…so here it is [DOT 25/12/20]

merry christmas, everyone...

…so a promise is a promise…& I promised not to drop a bunch of miserable links in today’s DOT…or generally fill the thing up with a bunch of serious questions

…&/or bullshit about politics

…because it’s been a trying year…& what with one thing or another it hasn’t necessarily been easy to come by the things we’d usually have on hand for christmas day

…but it kind of reminds me of a richard pryor bit about the neighbor’s dog…if you’ll forgive a maudlin moment

…it might not be tomorrow…depending on how kind meg’s feeling…but normal service will doubtless resume at a later date…for today, though…let’s keep it light, shall we?

…it might be a transparent ploy…but the thing is, quite honestly…much as I’m hopful that you all have better things to do with your time today than check in hereabouts…the fact that you have been good enough to take the time…& even in a number of cases to stop & pass the time of day…well…the truth is you’ve all done a damn sight more than I suspect you realise when it comes to keeping me more or less sane as we’ve dragged ourselves through this sorry excuse for a year…let alone the allegedly festive season…in fact you might almost say that without you lot I’d have been a little like calvin without hobbes

…so even if we can’t necessarily spend today in the company we’d like to…or the company who’d like us to be spending it with them, as the case may be…I hope you all get what you wanted for christmas…in spite of the belt-tightening that this year would seem to demand

…& that your wishlist didn’t get lost in translation

…because y’all deserve good things

…or at the very least cookies…in abundance

…just remember to drink responsibly

…at least the tattoo parlours are generally closed for christmas…& according to some of this year’s uk supermarket ads there is no naughty list this year

…so here’s hoping

…have yourselves a very merry christmas



  1. Merry crimbo rip 🙂
    Merry crimbo all 🙂
    I’m currently at me mums…me brother drove us here so the fact we arrived at all is a Christmas miracle
    Worst driver in the world
    Im kinda dreading the return trip later

  2. Merry Christmas, everyone! 
    Silly me, I thought that, since the kids are all older and not so keen to get up at the crack of dawn to open presents now, I could sleep in a bit. So, naturally, the cats had me awake by 7am. 🙄 
    My mom and my sister will be stopping by this afternoon to exchange gifts, and my son will be here in a couple of hours to hang out for the day. We have leftover Chinese food from last night and bunch of snacky stuff, and I officially ain’t cookin’. My day off, too! 

  3. Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all have a peaceful relaxing day full of yummy food. Enjoy yourself a break from the craziness of this year. (And a happy birthday to our Hannibal 🥳)

  4. My wife is wheels-down in New York as of a few hours ago.  She’s resting up at a friend’s house there after her 20+ hour flight.  Now we’re figuring out how she can catch the train to Roanoke where I can pick her up.  Might be tomorrow, maybe Sunday.  We have a fresh blanket of snow in the hills this morning.  Everything is seat of the pants.  I’ll be watching basketball with the dog today.

    • …hooray for being on the same continent…hope you get the trains figured out…& have the housework under control before you get to pick her up from the station

      …merry christmas to you & the mrs

    • I hope the trains work out, and that you & Mrs. V get to be together soon, Luigi!
      Merry Christmas to the both of you–i hope YOUR teams win (and perhaps more importantly, that the teams you loathe lose**😉😈😁), and that you guys get to be together again soon!
      And YAY to finally at least being on the same continent!🤗
      **unless, of course, you’re rooting against my ‘Wolvies…. because, frankly, they suck enough already, and don’t NEED the extra help!😉😂🤣

  5. I was called a grinch yesterday. You can skip this if you’re also over on Back Talk, it’s a rehash. My step-mother asked what I’d be doing today since I wouldn’t be coming over for dinner. I said, oh just hanging out with Boggs, doing a puzzle. “No Christmas movies?” If she knew me at all, she would know, no. No Christmas movies. I don’t find them entertaining, except the ones I’ve already seen, and those ones I’ve already seen 500 times. I don’t care for sappy or religious stuff, and I don’t have kids or a husband, so this isn’t really my time of year. So yeah, because I don’t like xmas movies, I’m a grinch. Even though I have a tree up for my own enjoyment, and have done different xmas nail art every week, and bought everyone gifts (not reciprocated), I am a grinch.
    People get real attitude about xmas, but for those of us who don’t care or don’t enjoy, we aren’t forcing anyone else to sit out. Meanwhile I’ve been forced to sit and smile politely thru prayers and Christmas carols for years. 

  6. My evil wife and daughter got me the Win the Battle for the White House 2020 chess set. They are monsters. On the positive side:
    1. They got it at clearance at Ollie’s, and said there were dozens just sitting there. 
    2. Mike Pence as the Republican Queen will NEVER not make me laugh. 
    I’m actually considering seeing if I can order the update which includes Biden and Harris (this was done before they were named the nominees). 
    Merry Christmas, Deadsplinters!

  7. Merry Christmas Everyone!!😁😉💖💝
    Rip, you wrote like this *isn’t* the place we’d like best to be & celebrate today🙄😜🤣💖
    In THIS year, especially, and with GT shuttered–but DS having been around for more than a year, I’m SO INCREDIBLY grateful to have all of y’all to “Celebrate” with💝💖💞💕💗💓
    With the damn pandemic, and both of my jobs being in the fields they are, I won’t chance risking either of my parents.
    So it’s just Christmas with the Roommies–which is STILL GOOD, but really different from my usual (Having Dad visit for a few days** and cooking some good stuff for him & mom, while we visit). 
    And having YOU GUYS helps *at least something* feel “normal” and ok in the world💖💝
    So THANK YOU, to ALL of you.
    Thank you for making this spot, thanks for being YOU, ya lovely bunch of hooligans & ya filthy animals, and thank you ALL for being the greatest group of people a person could stumble across, on the wild & so often terrible hellhole that is the Interwebs.😉😁🤗💝
    Happy Birthday Hannibal!!!🥳🥳🥳
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, happy start of “The 12 days”–and remember, if ya like Shakespeareany time before the 6th is an EXCELLENT time to watch/read “Twelfth Night”, because this is the time of year it’s set in😉, and starting tomorrow, happy Kwanzaa & Boxing Day, to anyone ’round here who celebrates those special days, too!
    You guys are THE BEST, and I’m incredibly grateful–especially THIS year, to have every single one of you in my internet world💝💝💝
    **And YES,😉  I do, also start to grumble, about how Dad ends up staying FAR too long🙃–buuuut that’s also because he tends to not DO anything for himself many of those times…. and he used to just wait for ME to ask him if he’s hungry, rather than raiding whatever he wanted from the fridge… it’s gotten better the last few visits, because he now (FINALLY) does seem to understand that it’s incredibly stressful when I have to do EVERYTHING, all day, for multiple days, and that he IS an adult who knows how to run a fridge & a microwave–just like he does at home😉

  8. And the REALLY important question–what is everyone EATING today?!?
    Good stuff, leftovers, ALLLLLLLL the cookies (and just waiting for the sugar-coma)?😉
    We’re gonna do a “roasted veggies” version of Cheesy Hashbrowns, since Girl-roommie is apparently now diabetic like me (she’s trying to get her blood sugars down), so we’re doing some roasted cauliflower, broccoli, & kale, with spinach, instead of the hashbrowns.
    It’ll be similar to this one;
    But I usually do a can of chicken and a can of cream of mushroom, two bags of hashbrowns, a decent-sized “blop” (2-3 tablespoons or so) of minced garlic, and the “secret ingredient”–a block of diced cream cheese/neufchatel in it, along with some smoked paprika and sweet paprika (both from Penzey’s), and both smoked onion & garlic (granulated, and again, Penzey’s)…
    Since I have a ham, there will also be diced ham in the… cheesy vegetables(?😉), and we’ll also be having Spinach Artichoke dip at some point today (and for the next few days!😁🤗)
    I might also make a pan of Rice Krispie bars later on, because I’ve been craving those.
    Aside from tonight’s veggie/ham based meal, we’re just gonna be grazing on various tinned & pickled feesh (smoked oysters, sardines in mustard, and pickled herring), some cured meats (pepperoni & beef summer-sausage), and ALLTHECHEESE, with various types of pickles & olives.

    • we had roast pork and roast ham with roast potatos runner beans and gravy..and sprouts panfried with bacon…only slightly burnt..lol
      ice cream for afters..(tho i skipped that part..not big on the sweet stuff me…had a local brewed ipa instead)

      • i was expecting chinese lol…but mom felt like making an effort…i think shes quite bored at mo..between retirement and rona she really doesnt have much to do…and neither me nor my brother visit as often as we should
        tho more often than we used to nowadays…we’re getting there

  9. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all DeadSplintertarians. You are an ongoing gift – smart, compassionate, funny as hell, great cooks, listening ears and hearts, and excellent judges of music. Wishing you each peace, joy, and a better new year!

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