Slogging Through Saturday; Struggle Is Substantial [DOT 28/12/19]

The holidays can suck, severely. Here is some good news for you.

Pigeon, a very good girl, got her custom fit wheelchair:

These silly boys almost missed Christmas!

Sloppy sips:

A very tetchy tortoise started a small house fire in the English town of Great Dunmow. He was probably sick of the holidays too, so who can blame him. However, it is a good reminder to check your smoke alarms (PSA).
I’d trust this guy more than Mitch McConnell.

Essex County Fire and Rescue

Some chonky boys and girls got stuck on the porch:

Stay safe.



  1. the struggle is right – swear I had a totally achievable to-do list today that seems in no danger of getting any shorter…

    oh, well…at least it’s the weekend…

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