Sharing is Caring [NOT 1/11/22]

Hi, friends!

I hope your Tuesday went well! Tonight’s theme is something you tried and didn’t have high hopes for.

I’m currently making a lazy tomato sauce with almost the last of my garden tomatoes. All of which I picked three weeks ago and ripened inside!!!

Let me tell you all about it. I had read about people ripening tomatoes in their garages in cardboard boxes or on tables in thick brown paper. But also I’m in a few facebook groups where people tried that and everything rotted. Also I have no garage and my basement is a bit dank. I don’t have any expertise in this, but I know humidity is a bad for keeping things from rotting.

Anyways, we were about to get 2 nights with frosts and I just wanted to cut line with trying to get them to ripen outside. Temps were too cool. A college friend who has a farm posted a facebook picture of the unripe tomatoes she ripens in a spare closet on top of brown paper bags, and I was like okay that’s it, I’m trying. They won’t ripen outside before the frost, so I’ll lose them all anyways. Might as well try the inside trick. So 3 boxes later on the floor with some packing paper, and wow was this effective. Almost all the romas ripened (over 30), a ridiculous amount of cherry tomatoes ripened (like a gallon bag’s worth), and most of the small slicers (almost 20) also were good! I had a few start to rot so those I luckily caught and threw them away.

The flavor isn’t as good as true fresh garden tomatoes, but still better than what’s in the grocery stores. Also hey several pounds of veggies I’m not paying for is always a good thing!



  1. The weather we should have had yesterday we got today.

    It’s 18C or 65 American here in Southern Ontario.

    I took advantage of the weather and finished mulching/raking my leaves today which is fine as my tree doesn’t have anymore leaves.  Also tomorrow is garbage day so I don’t need to store 9 bags of mulch/leaves in my garage.

    Making chili today.  It’s in the pressure cooker as I type.

    Finally, I had some “closure” with a jackass at work.  This jackass is a director (oh Manchu, why are you such an asshole?  AND THEN YOU WONDER WHY NO ONE WANTS TO PROMOTE YOU?  Well, duh.) who interviewed me about 7 months ago for a position and  insulted me during the interview by making fun of the number of times I had applied for an internal position (basically saying I’m not qualified and crazy based on Einstein’s definition) and then bragging about how he had gotten every job he applied for (yes, he is a smug white male.)  Then told me I don’t have any presentation chops (without asking me to show I had any.)  This left quite a sour taste in my mouth.

    In today’s townhall in front of several hundred people, he did a presentation on how we are supposed to go thru a bunch of lean initiatives and they’re going to be fundamental changes to our business. I pointed out that we did this 6 years ago (that’s how I made my temporary bones to get promoted 5 years earlier) and that we said the same thing and then never made most of the changes as part of our SOP or training. Someone said he made a face when he recognized me as the arrogant asshole who pointed out that his dept had done so and failed.  In the end, I got the “it’s a good question” from management and we moved on. They didn’t appreciate my comment.

    There was a lot of subtext between us, but I enjoyed putting him on the spot in front of a lot of people (being the petty asshole I can be.)

    Je me souviens…

      • Ironically, HR made a presentation on their retaliation policy… which I presume doesn’t “apply” to me.

        As for him, well the worst thing he could do is hire me and then I’m subject to his whims/assholery but that won’t happen (and to be fair, as much as I would like a promotion, I wouldn’t accept it because I am not stupid.)

        It is a pretty petty fucked up place at times.  My shift and supervisors aren’t thankfully.

    • A very deft use of the Québécois motto! I should make that my email signature. It would only cause confusion, though. I bet about half my friends speak passing French but maybe 1 in 100 would recognize the term, so their reaction would be, “You remember what, Mattie? Have you had a stroke?”

  2. Yesterday our block was supposed to have its annual pre-Trick or Treat party, but it was raining prety hard so I figured it was cancelled. No high hopes.

    But I walked over to be sure, and lo and behold a couple of people had brought out pop up canopies, a few kids were running around in costume despite the rain, pizza was ordered…

    So we went back over with chips and salsa and cash for pizza, and a surprising number of people showed and huddled under the canopies or umbrellas. The rain let up, kids ran around even more, and it was fun.

    So instead of just hunkering down, we looked around to double check  and it worked out.

  3. I’m making a Thai chicken curry with spinach tonight.  Trying to use a bunch of spinach before it goes bad.

    I had a weird situation recently.  My wife got a new drivers license in the mail without requesting it or her old one being anywhere near expiring.  Two days later, I also go one.  I called the DOL (30 minutes of hold music later), I spoke to a helpful person that told me to call the fraud number and leave a message.  They don’t answer the phone but called me back in 24 hours.  It turns out someone renewed our licenses but couldn’t change our address without being able to log in our account.  They could though print fake temporary licenses and now have that info.  We had to fill out a police report (I love living in a small town that actually had a cop call me and send me all the stuff within 30 mins.)  They are sending us new licenses for free and stopping anyone from doing anything with existing ones but still strange.  We have the credit monitoring from a previous bank hack and so far no weird activity but I still want to kill some scamming assholes!

  4. I just piled the cherry, grape, and Roma tomatoes together in a wide, shallow pan set under the most sunny window. Pluck the red ones off the top, stir it up, and repeat every day or two. The last batch was roasted for use in stuff over the winter. So far, so good.

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