Sometimes you just need a break [NOT 15/4/21]

image of sitting meerkat with the text "Go Ahead. Take a break."

Hi, friends! I had the best of intentions for getting a post up earlier. But my computer (which like a week ago I was cheering it’s awesomeness for still working in its dotage), just…. wasn’t connecting to my wifi.

I did the usual check with the settings. This computer has had trouble staying connected to the wifi for about 6 years, so I’m used to disconnecting/connecting the wifi often multiple times a night. It’s business as usual. No big deal.

Tonight that didn’t work at all. I could see it was connected to my wifi, but the googles was like NO INTERNET FOR YOU. I checked my router. I checked my cell to see if it could connect to my wifi and it could. I started to panic. I thought about if I had an ethernet cable buried in a box somewhere in the basement. I worried some more I thought about calling Spectrum and telling them I needed a new router (although with there being no issue with my cell, I didn’t think this would help). I got upset.

And then I was like take a damn break, shut the laptop down, and try again later.

As you can see, it just needed a little nap. Or timeout to think about what it did. I’m not sure which, but I am surely glad it’s working again!

How is your week going, friends? This is your friendly reminder that it’s totally fine to take a break if you need to.



  1. Never underestimate the power of a reboot.
    I got exciting news today – we’ve been talking to a bunch of rescue organizations about adopting kittens, and we finally got a call from one that they have two kittens for us to meet Saturday! They’re six months old, which is a little older than we were thinking, but we’ll have to see how my husband feels when he meets them. (He’s the one that really wanted babies – I’d probably be just as happy with young adults.) 
    I’m excited and nervous. My husband was baffled that I feel nervous, and I’m not able to say what I even feel anxious about. Are my wires crossed that excitement always translates to anxiety? 
    Oh! And I could use name input! Lil has been fully obsessed with planets for maybe six months now and shows no signs of tiring, so we were thinking planet themed names would be cute. Phobos and Deimos? Or is it too weird to name cats after deities of fear and panic? It’s kind of fitting… 

    • If it were me, I’d probably go with Saturday, Seventeen, April, and Cat.  If I was having an especially creative day, I might throw in Dog, Coyote, Wolf, Dingo, and Spring
      This is why people should never put lochaber in charge of naming anything.  my desktop is cluttered in “new folder” with just extra letters and numbers added on to the end, simply because it won’t let me have multiple identically named folders…

      • Ha. You and my husband would get along. He named his cat Kitty, and when we got our first cat together (the old lady cat we still have now), he wanted to name her “Kittys”, like a sequel… I vetoed that. 

    • Jupiter & Io (or maybe Jupiter & Pete, or Bob) would be my suggestions, for planet cat-names…. 
      Especially if one is an Orangeboi😉
      Because Orangebois often end up Lorg, and Jupiter is pur biggest planet…
      But also because I LOVED the Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators series when I was a kid, and Jupiter (“Jupe”) Jones was the leader of the group of kids…
      And Jupiter is a VERY nickname-able name for a cat…. it can be Jupiter, Jupe, Jujubee, Junebug…. the list of nicknames is endless😉

  2. My sister just texted me some disturbing news.  A friend of ours  son in law was killed by police.  I will preface this by saying I have not met this person & last saw his wife when she was a child but my sister is still friends with her.  They have two children under 2.  She doesn’t think he is into drugs so I don’t know what to make of this story!

  3. i think im kinda done with taking a break…this being..i dont know..week 80 or something of taking a break from things that arent working…
    i think…just to have something to do…ill go actually do my taxes this weekend….i may even check the numbers instead of just winging it

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