppo resurfaced today…mostly to say that powers still iffy cell service is back and internet could be a while
      so yay 🙂

      • I’m so glad they checked in and they’re okay!

        • me three!
          seems he lost a fair few shingles and a load of branches but missed the worst of it

    • curry is a decent response

  3. Sad Plants – I’m Sorry(I’m Not)

    Song is for title only. I do not need another dog.

  4. I cannot resist anything Tenacious D


    • I work with a group of delightfully foul-mouthed people and sometimes I can’t help but sing out “that’s fucking teamwork!” when things go well. 

  5. One of my favorite plant nurseries (DON’T JUDGE ME I ONLY HAVE THREE FAVORITES) is doing a perennials 70% off sale this weekend and I’m like girl hold yourself back your chunk of lawn isn’t ready yet to be turned into perennial garden yet.

  6. Cheese snack crackers

    Doesn’t matter if Cheez-Its (extra toasty ones are the best), goldfish crackers, Munchies cheese mix, etc. I have love of them all. 

    • siding with you on that one…..these things are irresistable…once opened….i can hold off…long as i dont eat one..but if i do…that packs a goner

      • Ooohh farscy next time I’m at an international grocery store I need to look for those!!!

      • I cannot resist the LU Le Petit Ecolier biscuits. Especially the nocciola ones. 

        • God, I embarrass myself over those stupid effing Biscoffs. I freaking love those.

          • Biscoffs were the best part of flying Delta. When the deli near me started stocking them, I was like “eh, I’ll stick to racking up Star Alliance miles now”. 

    • You know what’s excellent is white cheddar cheese Cheez-its. Also, at Costco you can get bags of these parmesan chips that I think are just slices of shaved parmesan toasted/deep-fried/whatever they do with it. Highly addictive.

  7. Does this open Costco-sized bag of Pop chips and the new Cinderella movie count?

    • Is it worth watching?! I’m gonna watch the shit out of it regardless.

      • It’s…Fine. I liked it, but I love cheesy dance-y movies!

    • Which flavour of PopChips? I introduced my sibling to the kettle corn variety, and she’s hooked.

  8. Fall stuff. This is not limited to tastes and smells, so basic bitch stuff like pumpkin spice everything and Yankee Candle seasonal releases, but Halloween shit. The Spirit Store should be opening soon and pre-covid I would roam the aisles every weekend even when I wouldn’t buy anything. Target was putting out Halloween stuff this week, but it was Halloween stuff for people who live-laugh-love, so not my speed. GIVE ME BLOOD AND ZOMBABIES. 

    • @PumpkinSpies I have a friend who is a manager at Spirit. They bring me all sorts of discounted goodies. Last year, we all got those giant mugs they have, the kids got a bunch of masks, and I got an awesome Hocus Pocus blanket for 60% off.

      • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. I like to smoke a cigarette now and again.  Don’t tell my wife.

    • Do you own a dog? I read this really funny account of a married couple who were trying to give up cigarettes cold turkey. They were cheating on each other (with the cigarettes I mean) so one would say, “I think I’ll take the dog for a walk” and they’d smoke once they got out of view of the other. Between the two of them the dog got walked about 10 times a day. 

  10. Appetizers. I can never not order at least two of them with my main meal. I get major menu FOMO.

    • Before I gave up on “date night”,  my wife would only order appetizers & would be too cheap to order an entree.  It drove me crazy. 

  11. Books. I can’t resist books. I went to Salvation Army today and was informed that I need to stay out of the book section because I have so many unread books. 
    Yarn is the other thing I can’t resist. 

  12. Hmmm…I may also have small book problem.

        • …I like to think you’re in good company, though…I always had a hard time leaving a book store empty handed…so amazon was a dangerous invention in my world…& that was when it just sold books

          …in fact…it’s still possible that’s what they get the most cash out of me for?

  13. I’ve been working on shrinking way back on my red meat consumption for health, environmental and animal welfare reasons, although I haven’t given it all up. But boy do I crave big steaks, racks of ribs, half pound burgers….

    • Easiest way I found to cut back was to stop buying the supermarket garbage meat and spend a lot more money on old school grass fed meats. By doing it through a service like Butcher Box it also helped me to ration it out. 

      • I do the same with Crowd Cow. They offer all meats now (beef to seafood). Instead of monthly, I get it delivered every couple of months.

  14. I love junk food.  I love gorging on potato chips (most flavors).
    Once in a while I crave sweets and buy a package of Swiss Rolls and shamefully eat them over a couple of days.
    And I want to drink pop/soda.  Especially root beer and any kind of orange soda.
    When if I’m feeling really greasy, take out fried Chicken and fried potato wedges with green coleslaw.
    This coming from someone who eats his veggies and eats/cooks healthy most of the damn time.

  15. Olives

    Nana, from the side of the family I rarely saw and who I hadn’t seen since my early teens, passed away a few years ago and left me a set of olive forks. She used to get angry because I’d stand by the Christmas platter and eat all the olives (with no time to consider using the olive fork because I had to have OLIVE THEM).

    “Who ate all the olives?” is most of what I remember about my cousins.

    • My favorite grocery store has an olive bar w/ around 30 different olives to choose from.  They are all about $10 per pound.  I usually get the garlic or jalapeño stuffed but they are all good.  The best olives I ever had were  smoked Spanish ones in a Bloody Mary at a local distillery.  I make a chicken tangine w/ stuffed olives that is a family favorite.  We all fight for the most olives.  Point is, I understand your plight & now need olives.

    • I ate a raw olive once.
      Just once.  that’s probably one of the few lessons I’ve learned the first time around…

    • Have you ever been to an olive grove? Some of them in France and Italy (probably in the US and Greece too, I don’t know) operate like vineyards open to the public, so you tour the grounds and at the end there are olive tastings and olive oil tastings. Sometimes there are little inns or B&Bs on the grounds, even work/stay programs. Cooking classes. Some towns and regions offer grove tours so you are bussed around and hit a few of these operations over the course of the day.

      This is like the seventh circle of Hell for the Better Half but he has indulged me two or three times. “Think of all the exercise we’ll get walking around!” “You are getting a little fat…”

      • Unfortunately I cannot say I have. I do have a bit of knowledge as to which type of olives grow in which places though.

        I have never been overseas unless Cuba is considered to be “overseas” (which it is…to an Ontarian).

  16. Parmesan Goldfish are the best Goldfish crackers.

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