…& sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie [DOT 14/1/20]

…know why Jules don’t know if it does?

…well, speaking of filthy motherfuckers, guess who’s the gift that keeps giving?


no, really – China are totally cool now, see…’cuz Trump…




…& if that seems like kind of a big deal arguably it’s small potatoes compared to this little doozy

remember that Burisma quid pro quo deal?
because the Russians sure seem to be giving it their best asked-&-answered routine…



…shake it off, walk it off…hell burn it off if that’s what it takes – just don’t take all the way off & nuke the site from orbit just yet?

…it might be nice to be sure but as bella’s post points out…or will (about 8am as far as I could tell when I snuck a peek, anyway) if you were sensible enough to wait until sensible people were online before dropping by…there’s no end of shit that needs dealing with the way they talk about planting trees

“the best time to plant a tree was fifty years ago – but the second best time is today”

…there’s a few things that could happen yet, to say the least


…oh, yeah…& it’s only tuesday



  1. Sure we all hate on Mondays. They’re an easy target because the weekend is over and we have to go back to work. My office kicks off the week with an early Monday meeting which is summarily awful. But I think Tuesday is actually the worst day of the week. The weekend is too far away on both sides. The memory of any relaxation from the prior weekend has worn off and the next one isn’t on the horizon yet. & whatever new stuff is going to hit you at work is coming today. Good luck out there.

  2. I love the segue; nicely done!

    I’m sitting here, listening to Boomtown Rats ‘Up All Night’, merrily clicking and reading until the last line…

    *strangled noise* ‘It’s only TUESDAY!?’

  3. I deleted my Twitter account today. I’ll probably un-delete it soon, I’m sure. Without Splinter and Deadspin, it was there to serve as my only real source of news/sports. I can’t watch TV news or ESPN and there are no other websites, short of MAYBE Slate, that I really trust to keep me informed.

    Anyways, I just don’t know how much more I can take. The Warren/Sanders stuff from yesterday just put me over the edge. By all accounts, it looks to be a mildly shitty move by Warren’s camp, and I’m slightly irked by it, but the vitriol from supporters of both of them towards the others has been too much for me to handle for months now.

    Fucking Bernie supporters: “Warren is a Republican in disguise! She’s a liar and a crook!”

    Fucking Warren supporters: “Bernie bros blah blah blah! You’re all straight white male assholes!”


    Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Bernie and Liz are both good! There are soooooooo many real, actual enemies we need to be fighting, this is fucking ridiculous!

    • “Seriously, what is wrong with you people? Bernie and Liz are both good! There are soooooooo many real, actual enemies we need to be fighting, this is fucking ridiculous!”

      And here lies the point, no?

      The Sanders and Warren camps may have been leaking about each other but the smart money is that it is the DNC powerbrokers putting this stuff out. Starting with the Clinton leak about a Russian puppet (I think there was more than 1 at the time) they are slowly going through the field until Pete and Joe are left standing.

      Sorry to beat a broken horse but they will not let either one of those win the nom or even be on the ticket as a running mate. The party will use their Super Delegates to keep them from the top and age as a factor in not letting them on as a running mate.

      Props in deleting Tweeter. Power move!

  4. My grandfather, who may or may not have been in legitimate businesses, always told me there were 2 people you never want to piss off. The garbage collector and the pig farmer. Pigs are an interesting animal in our social evolution, part sewer, part disposal and part diet.

    When I was young you had to cook pork chops for an hour to kill all the stuff in them because they were indeed filthy animals. Today however you can find pork tartare (aka; mett) at many steak houses. No longer are pig farms garbage dumps, they’re now rasied on feed and treated similar to cattle.

    • …you are, of course, entirely correct – call it dramatic license to excuse the clip & let me get away with the title but pigs can indeed be quite clean given half a chance…I’ll admit, though, that after that intro I thought you were going a different way with the pig farmer thing?

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