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  1. A bit premature as I was unable to go through the testing phase because OTHER PEOPLE but it is beginning to look like the migration was successful.

    I have a lot of testing to do over the next few weeks…but for now DS on and hope new content sticks.

  2. The new SSL certificates are activated. If you are receiving any security warnings or site errors it is due to DNS zone propogation and should be sorted out for you soon.

  3. First they came for 4chan, and I did not speak out because I’m not a shitbag racist troll.

    Then they came for Kiwifarms, and I did not speak out because I’m not a shitbag racist TERF.

    Then they came for Deadsplinter, and I was confused because we’re not a bunch of psychopaths.

  4. Okay, let’s get real here. It was one of RIP’s uber-DOT posts that broke the site, wasn’t it? He went berserk on all Trump’s legal defeats yesterday and the site committed suicide.

    I knew that was gonna happen one day.

    Appeals court slams Judge Cannon: No, Trump is not above the law

    Donald Trump claims he declassified documents ‘by thinking about it,’ but that’s not the worst thing

    Trump keeps digging deeper. And the media keeps feigning shock.

    Letitia James used Trump’s boasts against him. It was devastating.

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