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SNOT: Saturday night open thread. Total open thread. Tell us some things.

My workplace is offering voluntary biometric screenings as part of their wellness program. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and all that jazz. They say they will not see the results. I call bullshit on that. You know damn well they will sneak a peek. It’s the first step.

My health insurance at work is also changing next year. Not for the better. I guess I have to find new hobbies.

On a loop. I don’t know why.

Which reminds me of this.

Rant, rave, educate, inform, ask, and answer.



  1. I packaged up a ton of Halloween candy in Ziplocs for trickortreaters tomorrow to pick up off a folding table. I have no idea how many will come.

    We are having our traditional block party beforehand, this time outside to be responsible, before the young ‘uns let loose throughout the neighborhood.

    I’m planning to set up a projector and screen to watch Halloween animation outside while the kiddies come by, but haven’t done this before so I’ll see how it goes.

  2. My workplace is offering voluntary biometric screenings as part of their wellness program. Blood sugar, cholesterol, and all that jazz. They say they will not see the results. I call bullshit on that. You know damn well they will sneak a peek. It’s the first step.

    Good instincts. The place I worked 7-8 or so years ago did that, too. The extra-shady part was that it was a healthcare- and biomedicine-adjacent conglomerate, with a wing that was more the evil, corporate management consulting aspect of healthcare distilled into a business unit. Why yes, of course these data will certainly not travel to our sister subsidiary. 

    Also, the cynic in me sort of knew that the $1,000 incentive they offered wouldn’t be worth it, because I was planning on quitting as soon as I could and I knew somehow they would take forever to disburse the money (I did, in fact, wind up staying two more years). I later found out it was disbursed in small chunks to your biweekly paycheck over a full year, so $1,000/26 = $38.46 per pay period, but I believe that, too, was taxed and therefore wound up being $20 or less per paycheck. Not worth it.

  3. not much to tell here….im recovering from dealing with my…uhh…youthfully exhuberant? trainee?

    (hes a good kid….but very much a kid…looooot to learn bout professional conduct and general keeping a jobbyness)

    sides from that…im watching final destination 3

    im banking on me being drunk not stoned for getting away with it

    watched final destination 1 stoned……i crab crawled up the stairs avoided the bathroom and stayed well clear of lightswitches and anything that may fall over after

    anyways…i have an extremely lively mind…and should not watch anything horror….that isnt zombies

    • Speaking of crab walking, you might want to check out the first episode of Wellington Supernatural, which is set in Wellington New Zealand with really dumb cops investigating supernatural events. There’s a bunch of crab walking in that episode. Also projectile vomiting. And a one digit PIN that they realize is probably not that secure. Did I mention they’re not so bright?

      It’s sort of a spinoff of the movie What We Do In The Shadows by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, only this one is a Clement solo production.

      In the US you can get it through, but I don’t know if that works where you are.


      • not sure if i want to check that out….

        im fine with zombies,vampires and werewolves….slasher flicks

        its just shit i can punch and gore….no worries

        the supernatural fucks me up

        me no likey

        • I’m not sure any of it counts as supernatural. Maybe slightly above natural.

          These are cops who count it as a victory when they recover 75% of the pants from a clothing store theft.

          Maybe I should have marked that as a spoiler.

          • sounds like extremely efficient cops

            over here they count it a victory if they turn up when you call them

            bonus points if they turn up in the same fucking month you called and dont fine you for something

      • i may or may not have been young once……(yeah okay…my mum says i was young once)

        but wtf happened there?

        how the fuck do you crash doing nothing much….on a fucking road?

        learn to fucking ride you wanker!

  4. Well, tonight’s my last night in Minneapolis, and I’m dining at the lovely Hell’s Kitchen. (Gordon Ramsay apparently stole their idea.) I took the exam to try to become certified as a Spanish-to-English translator with the ATA this morning. The conditions of the exam were the strictest I’d encountered since I wrote out final essays in blue books in college, but I was able to take it on my laptop and get help from certain websites (though not Google Translate or e-mail, of course). They’re pretty touchy about having the content of the exam divulged, so I’ll just say that the two passages I chose to translate were at least tangentially related to my field of study and workplace experience, respectively. They say it takes up to 16 weeks to find out the results, and even then it’s just a pass-or-fail grade with no comments or advice given. I’ve got my fingers crossed, though.

  5. What a week. I’m firmly indoors tonight and avoiding Halloween fuckery. I went for my booster shot yesterday and planned to just veg out in case of any fatigue and pain, but I’m mostly doing well. Plus, it’s cold and rainy, so why bother?

    • I finally completed my absentee ballot and sent it off at the post office. I delayed for so long because NYC Mayor was on the ballot, and then New York State’s ballot measure 1 had me considering all the potential consequences (it’s an omnibus bill with some good and some iffy provisions) for a long time. When I looked at my receipt from the post office, the line item for ballot postage read “flower garland” (????!!!???####@@%%???). I hope it actually arrives to the BOE office.
    • Whilst out and about on errands, I did pass a bunch of university students and younger children venturing out in costume. The absolute worst one I saw was a “sexy” Dora the Explorer. Girl was wearing a pink sports bra and orange bike shorts. That was it. Costume complete. I only knew it was supposed to be a costume because her friends were all in [better] costumes, and then I had to think about what she could possibly be dressed as for Halloween, before recalling that Dora wore orange and pink.
      Thankfully, not everything was groan-worthy. I saw a delightfully good bubble tea/boba costume: the kid wore a clear cylindrical “cup” with black balloons thrown in as tapioca pearls, a lid cap, and a wide “straw” poking out of his head at a jaunty angle. So cute! It at least offset the terrible Dora sighting.

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