Something Like That [DOT 19/4/20]

I ‘attended’ my little cousin’s bar mitzvah via Zoom yesterday. It was very nice, considering the circumstances. The cantor went full Leonard Cohen and sang Hallelujah. I asked my cousin if they were going to deliver us some food but she just laughed at me. Mazel Tov, Eli!

How’s your weekend?

When friends and family can’t travel, Zoom reunions provide an emotional (and virtual) connection

In other news, I can’t even right now!

President Donald Trump went into the weekend frustrated after a week of calls with industry leaders, governors and lawmakers who raised questions on whether the country was ready to be reopened, specifically whether or not there was adequate testing to reopen the economy and send people back to work, a senior administration official told CNN.

Get your shit together, Maryland! (Note: I live in Maryland.)

Protesters decry stay-at-home orders in Maryland, Texas and Ohio capitals


Gov. Cuomo urged to shut down NYC subways to stop coronavirus spread

Hashtag is accurate:

#FloridaMorons trends after people flock to reopened Florida beaches

Medicare for all!

First, the coronavirus pandemic took their jobs. Then, it wiped out their health insurance.

One of the jokes I saw on Twitter said “Keith Richards has Spanish Flu antibodies”. Rock on guys…

How’s everyone doing today?



  1. The proposal to shut down the NYC subways is insane. Yes, I know, MTA workers are more prone to get sick from covid-19 and to die from it than most of the general population. And it currently suffers from two problems: with reduced service at rush hour the trains are still overpacked (despite a 95% (NINETY-FIVE PERCENT) plummet in ridership, and during non-rush hour the only riders are essential workers and the people who make the subway cars their home, and the miscreants. Just a miserable experience for all.

    If you read the Post article the solution is to provide essential workers with some kind of voucher system for Uber and Lyft and whatever, essentially privatizing mass transit. Not that the benefits would flow to the drivers, God forbid.

    If you get an express train do you know how quickly you can travel dozens of miles? If you do it in a car it takes far, far longer, and adds to congestion (which we don’t really have right now) and pollution. Plus, how often would your ride share vehicle be sanitized? At least on a subway car you can potentially stand, mask and gloves in place, some distance away from anyone else.

    Then, the proposal is, reopen the subways but only part-time, allowing for overnight cleaning of equipment and stations. If they do this we’ll never see 24-hour service again, I can almost guarantee it. The MTA has been bankrupt pretty much since its inception. We’ll move to some kind of “night owl” bus replacement service, which travels much more slowly than cars, which travel much more slowly than local trains, which travel much more slowly than express trains. Hello, two-hour trip home from a dinner party that concludes at 11 PM and is held five miles from your apartment.

    I don’t know what the solution is but this isn’t it.

  2. oh..also on the hows everyone doing front
    i’m doing allright…beautifull weather here..about to go for a little rideabout just coz i can…probably have a nice cold beer by the lake
    kinda dreading visiting me mate later tho…dudes getting hospitalized tomorow for cancer and wanted a last social drink night…. have a feeling its going to be pretty heavy on my poor fee fees
    buuuut its not something i can take a raincheck on really
    ( also kinda dreading it coz once hes had a beer or two he always starts blasting terrible dutch music really loudly…im going to need earbleach)

  3. I’m not rushing to defend fellow Floridians, but the beach thing isn’t that crazy:

    I’ve posted here before that coronaviruses in general are destroyed by heat and humidity, but this is the first study I’ve seen about COVID-19 also being vulnerable to what we consider Tuesday in Florida. As long as they’re staying away from each other (NOT what you saw during Spring Break) risk of transmission is low. And social distancing is the norm on the beach. It’s bad form to plant yourself anywhere near another person/people unless you’re with them.

      • They used to. Not so much any more. I think people from northern areas don’t realize exactly how MUCH beach we have here. It’s not like the Jersey Shore where you have to pack in like sardines. We can sit 50-60 yards apart. You’ll have tourists (identified by the lack of a tan or a bright sunburn) who walk up and plop right down next to you, I guess because they think the beach will fill up or something.

  4. Keitel is in our small backyard mulching whilst drinking beer. I worked a bit and am now having a bourban, coke, and local-made raspberry shrub cocktail while supervising.The sun is watery but out for the first time in weeks. Calling for more clouds and rain the next 10 days.The dogs are not out because today’s barking is off the charts. I hope you all are doing all right.

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