SNOT [NOT 22/1/22]

SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.

There was some goods reads by Ellie and Butcher today. Stop by if you get a chance.

It has been cold in our parts the last couple of days. Coffee with Irish cream and comfy pajamas were on order today.

So what is going on with you? Anything newsworthy or noteworthy? Winter blahs setting in? Trying not to murder anyone? Two dudes going at it under a blackberry bush? Last bit courtesy of @HammerZeitgeist

I am literally watching ice fall apart.

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.



  1. nothing interesting here…no one i want to murder…nothing i want to do

    everythings just turned into a giant pile of meh for me

    im not depressed….im lethargic



  2. My wife just left to pick up our next foster dog. Our full time dog knows something is up, but isn’t sure what.

    • @blue dogcollar

      Is fostering dogs a common thing for you? I don’t think we could do that here. They would all become permanent in our house. That is awesome that you do that. Do you know what breed?

      • We’ve fostered a bunch. This boy just showed up and is sweet as heck and not at all scared, which isn’t always true. I am sure he’ll be adopted asap. He’s some kind of medium sized Boxer mix. As far as keeping them, our full timer tends to be jealous and giving them permanent homes would be less than ideal.

    • That is so kind and noble of you guys! Our dog was fostered for two months before we adopted her. She was a beauty inside and out and we were grateful to the foster family but also to the org that makes them sign a contract that they will hand over the dog when the time comes. The foster family were like “If we had know how awesome she was, we wouldn’t have signed the foster agreement and would have adopted her right away.”

  3. Drinking wine and watching dvds.

    Living the dream right here.

    • Also I made an amazing batch of chili. Hells yeah!

        • Savory with a little bit of heat. Loosens up the sinuses but not enough to make me rethink my choices.

          The super convenient part was using frozen roasted tomatoes and sliced peppers from the garden. Really sped up prep time on an already easy meal. 🙂

          • Impossible Burger was on sale at my grocery and I bought some specifically for chili but haven’t gotten there yet. Come to think of it I have dried peppers too, but no corn chips. which will require a walk to the store.

  4. I remain vindicated in my decision to ditch the Packers three years ago.  It is such a great feeling to watch them choke again in the playoffs and actually be happy.

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