Sleep In Saturday [DOT 22/8/20]

I finally figured out how to make a subheading!

Happy Saturday! Hopefully you’re having a bit of a lie in, I know I am.

Good news though, it’s almost time for Saturday Morning Brain Drain:

Russians, eh?

A former Army Green Beret has been charged with providing information about US national defenses to Russian agents, the Department of Justice announced on Friday.Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins was arrested for allegedly releasing details to Russian intelligence operatives about the chemical and Special Forces unit he was a part of before and while serving in the US Army.

The kids are all right…


Two tropical systems expected to reach the Gulf of Mexico by early next week could simultaneously become hurricanes in an unprecedented event.


Postal Service will prioritize ballots over other mail, postmaster general testifies

Come on dudes!

By now, everyone knows the drill: Wear a mask. It saves lives.

And yet, not everyone does — especially men.

In New York City, those ignoring the mask rule are nearly twice as likely to be men as women, The New York Times found in a mask census of over 7,000 people, conducted across the city at 13 street corners and one beach boardwalk.

I hope he rots.

Golden State Killer: Joseph DeAngelo sentenced to life in prison


NBC Sports pulls NHL analyst Mike Milbury from broadcasts after ‘insensitive comment’


Dow jumps 190 points, S&P 500 closes at another record to finish week

Fur Face…Saturday?

How Are Dogs Coping During the Pandemic?


Have a great weekend!



  1. …speaking of going back to bed…it seems like there’s more than just the Supreme Court to get past before those tax returns get coughed up

    …seems like the main purpose is to claim that once again any action that might be expected after the last result be immediately stayed…so not exactly a surprise…but I think I saw somewhere that we’ll hear more come the beginning of September…at which point doubtless he’ll look to the Supreme Court to keep them off the table until after the election

    …but it sure seems like inch by inch they’re getting closer to being able to hand them over…& the desperation to prevent it remains palpable?


    • The headscratcher for these ongoing appeals is that when the releases are turned over, nothing in them is going public any time soon. There is no way the attorneys will be able to process all of that info by November. All this is doing is magnifying the issue before the election.
      Trump is just trying to add to his public image as a persecuted victim, although he could do that in plenty of ways without hurting whatever legitimate arguments he has out there. He has a lot of ammo, but it’s not unlimited.

  2. ooooo 2 hurricanes meeting up and making friends..ive seen those movies..they are usually called shit like F7:apocalypse…or sharknado
    welp..been nice knowing you america
    also…does 8 am count as sleeping in?
    i never seem to be make it much later anymore…teeny me would cheerfully sleep till dinner time

  3. The Harry Maguire “incident” — I did a little digging. Harry, the captain of Man United, and his buddies were at some upscale bar on Mykonos. A group of Brits, presumably not fans of Man United, or maybe fans disappointed with Harry’s captainship, began “taunting” Harry. Everyone, of course, had had considerable amounts to drink. Then somehow his sister was stabbed and all hell broke loose. When the cops arrived Harry took a swing at at least one of them, too. That’s actually really the incident, I bet, assault of a police officer.
    Not nearly as interesting (or particularly out of the ordinary) as the tantalizing headlines would lead you to believe.

    • …overpaid footballer taking a swing at a policeman does seem likely to be “the incident” but it feels like that really ought to be the bit where you say someone got stabbed?

    • Harry Maguire update (sort of)
      I don’t know if this is the full account, or whether the focus is on Harry because he’s so rich and famous. The Daily Mail* is reporting that Harry and two pals were taken to a police station. Once there they got into a brawl with other police officers. One of the three tried to bribe the police, not clear who, to get this over with as soon as possible.
      Interestingly, the two pals are free to go (after spending two nights in jail) but Harry has to return to Greece for a hearing or a trial or something. No word on his sister or the Brits they were brawling with. I know nothing about soccer/football and had never heard of Harry Maguire but I like a good tabloid read.
      *I am very bored so I went to The Daily Mail. This is, naturally, their top story.

  4. It’s not an item of general interest, but it involves my “favorite” Republican, Joel Greenberg, former tax collector in Seminole County, Florida. Seems he’s now been indicted for sex trafficking. For those of you playing at home (okay, it’s just me, I know): “The former tax collector now faces up to 12 federal charges, including unlawful use of means of identification of another person, producing false identification, identity theft and stalking.” Time for Trump to tweet that he’s a “very fine person”!

  5. I’m sure they will “prioritize the ballots”, if you live in a rich white neighborhood you go to the front of the line, if you are mailing from a poorer neighborhood you get “prioritized” to the garbage pile. 

    • It’s a joke that they will prioritize ballots because the way their systems work, ballots still get slowed along with everything else. In a stream of stuff as massive as the USPS, once you start damming things up, everything gets affected.

    • I’m so annoyed I need to know or worry about the freaking Post Office. In a functioning government the post office should just work! I don’t need to know the of the post office general! 

      • Precisely. The Post Office isn’t a business. It’s a service funded by our tax dollars. It doesn’t need to make a “profit.” Neither does the interstate highway system, any branch of the military, the National Weather Service, NPR, the fire department, the police, or any other fucking service provided by our government for our general welfare. I set aside, for now, healthcare, which SHOULD be provided. I’m so sick of hearing that the Post Office “doesn’t make money.” IT’S NOT FUCKING SUPPOSED TO.

        • Never forget that the reason Trump started fucking with the Post Office was because of his dumb feud with Jeff Bezos. Screwing up the election is just a cherry on the shit sundae. This whole mess started because the fake rich guy is angry that the actually wealthy guy owns a newspaper the fake rich guy doesn’t like.

  6. Coronavirus: Germany puts on crowded concerts to study risks
    O.o (if that headline turns out really big…sorry..i just copy pasted)
    i feel like whats considered medically ethical is changing lately
    oh hai…we’d like 4000 volunteers for a gig..just to see what happens and shit
    i mean…i get what they are doing..and assume it’ll actually give them some really good data to learn from
    just also seems like the kind of thing that would be considered ethically suspect say 6 months ago

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