Serious questions [NOT 12/1/23]

Hi, friends!

Happy Thursday, glad we’re almost to the weekends.

Topic of the NOT is random shit you have questions about that Google has not been helpful with.

I’ll start. I got a loose leaf tea assortment for myself as a Christmas gift. I like a lot of black teas and typically love oolongs. But green teas? Why do they taste so grassy? Google talks about “vegetal” notes and aftertastes like asparagus and I just am not usually a fan. Black teas? Love. White teas? Love love love but ouch expensive. This set had a Darjeeling green which was quite nice and not that grassy, yet today it had a Ganesha green tea that was described as “strong marine flavors” and yeppppp definitely getting that chlorophyll seaweed flavor. Not that tasty.

I’m so confused, as usual.



  1. Here’s a question — can US grown tea become a viable crop?

    As that article points out, South Carolina tea can cost over twice as much as Lipton, but still only 37 cents per cup vs. 15 cents for Lipton. And when you think of what basic Starbucks coffee costs, that’s almost nothing.

    Reading elsewhere, it sounds like tea can be grown as far north as Washington state, and I recently read about a farm in my state that is trying to make a go of it.

    It doesn’t seem like a huge stretch to think that local farms paying decent wages for harvesters could still sell at prices competitive with coffee, if the demand is there, which I realize is a big if. Will Americans join the British and drink more tea?

    • That was a really interesting article!

      And then I went to that website to see if I wanted to order some tea and had immediate sticker shock. Which I was not expecting as I buy loose leaf tea that is typically organic speciality teas from a local store, so I’m used to spending $15-20 for a bag of tea. Comparable-ish tea from that Mississippi company? $58 for an organic oolong that is similar to one I drink ($22). Those labor cost differences are rough.

    • I have a theory. One of the reasons why the British stayed so calm and carried on for so long was that well into the late 80s tea, often mildly caffeinated or caffeine-free, was drunk at breakfast, and then no one batted an eye if you ordered a pint at lunch.

      Then, Thatcherite Britain started influencing America, and Reaganite America started influencing Britain, so we got the worst of both worlds. The American-influenced rah-rah coffee-on-the-go work-16-hours-a-day hyper-caffeinated culture jolted the proto-Internet age into hysteria that haunts us still.

      I still think one of the reasons why Hillary lost was that she seemed so mellow when she spoke (and obviously she was faking a lot of it, and she was speaking in front of small, pre-selected Baby Boomer female audiences) so I bet she is a tea-drinker. Even when she professed outrage it seemed performative and half-hearted. As a big Obama supporter in 2008 I remember her rallying cry, “We’ll go to Puerto Rico!!!” which was kind of lame, and sure enough she won it, but it was too little too late.

      And then in 2016 Trump, hyped up on amphetamines and whatever other JFK-style drugs he was taking, washed down with gallons of hyper-caffeinated Diet Cokes, just free-associated his way into the White House. Rallies with tens of thousands of flag-desecrating outerwear-clad supporters screaming along, “Lock Her Up,” hopped up on Gatorade and God knows what else. The rest is history.

      • I mean we’re told our entire lives that we’re nags or shrill or too emotional, so I always thought the mellow affectation was just to try to counteract that.

        I would really like to know the drug cocktail Cheeto Mussolini is on, that would be hilarious.

        • The weird thing about that primary race in 2008 was that if you were an Obama supporter you were accused of being a misogynist. I was, often, and so were many of my friends. And then, if you were a Hillary supporter, you were accused of being a racist. Better Half, who, ONCE AGAIN, is Black, supported Hillary, and some of our Black friends accused him of being a traitor to his race. You couldn’t win for losing in that contest. I will say that it was the first time in my life I voted for the successful Dem in the primaries overall (our putative Senator, that would be Hillary Clinton, but no one remembers her for that role, won the NY primary) and then that Dem went on to take the White House. I’m going to be 60 in a few couple of months.

  2. With all the so called advances in medicine, why is it still so hard to get a diagnosis?  We’ve been at the emergency room since 545am & it is now almost 5pm & still haven’t figured out what is wrong with my daughter.  We are both so tired & frustrated with no end in site!  I hate this shit!

    • Oh, Loveshaq, I’m sorry to hear that. I hope they’ve at least been able to make her comfortable. Being stuck in the ER for hours and hours with no answers is so awful. *fingers crossed* I hope you guys know what’s going on sooner rather than later!

      • Thank you, I know you have been there & done that.  Not fun.

    • @Loveshaq Hang in there, both you and your daughter. It sounds exhausting and frustrating and scary.

    • I feel for you, brother.  Nothing scares like a sick daughter.

    • I’m sorry. It seems like a lot of people are living on hospital time recently.

    • @Loveshaq Damn, I’m sorry. Keeping my fingers crossed for your family. 🤞🏼

    • Damn, @Loveshaq, I hope you and your family have answers soon. Hang in there.

    • I am truly sorry and I can’t even imagine.

    • That’s awful. I’m sorry that they haven’t given you any answers after +12hrs of waiting.

      • Thanks everyone.  We got out after 13+ hours, at least she doesn’t need surgery but still more questions than answers.  Doesn’t help that I have micromanaging wife that was too busy with her own patients.  We continue the madness tomorrow but need to get her healthy enough to return to college on Monday.   Stressful times!

        • Hope she’s feeling better and you can all get some rest. That sounds like a crazy long day.

    • Been on both sides of that equation.  Frustration city.

      I hope for the best.

  3. I’m sure I’ve had a million questions that Google was less than helpful for, but I can’t think of a single one right now!

  4. And just saw that Lisa Marie Presley died at only 54. Feel so bad for her mother.

  5. i have what i thought was a dumb question about a democratic-republic congressional rule…

    i know that bills can always be brought back for vote and whatnot…i’m not completely oblivious…and in parliamentary government this isn’t a thing (back to the whatnot – bills can always be brought back up for debate) but what i predicted would happen happened in the us…

    the house moved to a majority alt-right coup whilst the senate stayed dem. my question was (and i asked all the smart people i know – some who even have phd’s in this regard) if the house passes a bill in december which moves it to the senate…and the house changes to alt-right coup in january…can the senate still pass that bill AFTER january?

    i understand that if the senate amends the bill it’d go back to the alt-right coup house for another debate and vote…but could the senate pass the bill as is and the previous congressional house vote counts thus sending the bill to the executive? or…does the house vote die in transition leading to a requirement for a house member to offer it up in the new alt-right coup house for debate and vote?

    • For example, can the current senate decide “hey, let’s take another look at that voting rights bill the house passed in its previous congress” and pass it without it going back to the current house thus sending it directly to the executive branch for signing?

      • I’m NOT any sort of PhD on this, but if I understand correctly, no, once there is a new congressional Term–due to a new crop of Congrescritters taking office, ALL the partially-passed bills become “dead in the water”–for lack of a better way of putting it–and they’ve got to get reintroduced, re-passed, and then brought up again, in the other body, together passed & tothe president’s desk…

        Whiiiiich reminds me–ithink this  might be where got that from!😉😁💖


        • Ok, “I’m Just A Bill” doesn’t *quite* get into all of it, but I found this, which does–and yep, once that 2-year term ends, ALL the unpassed bills die–although some will be resurrected with new bill numbers, in the next Congress;

          “A bill that is not enacted in a two-year Congress dies when that Congress adjourns.  It may be reintroduced in the next Congress with a new bill number.”

          From here;


          • And just because I can take advantage of the “OT” part of the ot😉😁💖;


          • Thank you for this and also not subjecting me to “i’m just a bill” like i’m some sort of idiot because that would have *at least* led to a talk lol

            • I mostly just shared it because–1. since I hadn’t actually seen it in a couple years, I thought that was where I’d learned that info, and 2. I just love Schoolhouse Rock, and think it needs to be shared more often!😉😁💖

  6. A dash cam has proven very useful.  Like driving instant replay.

    1. Had to drive mom to her bone density exam this afternoon.  Even took time off work.  She told me to pick her up at a specific entrance.  I showed up and she wasn’t there.  I hunted all over the damn hospital and found her at the main entrance.  She yelled at me for not showing up. I replayed the dash cam footage… I was at the right entrance. My mom got very defensive (as I did because I don’t make mistakes like that.)

    The roads were sloppy tonight.

    2. Some asshole honked at me because he thought I was entering his lane.  Replayed the footage to see whether or not I fucked up.  Footage shows he was the one drifting and couldn’t see the fucking line.  I was in the right place.  Fuck you blindy.

    3. Signaled and changed lanes.  About 6-8 seconds later the pickup truck behind me flashed his lights.  I accelerated as fast as I could, but he thinks I cut him off then tries to cut me off as a dick move.  I didn’t react because I anticipated he would try the dick move.

    I also have a rear camera.  Replay shows slow brain dude kept accelerating after I signaled.  Not my problem he’s slow at the fucking switch or trying to be an asshole. Plus I have his license plate.  Dick.

    I did this exercise to see if I was the problem… Instant replay sez, challenge 90% denied.

  7. My wife has to drive, she can’t stand someone else being in control of the vehicle. You wouldn’t know it being around her but it was the first signs she’s a control freak. Not a deal breaker (I’m the one with the deal breakers, shes patient as hell. I come from two families of deal breakers if I’m being honest), just likes shit done her way, usually isn’t a problem until she is wildly overreacting to my driving, which drives me crazy, so she drives and we avoid that shit.

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