SNOT [NOT 27/11/21]

SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.


One day left in the weekend


Got blood work back. Gotta get my shit together



Let your FUCK FLAG fly.

Channeling my inner @farscythe

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.



  1. I’ve been backsliding a bit on Project Diet the past few days due to Thanksgiving and was all set to go on a penance run this afternoon through the park behind my house when 50 yards in I spotted a great blue heron. So I ended up taking photos instead.

    I think I’ll try to squeeze in some extra time on the exercise bike tonight instead and do my penance tomorrow and try to keep the cholesterol and blood sugar levels down.

  2. Got my booster yesterday. Did weekly groceries this morning. Napped while the kids napped because I have a big headache from the booster. Just woke up (big thanks HusbandHZ for minding the kids all day!) and still feel like shit. Made the executive decision to order in. The fish can cook itself tomorrow.

  3. I went over to bestie’s house for late Thanksgiving today. One of her inlaws just fucking smacked his daughter on the ass about something. I didn’t hear or see anything from the girl, she’s like 10, before it happened. Like I was sitting at the table and just heard the sound of a hit and her go “ow!” before she left the room.

    Seriously, fuck that guy. All that’s doing is normalizing to her that it’s okay for men to hit her. He’s such fucking redneck trash, I can’t stand that dude.

    • I’m sorry for that girl. Did you speak out against it? …or would that make it worse for her once they are in private? It’s hard to know what the smartest play is when it comes to helping a victim of abuse, especially a minor.

      • It took my brain a long moment to process what had even happened. And by then, she had left the room and the dad was talking to his own dad. Most of the people there were from their rural area and are the kind of people who don’t think smacking a kid is a problem, so I didn’t feel like saying anything would be useful. Also – some of them are real pissy about uppity females and love them some guns, so I kind of don’t feel safe really getting into it with someone.

  4. I have been using an app to keep track of my nail polish and stamping plates. It’s a good idea for anyone who collects anything that you want to keep track of the names, and some apps you can even publish your lists and swap/sell your stuff with other like minded nerds. I don’t, i just want to not buy duplicates. The app I was using, Snupps, shit the bed. The developers totally abandoned it. So i had to delete it (and all the collections therein) and reupload everything into a replacement. It took me over a week just to get my polishes uploaded (also dealing with daylight constraints). But it did give me the opportunity to reorganize my drawers and destash a few polishes (which i quickly replaced due to black Friday sales). My wrist hurts.

  5. I just watched a webinar on interpreter mental fatigue —or the recording of it at least, because I was at fucking work when it was given. Some of the subject matter doesn’t really apply to me anymore because I mostly don’t interpret in person now, but the overarching theme seemed to be about self-advocacy and not being afraid to ask for what we need. And I suppose it planted a little seed of a thought of just how much the experience of work in this country is about accepting working conditions that are often less than ideal, if not flat-out degrading, out of the fear of being disciplined in whatever way for speaking up.

    I don’t really have the mental bandwidth to say more about it than that right now.

    • That’s an interesting observation, particularly since my wife just lost her job. It’s kind of like boiling the frog — conditions deteriorate but slowly enough that you try to adapt until you either just can’t adapt any more and lose it, or you’re just a shell going through motions. But she was too scared to advocate for herself.

      My wife fell into the latter category. She got new managers about two years ago, who were ratcheting up the pressure on her, I think to make her quit. Some of the orders were insane, like draw up an architectural plan for remodeling the library. It’s pretty obvious but librarians are not architects. So we (my daughter and I) would draw up floorplans. And that’s just one example. Everything was criticized and had to be redone five or six times.

      She finally made a couple of mistakes, and was asked to resign. She’s not ready to accept it yet but it was for the best. They were going to get rid of her one way or another. I’m not thrilled about it, but she’s MUCH easier to live with since her job ended.

  6. I’m soooo tiiiiired… and I’ve been sleeping basically all afternoon. Managed 4 saltines and most of a can of 7up over the course of the day. I feel like death warmed over. My chest, back, and stomach muscles all ache, I’ve got a nasty headache, a slight fever, and I basically feel like I got rolled down a hill in a barrel. All 9 of us have had exactly the same symptoms on almost the exact same time line. Whatever this is, it suuuuuucks.

    Currently lying in bed, watching dog grooming videos with Bestie. I can’t even muster up the energy to read my book.

  7. FUCK!

    oh man….i feel better already

    this one cathartic song

    on the whole tho…im pretty much at peace with the world and my situation in it

    i mean….just look on the upside….i am not currently being chased by anything with fangs over 6 inches in length!

    also…always brush your teeth

  8. also i feel like you are representing me unfairly by just showing my work commute and calling it inner farscy

    really…..i only take shit that seriously when im late….which is most days

    dis farscy style

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