…somewhere over the rainbow [DOT 4/6/20]

Blue Pigs Fly

It’s safe to assume that my very myopic prophecies are not the most positive, but that image above was taken from my driveway minutes before I promised not to be too myopicprophet-y in my offer to do the DOT for today.

It really made me think about the physics behind the rainbow because that is really all I see. But it also reminded me of how beautiful I used to think they were and, more importantly, how beautiful the person who took the picture is. To subtract how grateful I should be to have people quarantining in my home from my preference of what I’m used to (being alone) is a plus, in a way, that it reminds me who I once was or, at least, who I should be.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right” my math teacher used to say to me, to which I’d respond, “No, but two negatives make a positive.”

We all change whether or not we admit it. We’re all trying to look to a better future, even if some of us are able to choose not to remember their past.

Some of us believe in conspiracy theories, worried that “they” are going to take our guns because “they” have been building concentration camps in which “they” intend to put people. It’s almost as though some people have been talking about the USA/martial law thing for years and everyone was either blissfully ignorant to it or too manipulable to know who “they” were.

That said, we are all people, including me:

…no one sees the same rainbow, after all.

In fact, some of us don’t even see colour or learn from others’ mistakes because, as is true in colour theory, colour doesn’t actually exist. We make it all up in our minds. We, subconsciously, interpret 400nm to 700nm of energy and we see what we want to see in the same way we interpret sound waves to hear what we want to hear especially when we shouldn’t want to hear it and give undeserving medals to those of whom we listen without taking any responsibility for where we actually are.

Is there a point to all of this? We all need to think so regardless of our unique perspectives or what some of us believe Karma is…or what it actually is by the individual evoking the universe through, what I tried to convey above as, PERCEPTION. Either way, surely history couldn’t possibly repeat itself with all that so-called-Karma catching up, could it?

With all of the beauty that is humanity and its unique perceptions & perspectives?

Or are some so stuck in the past that they believe rainbows end in a pot of gold?

Because from this Karmic, unique perspective, it seems more like a whole lot of heads are in the clouds and I’ve become nothing more than…

…but no one denies the rainbow’s existence as it is something we all know is there. Even if, in actuality, it isn’t. It exists in our imaginations much like its end, or its endless possibilities, but I guess that’s where you come in.

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  1. We’re all trying to look to a better future, even if some of us are able to choose not to remember their past.

    im not
    im camp no future
    just fucking end it

    • …I guess I flirted with nihilism a little here & there myself…so I think I might get the temptation…but in the end I guess it wasn’t for me

      …partly because it’s fucking exhausting & I’m tired enough in the first place…but also because I’m pretty sure the future happens with or without us in it & if the primary reason to ditch on it is because there’s more bad than good then the chances are the net effect is to make it worse

      …mainly though…I think I’m just not willing to give the thing over to assholes to fuck up unopposed so…don’t give the fuckers the satisfaction?

        • …I don’t know as I took you to be advocating the full-on nihilism thing, exactly…it was more the “team no future” line that made me think about the associated logic…which reminded me of some reading I did a long, long time ago

          …& I think joining the Que Sera, Sera squad is probably a few rungs up the optimism ladder from Bill Hicks’ People Who Hate People Party…which I recall sounding about my speed in those days…so my guess is you’re somewhere in the right ballpark?

          …but do I ever hear you on the fucking tired thing

          [ETA: fuck it…no lyrics is better than lyrics with typos]

            • …he was the best kind of asshole

              …miss that dude something fierce, as it happens…what I wouldn’t give to stick him in a room with george carlin & jon stewart & lock trump in there until they’d restored him to his natural stature

              …I mean…I *think* they could collectively be trusted not to actually kill him…but I like to think they’d leave him dead in the water all the same

    • The George Carlin, “I have no stake in the outcome” take.

      I used to be that way, but I like to think I left a bit of possible positive change in myself up there somewhere?

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