Somehow…[DOT 2/8/21]

…it is August…

Where is the summer going? It’s disappearing way too fast.


A tsunami of deferred debt is about to hit homeowners no longer protected by a foreclosure moratorium

Florida, man.

Fauci backs new masks guidance as Florida reports highest one-day Covid case total


How much are Olympic medals worth?

At today’s prices that means the gold medal would be worth around $800 if you melted it down, while the silver would be worth about $450 and the bronze around $5. [I thought it would be a lot more!]


July jobs report could be what gives the market its next big jolt in the week ahead

Ah, Dolly! What did we ever do to deserve her?

Hope the first Monday of the month treats you well!



  1. What Dolly did is a big lesson in humility. One of the hardest things people (including me) find is to do something nice for someone and not tell anyone about it. 

    • I find the difference is often based on the person’s belief that doing the right thing is what you’re supposed to do in the first place. 

    • I have read the Bible more than once. Growing up we had this beautiful 19th-century King James that was a family heirloom, complete with color engravatures.

      Here’s one of my favorite quotes, from the book of Matthew. Of the four New Testament Gospellers Matthew is my favorite. He’s very chatty and he had no truck with a lot of the non-fun “Thou Shalt Not” that riddles the works of Leviticus and St. Paul. 

      And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. 

      (Matthew, 6:5)

  2. Isn’t there a saying about your character being what you do when nobody is watching? or something like that. Dolly’s goodness is not preformative.

    • I consider myself pwnef.

        • It’s your own fault for thinking you could murder people like we murder people. Amateur. 

    • Hmm, that’s actually interesting because regardless of how one feels about Seth and his dumb shows, I imagine he makes Fox shit tons of money. And since money is all these people understand or care about, they might pay attention.

    • (and not because he’s some great guy, but because he would believe that ‘nO oNe WaNts tO WoRK’ in shitty jobs that don’t pay. 

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