Small Mercies [DOT 25/3/22]

At least it’s Friday, am I right?!?!

Interesting take from a Republican.

Utah governor vetoes transgender athlete bill, citing high suicide rates: ‘I want them to live’

“Four kids and only one of them playing girls sports. That’s what this is all about,” Cox wrote. “Four kids who aren’t dominating or winning trophies or taking scholarships. Four kids who are just trying to find some friends and feel like they are part of something.”

“Rarely has so much fear and anger been directed at so few,” the governor continued. “I don’t understand what they are going through or why they feel the way they do. But I want them to live.”

He’s got a point.


Virginia Thomas urged White House chief to pursue unrelenting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texts show

Hope this guy doesn’t fall out a window or anything.

Ukrainian crew member who tried to sink a yacht linked to an oligarch: ‘It was my first step for the war with Russia’


Dow rallies 300 points, Nasdaq gains 1.9% as chip stocks lead market rebound

There’s a sprots thing going on!

Is ‘Jersey basketball’ really that different? Proud Peacocks of Saint Peter’s say yes

Sounds like the “find out” stage of “fuck around and find out” [with apologies to RIP for the Daily Mail Link].

‘They just destroyed me’: Father Ted creator Graham Linehan breaks down in tears on BBC’S Nolan Live as he claims trans campaigners have ‘cost him his family and his marriage’

Click on through for some LOLs

And lastly, remember this:



    • Ginny’s texts are like something you’d see on Facebook from an old white lady in the White Flight parts of Alabama who has never met a black person without wearing some kind of service industry uniform.


      • Is that what she thinks when she sees Clarence? If so then Ouch.

        The conservative version of “Get Out.” With Ginni as the daughter.

        They really do belong with each other.

  1. Wait, so (a) Father Ted guy was being an asshole towards trans people, (b) people in his life don’t want to deal with his asshole behavior, so (c) it’s trans people’s fault?

    This is some “Putin is the real victim here” energy. No wonder these types are fellow travelers.

    • Instead he kept digging and digging and digging till he got right to the rotten core.  Brilliant.  In many ways he’s like Father Ted (but even that guy stopped before going all out asshole.)

      When I’ve put my foot in my mouth I shut up (which seems easy considering my foot is right there.)

      Again, Graham makes my point about attacking trans folk.  They will fuck you up because they’ve been abused/attacked most of their lives.

      Fuck Graham, crying like a hurt asshole isn’t going to help.  It doesn’t garner sympathy from me, just contempt.

      • Came here to say this but you beat me.

        Dear Graham: You also have the option of just shutting up. You don’t have to change how you feel. You don’t have to adopt new beliefs. You can still be a closeted asshole. You just have to SHUT UP.

          • Typical bully behavior. In the article he says something like he thought his musical was “too big to stop.” So Graham decided he was powerful now and could release his inner asshole and punch down at a marginalized group. Problem is that the arts is easily the most progressive industry in the world, and they reacted appropriately to his bullying by standing up to him. Oops. See also: JK Rowling.

  2. It’s too bad that there are fewer GOPers like Governor Cox and more like the foaming at the mouth shitheads who want to terrorize kids who in many cases don’t have many options and are dealing with shit inside as well as outside.

    I get what a gay friend told me about trans folk in that you don’t want to mess with one considering what kind of shit they’ve taken all their lives.  They will fuck you up given a chance if you piss them off or attack them.

    At that time I kind of got it, but thanks to the GOPer campaign on trans kids now I don’t blame trans folk for being vicious against their attackers and would almost encourage it especially against shitheads like these.

    Even to attack the parents who do care about their kids to not thrown them out. Really?

    We are living in the age of bullying still.  Why not worry about their own goddamned kids instead of a tiny minority who have a tough enough existence?

    Sad.  Just goddamned sad

  3. So, I guess Clarence isn’t really in the hospital? How would any of this work anyway? I don’t think we’ve ever had an instance of a spouse of someone on the highest court in the land try to over throw the president. It feels like we’re in the worst season of 24.

    • I read a tweet that said “Don’t be surprised to see Clarence Thomas resign for ‘health reasons.’”

      God, I hope so.

      Supreme Court justices can be impeached. Thomas ruled against allowing the Jan. 6 select committee to have access to Trump White House records (the only justice to do so — and let’s think about that for a minute, since it’s largely comprised of Federalist Society assholes).  He clearly has a documented conflict of interest and there’s more than enough there to launch an impeachment.

      Even dumping Q-Ginni (or locking her in an institution) won’t help now. He used his position to attempt to cover up her involvement in insurrection. At this point the cleanest way out is resignation. We’d miss the fun of a House investigation though. One has to wonder what other activities Q-Ginni has engaged in?

  4. It’s not just that Ginni Thomas was a nut in this limited set of messages. The article notes there very may well be more that haven’t been released yet.

    In particular, the feds have seized multiple phones from Giuliani and gained court authorization in late January to go through them, and Ginni Thomas worked closely with Giuliani during that time.

    As that tweet points out, she was also closely tied to other key participants in Trump’s scheme. She may be a witness to, or directly involved in criminal activity with one of these people.

    She’s a weirdo with serious impulse control issues. This article about her phone call to Anita Hill makes it obvious.

    And adding to the problem is Clarence Thomas voted unsuccessfully to block access by investigators to a large block of information from the White House. We don’t know to what extent this may include this set of messages from his wife or even more. But it’s wildly unethical for him to have refused to step away from this case.



    • Great minds. I said largely the same thing upthread.

      Thomas’ behavior is dumbfounding. He’s a Supreme Court justice. He’s not ever going to ascend to higher office. Thanks to Trump, he’s positioned to undo decades of progressive policies. Thomas could have shut crazy Ginni down or divorced her. Instead he became a co-conspirator. It’s mind-bogglingly self-destructive.

      • For years people in the pundit class have looked at those two and kept telling themselves there wouldn’t be any more. And then there was more, and the pundit class said NOW there won’t be any more. And on and on.

        A few of them are finally peeling off and asking what if this doesn’t stop here? But it’s amazing how many still think it’s contained.

    • I kinda forgot about that message but listened to it again last night.

      It’s so deranged she signs off like ‘have a nice day’ like she’s calling a friend.


  5. Just popping in really quickly to remind you all that today is the birthday of both ex-“Times” columnist Bari Weiss and Gloria Steinem. Bari, who may or may not have “dated” SNL’s Kate McKinnon, is now a regular columnist for Die Welt (a respectable German newspaper and not one of that country’s myriad tabloids) and is 38. I don’t know if Bari and her merry band of “anti-wokesters” are still running that University of Austin con. Glo is 88, so not bad!

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