Short Review: Trump’s Attempted Coup

Look, this is all objectively hilarious.

A wild-eyed Rudy Giuliani with hair dye dripping down his face is, without question, pure comedy gold. At some (hopefully distant) date, I will be on my death bed and my last words will be “Four Seasons Total Landscaping” as my family laughs despite losing me.

Judges laughing evidence-free lawsuits out of court, dead voters who are found hours later to be quite alive, every Constitutional originalist suddenly coming out hard against voting, an entire operation mobilized from “Fuck Your Feelings” to “We Must Protect Our Sweet Baby Trump,” Lindsey Graham who’s “just asking questions” on the legality of tossing minority votes and military ballots … it’s all profoundly amusing.

Just remember that this is merely a dress rehearsal for a future election that IS close enough to tamper with, and that all of this is working on millions of Americans, most of whom no longer recognize reality in any sense of the word. And millions more people, who don’t pay close attention, will see that there’s controversy over something that is not at all controversial — that Trump clearly lost — and just assume there’s two sides to the story.

I know Joe Biden would like to get things back to some semblance of normal, but perhaps he should stand up for the democratic system while we still have one.

But seriously, Four Seasons Landscaping, L-O-L.

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  1. Jesus, with the hair dye.
    When I was reading the DOT this morning and came to that part about these ignorant, dipshit, knuckle-dragging motherfuckers who refuse to acknowledge the existence of COVID when they are literally dying from it is a reminder that these fucking people are completely irredeemable.  The only way to keep them at bay is to hope enough of them die due to their own stupidity that their numbers become less of a problem.  There is literally nothing anyone can do to get them to accept reality.

  2. I think one of the good things to come out of the mad scramble to just make up lawsuits out of thin air is that there are rulings and even the ones that get summarily thrown out set precedents. No one has ever tried some of these shenanigans before and these arguments being shot down in various courts in various states are setting up roadblocks for the next grifting nut job that tries it. “Your Honor, in Giuliani v. [X] in 2020 the Court ruled that…” “That’s right, counselor. Do you have a counter-argument? No?” Thrown out, maybe with a decision attached. Another roadblock.

    • One thing that worries me is the possibility of states like Georgia and Florida deciding to turn their elections into farces in the future — allowing highly partisan boards to issue ridiculous fraud rulings, for example.
      Michigan came kinda close, with the board responsible for certifying the vote in Wayne County, which contains Detroit, almost blocking certification. Holding up those votes had more steps before it became final but it had the potential of throwing out Biden’s margin of victory, and nobody should breathe easily until final state cerification happens in Michigan and elsewhere.
      And it is hard to see at least some state GOPs not trying to game the system for their benefit next time.

      • …I definitely had more than one conversation with people this time around in which they admitted being worried that the GOP side of things “might cheat”…& my response was pretty much that we know for a fact they’ve been cheating damn near every way they know how for years so there was no “might”…the question has become “but will they get away with it?”…& possibly more frightening still “will it be enough?”

        • When you’ve got them flat-out arguing that we were never intended to be a real democracy, that there is no way their party would win if we were, that’s really all you need to know. They think they know what’s best for everybody else, then turn around and accuse other folks of being elitist.

          • And this is the crux of it. Republicans don’t even believe they’re representing a majority (even though some of them sometimes claim that to be the case). More and more over the years we’re hearing them say the quiet parts loud, especially in the trump era.
            I have a sliver of hope, that once Dems regain power, if we actually really fight for it, we can start dismantling the systems that they’ve built up to cheat the vote. But that relies on Democrats being effective… and I just don’t know if that’s in the cards. Moderates need to let progressives take the lead on this one, because I’m not sure our democracy survives another Republican president. 

      • And then those two came back saying they were “bullied” and wanted to rescind their certification. Like the whole of them just think everything that doesn’t go their way should be subject to takesy-backsies.

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