Sloooow Week [NOT 11/5/23]

Hi, friends!

I’m over it. This week is dragging. Why is it not the weekend yet?

Also I did not go eat any junk food today or go for ice cream. I feel accomplished for this and also I expect to be 10 lbs lighter tomorrow due to my sacrifice.



  1. Also, my mother today tells me she’s had a cold since Tuesday and “no I’m not going to take a covid test.” I didn’t even bring up the covid test since there’s no telling boomer Trumpy people to do basic things like check to make sure they don’t have covid. She just decided to be very defensive about it, which kinda makes me think she does worry she has covid. Oh well.

  2. Ten pounds seems accurate based on your description. My weekend is now. Took tomorrow off. Kid and I are headed to Disney World. Figure I should reward the Mouse for standing up to DeSantis.

  3. I have been having trouble working out between v-ball injuries & lack of motivation but did so today.  Treated myself by having beers w/ the boys to counter act any benefits.  Gotta work on my Hawaii beach body…muscles & beer belly.  Got the beer belly part working so half way there!

  4. I read that Elon is stepping down as Twitter CEO in like 6 weeks and a lady is taking over. Naturally, misogynist dbag just said “she” in the tweet and didn’t say her name.

    I’m thinking the new CEO is a sock he’s drawn a mouth on with lipstick and done things to.

  5. Last month, for our three day onsite week, “leadership” thought it would be a great idea to have everyone come in for an extra day for a two hour meeting first thing in the morning. There was literally zero reason why the meeting couldn’t be held remotely and then they got super pissed when everyone went home to work instead of staying in the office. We told them that if they insisted on keeping these stupid meetings up (which they do) then they needed to schedule them on Thursday afternoon when our consultants have left. But no they doubled down and scheduled another Monday meeting…except this time they booked it for the middle of the day to force everyone to be there all day long.
    I’ve already warned them that if they keep this shit up there will be a mass exodus by everyone under 40. But they’d rather be right than happy.

    • That’s really bizarre to me. My company looked at how much remote work was saving them and said, “Fuck yeah!” They dropped their lease and never looked back.

      I just find it so weird that companies are like “COME BACK TO THE OFFICE MOTHERFUCKERS”

      • The simple answer for my job is that my company’s C suite is all old white dudes who have a framework of “what working looks like” cemented from when they were starting their first office jobs in the era before the internet.

        You know, if you’re not at the office, clearly you’re not working. Never mind how much of the workday at the office is spent gossiping and fucking around.

        • Funny thing is most of the “leadership” are women. Our CEO is a black man. But they all have that 1970’s management philosophy that if you’re not in the office then you must be screwing off (in spite of the fact that our productivity has gone through the roof since we’ve been remote). Plus, they’re definitely all in on office “culture”. I said to my boss, “how many people have we onboarded 100% remotely during the pandemic? None of them are any less integrated into the “culture” than those of us who were already here. Plus, we’ve got people who have either moved away or are planning to move. Are we willing to just cut ties with all that talent and experience just because they can’t come to the office one week a month FOR A TECH JOB?!” My boss gets it but he’s not a decision maker so he just has to toe the line.

    • At Nortel the CFO, whose idea it was to put the Toronto area offices in the worst area of traffic in the Toronto area, threw a temper tantrum when he showed up on site and noticed there was very few minions to meet his Excellency only two months after “we” occupied the office.

      I would have been there to tell the self satisfied motherfucker who mocked my complaints and predictions at an earlier town hall meeting a few months earlier “I told you so” but I was working from home.

      It is quite telling who is a narcissistic empire builder who needs an external source of self esteem.

  6. My Friday will be loooong; I have a late afternoon board meeting followed by a covid booster.

    Unrelated, I have been getting sinus migraines for a new fun health thing. I ordered a weird all-natural treatment, a nose spray with feverfew, capsicum, peppermint oil, amica montana, and caffeine. OMG, it was harsh…but it has circumvented the evening headache. I hope it really works and isn’t a placebo effect.

  7. Tonight, I made @Elliecoo ‘s pink sauce pasta with shrimp. Omg so yummy! Adding it to our roster.

    I hunted down my elusive appliance installation coordinator (because she doesn’t sign off her emails with her phone number) by finding someone at a call center who could transfer me directly to her. When I got through, she was pleasant and it literally took her 2min to schedule the team for Monday. Why did she subject me to weeks of email tag???

    We’re still waiting on the fridge to arrive with no ETA. At least we have our old one in the garage.

  8. I was printing something the other night, and suddenly the graphics on my desktop monitor got all screwed up. I just turned the thing off without shutting it down, and ever since then I haven’t been able to boot up my computer to the point where it functions. After fucking around with it and getting nowhere, it’s getting to the point where I’m thinking about reinstalling Windows, so I’m hoping I can at least salvage what I’ve got on the hard drive first. . . .

    Oh, wait. This isn’t the IT help desk! (Sorry, my bad.)

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