Seriously? [DOT 8/12/21]

Is it seriously only Wednesday? These last few weeks of the year move so slowly!

Man’s got a book tour!

Mark Meadows stops cooperating with Capitol attack investigation

Rip mentioned this yesterday; here’s some more details… The call lasted 3 minutes. I bet some people weren’t even on it yet!

‘A surreal moment’: Fired employees share what it was like on that mass-firing Zoom

The hits keep coming!

Chris Cuomo’s upcoming book pulled by HarperCollins following dismissal by CNN

Eat the rich.

US billionaire surrenders $70m of stolen art

Umm, what is happening here.

His little feets

Have a good Wednesday!



    • The “lifetime” ban is also… an interesting choice, for someone who’s already been around for 81 years…

      They SHOULD have given him criminal charges, instead of letting him off.

      Multiple folks yesterday over on Twitter were (rightly!) pointing out the differences between this billionaire admitting to thefts of items which were worth millions, or sometimes priceless, and poorer (often non-white) folks who end up with felonies (if not straight-up murdered by cops!) for items worth FAR, far less.


  1. Meadows was never seriously cooperating and any reporter who fell for that should be walking the Lake Superior snow report beat.

    Meadows has been a longterm source for DC reporters desperate for someone to fill out both sides narratives, and historically he’s been incredibly unreliable both about facts and his own opinions. He flat out lies to reporters, and their articles become less click and buzzworthy every time they use him because he inevitably muddies and confuses what they report. But their priority is ultimately making mush more than ratings or accurate reporting.

    • That publisher is HarperCollins, which is a Murdoch outlet which has happily pushed political decisions on its editors and management.

      I think it’s less interesting that they cancelled the book than they signed him in the first place. Books like that are almost always financial losers for publishers, with big up front advances and sales that are usually propped up by shady bulk sales that involve pallets of books only getting moved around in warehouses and not being sold to customers.

      Andrew Cuomo’s latest book turned out to be huge dud, and I seriously doubt the Murdochs signed Chris Cuomo for the sales. It’s another sign that Fox News and CNN aren’t really rivals.


  2. There is exciting retail news from Rockefeller Center:

    Rough Trade [an indie vinyl record store] is in good company — and there’s more cool to come to midtown. Last week, Williamsburg’s Detroit-style Ace’s Perfect Pizza opened a 30 Rock outpost — as did Soho’s health-minded, “socially conscious” convenience store The Goods Mart, which sells $5.75 beef burritos flown in weekly from Los Angeles.


  3. Since people were asking about wanting to see my nails, and I know not everyone has instagram, I compiled a few of my favorites from this year.


    Two of these are from Halloween, one is a winter one, and one is from the summer.

    Swetta wetha, inspired by Clueless, and fun summer patterns.

    Xmas in July, FREE BRITNEY, Holo-Lisa Frank, and another Halloween one. Enjoy 🙂

    • @PumpkinSpies Those are so cool! I can barely manage plain polish… I did mine in dark red 2 days ago, and basically all of them are chipped and one is almost completely gone already. How long do those designs actually last like that? Does it last better because there’s multiple layers?

      • Mine last one week. There’s minor tip wear and very occasionally a chip but I’m usually completely intact when I go to redo them. A few rules, I always wear gloves to wash dishes and even my hair. Always wear a base & top coat. Don’t actually use your nails 🙃 I always use a tool to open boxes & cans, peel labels, and my knuckle for buttons. I don’t even think about most of this stuff anymore.

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