So wrong, it’s kinda right…

…I mean – bitching about the god-awful state of things that seems to be the state of things when trawling about through the news of the day could – to the unwary &/or tragically misinformed – be mistaken for journalism

…& from time to time it might actually tip over into kinda-sorta being journalism – but it’s tricky

…a lot of it comes down to how you define journalism, of course.

I – for example – tend to cleave to a definition where this sort of effort would qualify

…& when we had a surfeit of headline-scanners dropping by to drop those off at SplinterRIP over on Kinja there was a little while there where we actually did a half-decent job of the sort of aggregation that’s a punchline in the header strip but something of a boon on a busy day – even if arguably the only “real” journalism most of us were in any danger of doing was regarding the narrow interests & consequences of the implosion-by-design of the ex-Gawker sites

[…that might be underselling the talents & efforts of others involved but seems pretty sound where this inadvertent ring-leader’s are/were concerned…]

…so – since I already posted a URL to myself in the comments of today’s DOT & even I can only stand so much talking to myself – here’s something that seems like it could have had a comment section but certainly doesn’t have one I can comment in

…& I aim to leave it here because even if nobody especially cares to come find it or say anything about it the one thing I do know is that the relatively few folks who might know to look at much of anything around here are people whose thoughts & opinions about this sort of thing are very much the sort of thing I’d like to be able to read?



  1. Didn’t Scott Adams go full trumper recently? It’s hard to keep track of all the people who suck (looking at you, Mark McGrath, but you always sucked). In one of my 18 group chats someone recently sent a pic of a hot, young Ringo Starr so I fell down a Wiki-hole to discover he’s a Brexiteer. Rich, white dude supports Brexit, news at 11.

    P.S. I will never listen to podcasts much to the consternation of people that keep recommending them to me. #srrynotsrry

    • I don’t want to be all nerd-elitist about it but I like to cherry-pick on the basis of Barthes’ Death of the Author thesis…

      that way the good stuff is still up for use whenever suits but I can also dismiss & or despise the stupidity of, say, Morrisey…

      …but you’re right – who can keep up?

      …there’s also maybe a reason we say the good die young?

      • For me it’s kind of the opposite. When artists turn out to be garbage human beings, I can cull them out. I no longer have to be nostalgic for or wish I had a CD version of Ted Nugent Double Live Gonzo. I can quit trying to decide if I like Staind or not. And I don’t have to wonder why Kid Rock couldn’t have had a better follow-up to Devil Without a Cause.

        • …that seems fair – I guess I just don’t necessarily feel that if a particular quote or movie or song or image or whatever comes to mind that I can’t reference it without simultaneously signing up to endorse the artist as a human being?

          …there are ways that the two are inextricably linked but at the same time once the “art” part is out there it’s part of the available syntax, so to speak, so I’m inclined to think it’s ok for conversational purposes so long as the demarcation is reasonably clear

          …your version might be better, though.

    • Adams tried to go all Devin Nunes on John Cook and threatened a defamation suit for calling him the Louis Farrakhan of the White incels, but later backed out. He also recently got caught trying to profiteer off the mass shooting in Gilroy CA by selling his app to the families of victims.

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