…so much for sleep [DOT 15/1/20]

…you know that feeling when you just can’t stay in bed any more because it’s such a wonderful day & you’re full of the joys of spring?

…yeah – me neither…it’s been a long time since I wasn’t more by way of this sort of thing

…& that wouldn’t be a big deal or anything to anyone but me (well, all right it still isn’t for more than a handful of people but that’s not the point…) if it weren’t for the fact that it seems like I’m not the only one

…it’s a well documented fact that sleep deprivation – even at the less extreme not so geneva-convention-breaking end of the spectrum – has a pretty pernicious effect on the faculties & some days I can’t help but wonder if the rats on the good ship Dolt45 aren’t hoping that if they keep us up all night shrieking we’ll all be so fried come November that no one will quibble when the election mysteriously goes his way & they can plug all those holes below the waterline with wads of semi-digested bits of the Constitution

…either way I may not be of the sunniest disposition on a good day…& somehow I seem to have allowed myself to be talked into making the obligatory ritual sacrifice to the internet gods (you fickle bastards…) by way of providing some recognition that we’ve noticed that it’s no longer yesterday but in fact moving with alarming rapidity into today…again…largely by ensuring there’s another of these for you to use to delineate between the things you might have found interesting last time you were here & the doubtlessly much more fascinating things the others will no doubt produce as today rolls on

…but in case you do in fact sleep like a regular person & thus missed it, emmerdoesNOTrepresent me was kind enough to provide this to keep me in reading material…although to be fair it may not have aided me in my pursuit of more or better sleep


…well, it wasn’t just that, to be fair


…but just to prove that if there is a god they appreciate a good acronym-based gag


…next tuesday…eh, Mr Rhymes-with-bitch?

Meanwhile, in other fun news…








…I don’t care who you are these aren’t looking like kind skies to me?


…I mean – this actually passes for good news?


…oh, yeah – & there was a debate?


…so, if like me right now or Maxi Jazz back then, you need to catch your breath…maybe this’ll help?

…& if that doesn’t work I guess bring out the big guns?



  1. Hiya! Glad to have found my way here….

    …for my first post I’d like to give a shoutout to your mention of Faithless/Insomnia by declaring I was just listening to an old Avicii mix with this track and it’s still legendary (as is the line “tearing off tights with my teeth”). Although, my fav Faithless track isandalwayswillbe God Is A DJ (Serious Danger remix).

    Rick Wilson’s new book Running Against The Devil is a good read, too…

    Hope everybody is well and would love to be interacting with some former Kinja expats!

  2. Ok, so my self-imposed Twitter exile lasted one day. I really didn’t consider just how much I rely on Twitter as my sole news source.

    For my own mental health, I’ll figure out a different way to just avoid the comments. I simply cannot cope any longer with the stupidity of the American people.

    • I have had to ween myself off comments from local news. I am on FB a lot for work and end up fucking around there all the time (ugh) and I flat out unfollowed all news/media outlets EXCEPT local ones. So now I am poking around local Facebook comments as if that’s not going to cause me to die young.

  3. Am I the on;y one who feels like a small encyclopedia-worth of stuff has gone on this week? It’s only Wednesday morning, y’all.

    Thanks for covering the 6 (SIX!!!) school sprayed by jet fuel in LA – that was some of my nightmare fuel last night. (i haven’t plowed through all of the fat orange menace stuff just yet)

    From one to another:

  4. Here’s how my relationship with the DOT goes:
    1) Wake up, start making coffee like a regular person.
    2) Take said coffee outside to wait for my dogs to shit which takes approximately forever.
    3) Open the DOT on my phone and go, OK it’s time to start this cold hard day.
    4) See that list of links and go temporarily blind with terror.
    5) Comment something unrelated until I can muster up the courage to get back up there and face life.

  5. So, today I got an alert that read something like “Russia’s entire government resigns.”

    As I began to scan the article, I thought, “Oh, that’s sort of refreshing, politicians resigning in protest over a blatant power grab by an authoritarian…”

    ‘In his statement, Medvedev indicated that the government was resigning to clear the way for Putin’s proposed reforms.’

    Goddammit! Probably won’t even make a difference in Russian meddling, either.

      • “So….they were definitely fired/told they’d be put in jail if they didn’t get out of the way”

        Just fired or put in jail?!??😉
        This IS Pooty-poot’s Russia we speak of.

        I suspect the penalty would have been a bit more like… some heavy-duty “exercise” (like jumping right off a building, or getting sent to a forced-labor camp in Siberia🤔), or getting told to expect a “bit of rest” soon (of the permanent variety–perhaps aided by some polonium or Novichok🤨)…

        Retiring/Stepping down….
        Being murdered for political expediency…

    • …to be fair the fodder was welcome as the insomnia was strictly by prior arrangement

      …as for the tune…I can’t say for sure but I think when DUAN stands for D* Up All Night it might be an unwritten law of some sort?

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