SNOT [NOT 29/1/22]

SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.

Another cold Saturday which means another day curled up on the couch. I can see that our friends in the northeast are getting hammered. Hopefully everyone is staying warm and safe.

Ashleigh Barty won the women’s singles championship at The Australian Open. This is the first time in 43 years that an Australian has won it all. On the men’s side Rafael Nadal has a chance to win a record breaking 21st grand slam title. Unfortunately the odds are not in his favor. Also Tom Brady retired maybe. Thoughts, feelings, indifference?

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.



  1. ah yes tennis…the fourth most boring sport to watch on earth…after golf,snooker and darts

    also the sport that sounds most like porn if its the womens championship

    • I was very productive today, swept and swiffered all the floors, did laundry, roasted vegetables, bills, and did my Fur Face Friday. I’m not doin’ anything but walking Fanny tomorrow!

  2. Cooked ahead for the week, paid bills, and put away laundry. Do I know how to party or what? Also mixed Irish coffees in the morning and a nice berry cocktail with homemade blueberry simple syrup in the afternoon.

    • cooked ahead for the week does not compute with me

      1..i cant plan for shit

      2..everything must be dayfresh! it must

      i dont even know why i own a freezer

  3. I ordered pizza and tipped the guy well who brought it to me.

    My houseguest departed this morning. They were so quiet I didn’t hear them all three days they were here. She was singing in an opera concert conducted by my neighbor so I put her up.

    I did 3 loads of laundry and am still watching Miss Marple.

    That is all!

  4. Well, I’ve taken two shots at shoveling all of the goddamned snow and still haven’t gotten halfway through.  Will have to finish it tomorrow one way or the other.  Funny thing is that the town seems to have given up plowing our street about halfway through today which is odd–they’ve never done that before.

    I finally broke down and ordered an electric snowblower.  At the very least it has to be better than doing the whole fucking thing by hand.

    Made my weekly batch of tortillas, started on the taxes (still have to wait for the W2s though), read two more chapters of Work which is only slightly more enjoyable than shoveling this snow, and made a rather excellent top sirloin cap roast.  That last one will be an FYCE at some point.

  5. I baked a yummy apple crumble for breakfast. Then this afternoon I finally took down the Christmas tree and packed everything away (I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it was still up).

  6. Saw the Broadway touring show of Prom tonight. It was much better than I expected. I had tried to watch the movie version on Netflix a few months back and couldn’t even get through the whole movie, the live show was much better.

    Covid protocols mean you have to wear a mask unless eating or drinking. Normally wearing a mask for 3 hours wouldn’t be an issue, but I’ve got some bag face irritation happening with my skin this week and so tonight was pretty uncomfortable.

    Good news is all I’m doing tomorrow is dinner with my parents and maybe Costco. So if things are still irritated tomorrow I don’t have to go anywhere needing a mask.


  7. If you need me I’ll be in Amiens:

    One thousand square meters is the equivalent of 10,700 square feet, so there’s plenty of room to spread out. The asking price works out to be about $215/square foot, which is very cheap. This thing must be about ready to fall down. In Manhattan if you can get in for less than $1,000/square foot (in the nicer apartments in the nicer areas) you’re getting a deal, as long as the monthlies aren’t too outrageous.

    So it’s a chateau and a patronomie. What does that mean?

    The English cognate of “patrimony” – property inherited from one’s father or male ancestor – does not convey the many interpretations associated with its use in contemporary French. Beyond the strict definition of patrimony, these include family wealth, an estate, assets generally including a business and works of art, and even a birthright, all combining and embracing the tangible and intangible aspects of inheritance and heritage.

    I wonder if, in this case, buying the chateau confers an honorary title? I hope so! I suppose Duc (Duke) would be too much, because like in Britain that’s very high up the scale, but maybe you get to be Chevalier. That’s a knighthood, and like in Britain those are distributed freely. All you need to do is donate enough money to a political party and hire enough idiot relatives of sitting and retired MPs and before you know it the Queen or one of her relatives will be whacking you on the shoulder with a ceremonial sword and you’ll get at least an MBE out of it.

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