SNOT [NOT 15/1/22]

SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.

SNOW!!!! ICE!!!! RAIN!!!! NOTHING!!!!

We are expected to have some wet weather Sunday into Monday. As always, everyone is shitting their pants. Eggs, milk, and bread are flying off the shelf. Apparently everyone is making French toast. What is your crap weather stuck in the house food? I know this is silly because we have been STUCK INSIDE FOR TWO FUCKING YEARS. Humor us anyway.

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.




    Beginning tomorrow, DeadSplinter’s own Cousin Matthew Crawley will host a star-studded 12:00 EST FYCE Celebrity Sunday Matinee of recipes of the famous.

        • I haven’t found much, if any, of that. A lot of them are more like, “You’re joking. You’ve been a celebrity since you were in your 20s and you want us to believe you whip up a lasagna for when friends drop by?” I do have recipes from male heartthrobs for what are now known as smoothies, which is interesting. The earliest one I found is from the early 1960s, but I bet people have been drinking them since the invention of the blender.

          • There are some that kind of verge on that. I can’t think of one off-hand, but it would be something like Dame Maggie Smith’s Chili Rellenos (made with ketchup) from 1962. Where? How? Why?

            There’s also a lot of spon-con, I suspect, so you get celebrity recipes for outlandish Jell-O molds and involving Borden’s products and Campbell’s Cream of [X] soup. I think those three companies played a big role in keeping “women’s magazines” afloat from about 1945 to 1965. When said celebs weren’t touting a certain brand of cigarettes or a refrigerator or something.

      • I’m hoping for recipes from the 1960s dripping with unintentional subtext where people like Montgomery Clift and Bette Davis write things like “Serves two adults. I suppose this serving size would be too big for children, but I wouldn’t know because my wife and I were always too busy to have them…” “Best not soak these in too much rum, since doctors these days are warning some people to cut back…” “You can let this bake for the amount of time it takes to finish a cigarette, but better not to have two or three because it will come out too brown…”

        • Unfortunately the publicists celebrities steer away from this, except when a married woman will “say” something like “This is one of my husband’s favorites!” or “My husband is handy in the kitchen too! This is his dreamy [something. Steak. Hamburger. Something manly.]”

          Apparently a lot of women celebs hosted bridge parties so there are luncheon menus or afternoon snack/tea ideas for those, but how they did this and got to the Paramount lot at 5 AM and worked until well after nightfall is never explained.

  2. We got rain for hours and then finally some sloppy snow. Most of which has now melted. Tonight the low is supposed to be like 16 degrees.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow we have an icy mess in places, because like why the hell would the city, county, and Missouri Dept of Transportation will do anything proactive like salt the roads over night.

    Anyways, I stopped at the grocery store earlier for some necessaries. Crackers, avocados, onions, wine.

    The only things that were out/super low on stock were bread, some chips, ice cream.

    My old neighborhood was great because the supermarket weather panic shopping there was beer and frozen pizza. Bread and milk were never sold out when snow was coming.

    • We’re supposed to get about the same starting Sunday night, and inland and upstate they are supposed to be “walloped” with snow. Since Monday is a holiday (-ish; Better Half doesn’t get it but his company does have off Juneteenth for some reason?) maybe the timing isn’t as bad as it could be. Plus here in the city any light snow we will get is supposed to be washed away by rain and we’re due to have a 40+ degree heat wave.

        • Of course it is. Buffalo, America’s snow capital, recently set a one-day snowfall record. There are weird bands up around here. There’s an area around Worcester, MA, that’s really been getting “walloped.” At some point a tornado blew through that was, for them, like something out of a science fiction movie.

  3. We’ve been sitting in fog almost all day.  We were going to go on a bike ride but kind of dangerous w/ no visibility so cancelled.  Fog really just kills my motivation for anything

  4. If we get anything like the amount of snow they’re talking about, we won’t be getting off this mountain until Wednesday.

    I just pray the power doesn’t go out, because everything runs on electric up here.  We have a wood stove, but it really only heats a small portion of the house.

  5. forecast here is gray and foggy and not quite freezing for pretty much the rest of the month….its a little depressing

    on the upside i live about a 5 minute walk away from a bakery…so fresh croissants for breakfast! with egg fried scrambled rice today…as i had some leftover rice from yesterdays dinner

    anyways…cant go wrong with 4 croissants for $1

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